An urban township in Taitung County

Chenggong (Chinese: 成功鎭, Chénggōng Zhèn) is a rural township of 14,000 people (2019) in Taitung County, Taiwan. It is on the Pacific Coast of the island.

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Chenggong began as an Amis settlement from which came the Hokkien name Moalaulau (Chinese: 麻荖漏; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Môa-láu-lāu). During Japanese rule, it was renamed to Shinkō Town (Japanese: 新港街) of Taitō Prefecture. After 1945, to avoid confusion with Singang Township of Chiayi County and to distinguish it from Tainan's Sinckan (now called Sinshih), it was changed to Chenggong, which commemorates the eponymous general Koxinga (Cheng Ch'eng-kung) who expelled the Dutch from Taiwan.

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The township is accessible via the Provincial Highway 11.    .

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  • 1 Amis Folk Center (阿美民俗中心), No. 25, Xincun Road, +88689841751. 09:00-17:00. The center showcases the culture and history of the Amis indigenous people. The main buildings were reproduced based on hand drawings by a Japanese ethnologist. The buildings are the imitation of Shaman's house in Taibalang community in Hualien County.    
  • 2 Old Donghe Bridge (舊東河橋). The bridge was designed and built in 1926 by the Japanese under the name Jikuen Bridge as a suspension bridge. It was the longest bridge designed during the Japanese rule of Taiwan. In 1953, the bridge was rebuilt due to damage caused by typhoon by maintaining the original height of the towers at each end. As of Dec 2020, the bridge is opened only for pedestrians.    
  • 3 Xiaoma Tunnel (小馬隧道). A small tunnel that is a remnant of the Japanese colonial period that you can walk through.

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  • 4 Taitung County Museum of Natural History (臺東縣自然史教育館), No. 16, Jihui Road, +88689851960. 08:30-16:00. The museum displays marine biological samples from the east coast of Taiwan, mostly shellfish and minerals.    
  • 5 The Marine Environmental Education Center of Chenggong Yacht Marina (成功海洋環境教室), No. 1-5, Gangbian Road, +886978236307. 09:00-17:00 (closed Tu & W). A small exhibition center showcasing a variety of objects of the marine industry in the area. The staff are able to help visitors navigate the exhibits if requested.

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Cheng Guang Ao Mazu Temple
  • 6 Cheng Guang Ao Mazu Temple (成廣澳天后宮), No. 33, Chengguang Road, +88689871062. 06:00-21:30. A temple dedicated to Mazu.  
  • 7 Presbyterian Church (成功長老教會), No. 1-6, Datong Road. 07:00-22:00. A relatively large white church building.
  • 8 Yiwan Presbyterian Church (灣長老教會), No. 11, Yiwan Road. A smaller, but more ornate, Christian church.

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  • 1 Sanxiantai (三仙台). An area containing a beach and several islands. The beach stretches for 10 km (6.2 mi) in length. A popular tourist attraction for its rocky coastal views, as well as its long footbridge in the shape of a sea dragon that connects the coast to the largest island. The name Sanxiantai means "three immortals platform", referring to the island with three large standing rocks.    
  • 2 Xingang Waterfall (新港瀑布).  
  • 3 Stone Umbrella (石雨傘). A natural rock formation that somewhat resembled an umbrella.  
  • 4 Man Stone (男人石), Shisan Road, +88689851004. A large stone plateau that features a small shrine in a cave beneath that contains a large stone phallus statue.

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Chenggong Fishing Harbor
  • 1 Chenggong Fish Harbor (成功漁港). The harbour features a fish market where locals can buy the catch directly from the fishermen. There are also restaurants in the area where you can bring your freshly bought fish and they will cook it for you.    

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  • 2 Chenggong Night Market (成功夜市), +88689851004. Monday 18:30-22:00.

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  • 1 Fujang Villa (福樟木屋渡假村), No. 27-5, Fengtian Road, +88689841639. A smaller resort facing out to the sea.

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