town in Chaiyaphum province, Thailand

Chaiyaphum (ชัยภูมิ) is a town in Isaan, Thailand.



Chaiyaphum is a place where many periods of civilization have overlapped one another from the Dvaravati and Khmer periods to the Laotian or Lan Chang eras. Many archaeological remains and objects were found in many areas in the province. Later, the province appeared as a border town during the reign of King Narai the Great of the Ayutthaya period. After that, the town was abandoned and reappeared once more in the Rattanakosin era as a destination where the Vientiane people, led by their leader Lae, emigrated to. He was designated as the first governor of Chaiyaphum.

The main problem most tourists will have is that this is not a tourist destination. As a result, little English is spoken, or written on hotel/restaurant menus, etc. It is a charming little city though, and everyone is friendly. You should be able to bluff your way through easily enough.

Get in


By car


Take Hwy 1 (Phahonyothin Rd) from Bangkok to Saraburi. Turn right onto Hwy 2 (Mittraphap Rd) and turn left onto Hwy 201 at Sikhio District, passing Dan Khun Thot and Chatturat Districts into Chaiyaphum, a total distance of 330 km.

Another route is to take Phahonyothin Rd from Bangkok, passing Saraburi. At the Phu Khae Intersection, take Hwy 21 to Chai Badan. Then, take Hwy 205, passing Thep Sathit and Chatturat Districts into Chaiyaphum Province.

By bus


Buses from Bangkok to Chaiyaphum run daily. It takes approximately 5 ½ hours. For more information, contact the Bangkok Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) at Tel. +66 2 9362852-66, Chaiyaphum Bus Terminal at Tel. +66 44 811493, Air Chaiyaphum Co., Ltd. at Tel. +66 44 811556, Nakhonchai Air Co., Ltd. at Tel. +66 44 811739, Chaiyaphum Chong Charoen Co., Ltd. at Tel. +66 44 811780 or Fax. +66 44 811760, Chaiyaphum Tour Co.,Ltd. at Tel. +66 44 816012 or BKS.

One can get a bus from Khon Kaen, about 150 km distant, either air-con or fan/windows open. Price of the latter is very cheap, but it stops everywhere along the way.

By train


From the Bangkok Railway Station (Hualamphong Station), there are both rapid and express trains from Bangkok to Nong Khai provided everyday getting off at Bua Yai Station. After that, passengers can connect with a bus for a further 51 km to Chaiyaphum. For more information, contact the State Railway of Thailand[dead link] Travel Service Centre, at Tel. 1690, +66 2 2204444, +66 2 2204334, +66 2 6218701.

Get around


There are tuk-tuks at the bus terminal and in town. Prices are reasonable (ask before you climb on board!)

  • Sai Thong National Park (About 70 km west of Chaiyaphum town in the Nong Bua Rawe, Thep Sathit, Phakdi Chumphon, and Nong Bua Daeng Districts). The park's area is 319 square kilometers. The park is in the Phang Hoei Rangege and the park's highest point is Khao Phang Hoei at 1008 m.
  • Pha Hum Huet: A frequently photographed viewpoint in the park, providing cliff-edge views over the surrounding landscape. The Bua Sawan flower field covers the western ridge of Khao Phang Hoei peak and, from June to August each year, is home to Siam tulips in full bloom. A similar Siam tulip field is also found at nearby Pa Hin Ngam National Park.
  • Namtok Sai Thong (น้ำตกไทรทอง): The Sai Thong waterfall is 80 m wide and 5 m high, and is at peak flow during the rainy season. A large pool upstream feeds the falls and provides a swimming area. At the front of the waterfall is a large basin for swimmers called Wang Sai. Also, above the waterfall is a deep body of water called Wang Ngueak whose water runs along the crooked and steep stone plateau towards Namtok Sai Thong for a distance of 150 metres.
  • Namtok Chuan Chom (น้ำตกชวนชม): Chuan Chom waterfall, 2 km upstream of Sai Thong waterfall, is larger at 80 m wide and 20 m high.[1] This waterfall is along a nature study route of two kilometres above Namtok Sai Thong.
  • Thung Bua Sawan or Thung Dok Krachiao (ทุ่งบัวสวรรค์ หรือทุ่งดอกกระเจียว): From the end of June to mid-August, curcuma or Krachiao blossoms will bloom in this field in both pink and white colours.
  • Pha Pho Mueang (ผาพ่อเมือง) A cliff along the west side of the Phang Hoei mountain ridge along the route leading upward to the Bua Sawan Field, a distance of approximately three kilometres and 700–908 metres elevation.
  • Pha Ham Hot View Spot (จุดชมทิวทัศน์ผาหำหด) The summit of the Phang Hoei mountain range, 864 metres elevation. It is cold throughout the year.
  • Tham Kaeo (ถ้ำแก้ว): The cave is similar to a hall, located deep inside the mountain and chilly and humid throughout the year. From the entrance, there is a path leading to a lower level where a Buddha image is enshrined.
  • Khao Phang Hoei Viewpoint (จุดชมทิวทัศน์เขาพังเหย): A rest area for motorists. Along the road lie various shops offering local products. The panoramic view of the sunset from this point is admirable.
  • The Chaopho Phraya Lae Festival (งานฉลองอนุสาวรีย์เจ้าพ่อพระยาแล) is held from the 12–20 January each year in front of Chaiyaphum City Hall and the Chaopho Phraya Lae Monument Intersection.
  • The Chaopho Phraya Lae Worship Ceremony (งานประเพณีบวงสรวงเจ้าพ่อพญาแล) is held at the Nong Pla Thao Shrine on the first Monday of May every year (It lasts for 3 days and 3 nights). The locals will pay respect to Chaopho Phraya Lae's spirit and perform traditional dances in front of the old shrine. There is a contest of local food, folk sports competition and a "Bai Si" procession contest.
  • The Candle Festival (งานแห่เทียนพรรษา) is a festival organised by the Chaiyaphum Municipal Office on the full moon day of the 8th lunar month (around July). There is a candle contest. This event is widely popular and similar to the candle procession of Ubon Ratchathani.
  • The Ram Phi Fa Tradition (ประเพณีรำผีฟ้า) is a ceremony worshipping certain sacred objects and the "Phrachao Ong Tue", a Buddha image engraved out of sandstone with a height of 2 metres. The locals consider this Buddha image as very holy. Many people will participate in this ceremonial dance. The ceremony is organised twice a year on the 13th to 15th day during the waxing moon of the 5th lunar month (in April) and the first day during the waning moon of the 3rd lunar month within the area of Khao Phu Phra, Ban Na Kai Sao and Na Siao Sub-district in Mueang District.

Chaiyaphum's local products are Mudmee silk, cotton cloth, Khit cloth, triangular pillows and other woven cloth products. Also delicate basketry and various local dishes such as Mam, Som Wua, fish cake, and Isaan sausage can be found in this province.


  • Number 1 Bar (At the entrance to the Night Bazaar, on the road down to Tesco Lotus.). Opened in January 2015, it is the only farang bar in Chaiyaphum. Serves good pizza, Australian steak, spaghetti, mashed potatoes and good sauces, Irish coffee and beer.


  • Lertnimit Hotel (Walk out of the bus station to the main road, look to the right and across the road is the hotel. It has no obvious signage, but looks like a hotel), +66 44 811522-3, . The price includes breakfast and dinner. Both are OK and with a range of choices to choose from and are cooked to order. Bottle of beer with dinner 90 baht. Hotel has air-con and shower water is hot. Wi-Fi is available, but no computer. Internet cafe about 1 km to the right on the same side of the road. 600+ baht.
  • 1 Pocket Park Chaiyaphum Minitel Apartment, Soi Kiatnakin Bank, Haruethai Rd, +66 89 5190179, . Rooms for rent and various facilities with cool garden in central Chaiyaphum.

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