section of the North Hungarian Mountains

The Bükk Mountains (Bükk hegység – literally Beech Mountains) are a section of the Carpathian Mountain range in Hungary.


Alsó-Hámor viewed from Szeleta cave
  • Bélapátfalva
  • Bükkszentkereszt
  • Bükkszék
  • Lillafüred (a small village, part of Miskolc)
  • Miskolc
  • Szilvásvárad
  • Szarvaskő

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Bükk is mainly famous for its nature, and secondly for its cultural heritage.

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Road No. 25. from Eger, M3 Highway from Miskolc, or from Slovakia Road No. 27 and Road E96.

Get around


You can drive on narrow roads, meandering on the wooded mountains.

  • Caves: There are 1115 known caves in the mountain range, including Bányász-barlang (Miner cave, 274 m) and István-lápa (254 m), the deepest caves in Hungary, the archaeologically important Szeleta cave, the Cave Bath (a main tourist attraction of Miskolc-Tapolca), the Anna Cave, and the István Cave. 52 of the caves are protected because of their fauna and microclimate.
  • The mountain range is also famous for its skiing facilities located around Bánkút. There are a number of maintained ski slopes equipped with several J-bar lifts.



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