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The Australian Alps is a section of the Great Dividing Range where it is one of the few places where it snows most of the year. Interestingly, the Australian Alps get more snowfall than the entirety of Switzerland.

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The region accounts for most of the alpine environment in mainland Australia, however the region does not include any of Tasmania which too contains a large alpine environment.

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Australian Alps National Parks edit

A map of Australian Alps National Park

The Australian Alps National Parks is a government cooperative program created in cooperation with the Director of National Parks (by the federal government), Parks Victoria, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services and the ACT Parks and Conservation Service along with the first peoples of Australia to protect the fragile environment that takes up only 0.1 percent of Australia.

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  • The Australian Alps Walking Track is a 665 km (413 mi) from Walhalla to the very edge of Namadgi National Park in Canberra and the trail passes neat some of the highest peaks of both the states of NSW and Victoria as well as the ACT.
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