human settlement in Iseo, Province of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy

Clusane is a small village of 2,000 inhabitants along the south part of Lake Iseo, in Iseo municipality. It is a village of Franciacorta, a region well known for its wine, especially red and sparkling wine: around the village you can see many vineyards and if you came on late August/September you'll see the grape harvest (and if you want, you can contact a wine producer to take part in the harvest).


Clusane - panorama

Clusane has been a fishing village since the 18th century. Its countryside is cultivated with cereals, vineyards, mulberries, olive trees and fruit trees .

The eastern and northern slopes of Monte Alto are rich in woods, olive groves, and meadows.

Clusane is also known as "the village of the roasted tench" (in Italian: paese della Tinca al Forno) because of its famous dish: the roasted tench (a variety of fish from the lake).


The village was founded during the Bronze Age as many ruins of old palafittes can confirm. During the Roman Age a bath was built, and you can see some ruins of this in the eastern part of the lakefront (Lungolago Capponi).

In the early Middle Ages, two monks who belonged to the family of Cluniac monks, were sent to Clusane and founded a priory there. The monks led the land reclamation works, to drain the predominantly marshy land, and they built some agricultural organizations.

In the Cluniac monastery (now Castello Carmagnola), the historic centre of Clusane was formed. The old church, which has now been deconsecrated, has become a small theatre.

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The nearest airport is:

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Clusane's main bus station is in Via Risorgimento. Lines passing by Clusane are:

  • "LS002" (Sarnico-Iseo);
  • "LS003" (Iseo-Palazzolo sull'Oglio-Chiari);
  • "LS021" (Iseo-Orzinuovi);
  • "LS027" (Brescia-Cazzago San Martino-Brescia);

For more information you can go here.

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To reach Clusane by car you have to take the road SP12 that links Cremignane and Sarnico, if you are arriving from Iseo follow the sign to Sarnico.

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During the summer you can reach Clusane by boat from Monte Isola and the other towns by Lake Iseo (Predore, Sarnico, Monte Isola, Sulzano, Sale Marasino, Tavernola Bergamasca, Iseo, Marone, Vello, Riva di Solto, Castro, Pisogne and Lovere). Prices and timetables are available here[dead link].

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Clusane is a little village and the old centre sits between the main road   and the lake. The only exception is the Parish Church situated on the other side of the road.

If you are approaching Clusane by boat you have to walk straight ahead over the old spinning mill and the fisherman's harbour.


St. Gervasius and Protasius Old Church
Carmagnola Castle
  • 1 Carmagnola Castle, Via Ponta 2 (from Iseo it is necessary to take a bus, a car or a bike; see get around section), . Now the castle is private but it's possible to visit it by appointment. Situated on a little hill in the historic centre of the village, this castle was built under the government of Oldofredi, a local feudal family, in the 14th century, but its current name is more recent: in 1427 the Republic of Venice obtained this castle and then it was given to an important chieftain, Francesco di Bussone, called Carmagnola. It has a square plan with a central court, and in the past there was a deep defensive ditch with a drawbridge.
  • 2 Christ the King Parish Church (Chiesa Parrocchiale di Cristo re), Between Via Risorgimento and Via di Bernardo. Clusane's parish church.
  • 3 St. Gervasius and Protasius Old Church (Chiesa Vecchia), Via della chiesa vecchia. Once Clusane's Parish church, now it is used for conference and concert. It was built in the 15th century.
  • 4 St. Rocco Church (Chiesetta di S. Rocco), Via San Rocco. Small church near the harbour built in the 16th century.


As in many other towns by Lake Iseo, in Clusane you can swim in the lake or in some swimming pools or sunbathe. The mayor lido in Clusane is:

You can also do wake board:

  • 2 Wakemas Lago d'Iseo, Via Risorgimento 66 (next to Origami), +39 3403158668, +39 3397531696. Open from April to November. Garden with trees by the lake. You can do wake board or learn to do it with an instructor.
  • 3 Hiking on Clusane mountain. You can walk on Clusane mountain between vineyards and chestnut trees (you can collect chestnuts in Autumn) and reach the top of the mountain.


Clusane hasn't got many shops, who loves shopping has to go to Iseo or to Erbusco where there is a big shopping center (the one in Corte Franca is small). If you want some fresh water fish, you have to go to Clusane's fisherman cooperative:

  • 1 Cooperativa pescatori Lago d'Iseo, Via Porto. Small shop where you can buy some fish.


Tinca al forno - Roasted Tench

In many of Clusane's restaurants and hotels you can eat the roasted tench (Clusane's most famous dish). Every year during the third week of July OTC (association of Clusane's touristic operator) you can eat this dish at €22 per person (the menu includes the tench, a dessert, a coffee, some water and some vine - menu available only at OTC members).











In Clusane there aren't any internet cafes and free wifi internet connections (the only possibilities is to use bar and restaurant's ones).

  • 2 Clusane Post Office, Via Giovanni Pascoli 52, +39 0309829126, fax: +39 0309898045. M-F 08:20-13:45, Sa 08:20-12:45, if you need to go there in July or August, please check on

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  • Iseo — the most famous town by Lake Iseo;
  • Monte Isola - the highest European lake island, reachable by boat from Iseo;
  • Brescia — the biggest town of the province, it is quite famous for the roman temple Capitolium and for St. Giulia's Museum with Roman villas and Santa Giulia's Royal Lombard Monastery, a UNESCO site.
  • Capo di Ponte — in Val Camonica, it is famous for Rock Drawings, a UNESCO site.
Routes through Clusane
Sarnico   ← Paratico ←  W   E  → Cremignane →   Iseo

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