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Vesterbro is just outside Copenhagen’s city center - the Inner City or Indre By - making it a very attractive place to live. It includes the districts of Sydhavnen. Enghave, Valby and Vanløse.

Vesterbro square

The district is west of the city center at the location of the old Western Gate (‘’Vesterport’’), access way into the old city. The gate, along with the other three gates into the old city-- Østerport ("Eastern Gate") near the current Østerport Train Station), Nørreport ("Northern Gate") near the current Nørreport Train Station, and Amagerport ("Amager Gate", i.e. functionally the Southern Gate) between Christianshavn and the island of Amager - were dismantled in 1856.

The name "Vesterbro" causes some confusion as to its literal translation into modern Danish, as English, "Western Bridge". The word is an old word and does not refer to a bridge, but rather to the paved (Danish, brolagt) road leading into the city through the Western Gate.

The area has been renovated to a great extent, and its central location makes it a favored place to live. It has had a reputation as a center for prostitution and drug trafficking, where only the poorest would live, and there is still a certain amount of these activities in the area, especially on Istedgade and near Halmtorvet, but there has been police focus on clearing up troublesome areas.

Get inEdit

Map of Copenhagen/Vesterbro

By trainEdit

Copenhagen Central and Vesterport stations are at the eastern edge of the district. Copenhagen Central station is a major stop for almost every train line on the island, Vesterport is served by the S-train network. S-train Lines B and H continues along the southern edge of the district with stops at Dybbølsbro, Carlsberg and Valby stations. Carlsberg Station is next to (and replaced) the former Enghave Station.

By busEdit

The backbone of bus transport in central Copenhagen are the A buses operated by Movia, which run every few minutes throughout the day.

  • 1A Starts at Avedøre station in the western Copenhagen, and runs through the suburbs before entering Vesterbro at Valby station. From here it runs along the S-train tracks to the central station before it continues though downtown and Østerbro to terminate in at Hellerup station.
  • 3A This line does a half loop around downtown. Starting on Nordhavn station on Østerbro, passing through Nørrebro and enters Vesterbro across the major street Gammel Kongevej. It stops at the middle part of Vesterbrogade, Enghave Plads on the northern end of Istedgade near the Vega nightclub, runs along the eastern side of the Carlsberg complex, before it ends at the Valby Park.
  • 6A Starts in the suburb of Rødøvre west of Copenhagen, and enter Vesterbro just after the Copenhagen Zoo, it runs along the districts major artery Vesterbrogade all the way to the central station, where it enters downtown to end in the North-West district.


The Carlsberg brewery signature elephant gate

Saying Vesterbro is teeming with attractions would be pushing it by a wide margin, and indeed the districts most famous attraction is possibly the sorry remains of the once numerous porn shops, dating back from the hey-days of Danish liberalism, when the country was the first in the world to formally legalize pornography in 1967, and Istedgade was the centre of the madness. These days it is probably not so interesting unless you have special interest in the subject, and visitors should turn their attention to the districts shopping and night-life instead, which is the real attraction here, and may however, appropriately be kicked off with a visit to the only star attraction on offer, the famous Carlsberg brewery.

  • 1 Carlsberg Visitors Centre, Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11, +45 33 27 12 82. Tu-Su 10:00-16:00. While Denmark's largest and most famous beer producer has moved production from this historic location, to a modern facility in the provinces, it is still possible to visit the old brewery, and small scale production of speciality beers still takes place here. Many of the buildings are quite striking, the stables for the famous horse drawn Carlsberg carriages are still open and functioning, and last but not least it is home to the world's largest collection of beers (bottled). 60 kr (includes 2 beverages).
  • 2 [dead link] Museum of Copenhagen (Bymuseet), Vesterbrogade 59, +45 33 21 07 72. Daily 10:00-16:00, W -21:00. Covers Copenhagen history, past and present. There are four permanent collections covering different periods of the city's history, as well as special exhibitions relating to the subject. There is a model of mediaeval Copenhagen outside, which is free to see. Entrance 20 kr.
  • 3 Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, +45 33 86 04 00. Old cattle market turned exhibition hall, in the up and coming Kødbyen sub district (see section below). Various changing exhibitions. The website schedule is in Danish only.
  • 4 Olga's Lyst, Sommerstedgade 11 (at Dybbølsbro S-Station), +45 33 23 85 58, . Sa 13:00-17:00, But call ahead if you want to be sure. Also possible to arrange for an appointment. Small museum of toys and dolls, dating all the way back to 1840 and up to 1930s. 30 kr.
The Planetarium seen over the lake
  • 5 Diesel House, Elværksvej 50 (walk from Dybbølsbro S-Tog station), +45 32 54 02 27, . M-Th 10:00-16:00, 1st and 3rd Su 10:00-13:30. This museum, run by B&W, houses what was the largest diesel engine in the world for around 30 years. Nowadays it has a lot of diesel related exhibits spread over three floors, especially to do with ships - all very well presented. The volunteers are retired B&W employees and are very friendly. They run the main engine every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, plus on some other occasions as advertised on their website. There's a small gift shop where you can buy t-shirts, notebooks, etc. They ask that you email ahead if you want a guided tour. Free.


  • 1 Copencabana, Havneholmen (behind the Fisketorvet shopping center), +45 23 71 01 85. Jun 1-Aug 31: 11:00-19:00. Jump in the harbor for a swim at Copencabana harbor swimming bath. There is a jumping tower for fun, and a large pool, with sea water from the harbor. Not as popular as the larger harbor swimming bath at Islands Brygge, Copencabana is less overrun and better suited for more serious swimming.
  • 2 Det Ny Teater (The New Theatre), Gammel Kongevej 29, +45 33 25 50 75. Ticket Office: 12:00-17:00. One of Denmark's top stages, usually lays stage to famous musicals or plays like Chicago, Phantom of the Opera etc, but the performance may in Danish so check ahead. The striking building is one of the most beautiful theatres in Northern Europe following a grand renovation in the 1990s, and received the prestigious 'Europa Nostra' award for the efforts. Price varies.
  • 3 Vandkulturhuset (The Swim Centre), Tietgensgade 65, +45 33 29 80 80. M-Th 06:30-23:00, F 06:30-20:00,;Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-18:00. If you are installed at a cheap hotel without private baths or want some inside activities on a cold or wet day, the swim centre, or DGI-byen as it is known to all locals, is a good option - No time-limits, super-ellipse shaped pool, climbing and diving pool, warm spa pool, and other water activities. 40 kr.
Cirkusbygningen in Axel Torv
  • 4 Cycle or walk over the Cykelslangen (Bicycle Snake). This bridge is often shown in publications to display the merits of Copenhagen as a bicycle city.    


If you like to breeze through small shops, that you don't see on every corner at high streets across the western world, Vesterbro is an excellent place to go shopping, there is a wide range independent fashion and design stores offering local brands, from the traditional Danish design industry, and the up-and-coming Danish fashion industry.

A good shopping tour of the district (3000 meters) starts at Vesterport station, turn west along Gammel Kongevej until you reach Tullinsgade which is the 8th street on your left. Turn down Tullinsgade until it reaches Værnedamsvej - tour both streets as they are full of interesting stores, at the southern end of Værnedamsvej turn right (to the left side of the Europæiske building) along Vesterbrogade and follow it for some 180 meters, until you reach Tove's Galleri an indoor shopping arcade with a big red gate out in front, head all the way through the arcade until you reach the other side at Mattheusgade, make a right, and turn left at the end of the street along Enghavevej. When you reach the square, turn down Istedgade and follow it until it ends at the Central station. Keep your eyes open, some of the best stores are easy to miss.

  • 1 Fisketorvet, Kalvebod Brygge 59, +45 33 36 64 00. M-F 09:00-20:00, Sa 08:00-17:00. A large shopping center and cinema complex overlooking the harbour just behind Dybbølsbro Station. 120 stores, 55.000 m². The artificial Copencabana beach is just behind the center.
  • 2 Art Rebels, Flæsketorvet 17, +45 26 22 33 73. Tu-F 11:00-18:00, Sa 11:00-16:00. The flagship store of the on-line art collective bearing the same name, it is located in the meatpacking district. Fashion, Gallery and likely some music for sale, and also a café.
  • 3 Bolia, Vesterbrogade 67, +45 88 88 74 60. M-Th 10:00-19:00, F 10:00-20:00, Sa 10:00-17:00. Quite affordable Danish furniture and industrial design, quite big for an inner city store.
  • 4 Designer Zoo, Vesterbrogade 137, +45 33 24 94 93. M-Th 10AM-5.30PM, F 10AM-7PM Sa 10AM-3PM. DZOO is a working design store, based on a community of eight designers, which also sell designs made by a row of other Danish handcraft designers.
  • 5 Fashion Village, Vesterbrogade 91, +45 33 25 25 05. M-F 10AM-6PM. Trendy fashion store selling unique Pakistani designer clothes for women, with a modern twist, imported directly from London.


Used to be the red light district, and while it still has more than its fair share of sorry souls, it has blossomed up during the last 10 years. At the end of the street nearest to central station, there is still the last sorry remains of the once so famous sex stores, not really that exciting, but they are fairly well stocked if you want to spice up your sex life, and there are two stores especially catering to gays, if you are from a less tolerant society, where these don't hang on trees. The real attraction these days though, are the numerous small fashion stores dotted along the length of street.

  • 6 Asfalt, Istedgade 83, +45 33 22 51 74. M-F 11AM-6PM,Sa 11AM-3PM. The store of Danish fashion designer Hanne Zachariassen, she makes her own youthful and colourful designs from recycled materials, for both women and men.
  • 7 Din, Istedgade 101, +45 33 11 91 01. M-Sa 11AM-6PM. Store of a young couple, where the man of the house makes recycle jewellery and other items from trash, which ends up looking a lot better than it sounds, while his girlfriend - a fashion designer, takes care of women's fashion part of the store.
  • Don Ya Doll, Istedgade 55, +45 33 22 66 35. M-F 11AM-6PM,Sa 11AM-3PM. Owners Anne & Tine has put up a store that's hard to put in a box, part youthful fashion store, a mind blowing collection of accessories, you definitely don't see every day, and gadgets the two owners have picked up from all over the place.
  • Girlie Hurly, Istedgade 99, +45 33 24 22 41. M-Th 11.30AM-5.30PM,F 11AM-6.30PM,Sa 10AM-3PM. As the name would suggest, we are here dealing with a really girlie store with various cute items, plastic fantastic 50s nostalgia inspired items no less.
  • Kyoto, Istedgade 95, +45 33 31 66 36. M-Th 11AM-6PM,F 11AM-7PM,Sa 10AM-4PM. 200m2 fashion store for both sexes, with both good Scandinavian brands and 2nd hand clothing.


There are many good restaurants around the New Theatre, if you want to grab a bite before the show

Vesterbro is where most Copenhageners come to eat a piece of the world. There are an incredible amount of restaurants within a very compact area, offering food from every corner of the planet, mostly at very affordable prices by local standards. With more than 250 restaurants and take away joints to choose from, it would be pointless to list them all here, So we have tried hard to select the best of each of the kitchens available here, listed in Italics behind the restaurant name.

  • 1 Westmarket (Between Vesterbrogade and Matthæusgade). 10:00-22:00. Food market with more than 30 small cafe, bars, and street food places. reasonable.


  • 2 Cafe Høeg's, Enghavevej 20, +45 33 31 34 89. M-Th 10AM-1PM,F-Sa 10AM-5PM,Su 10AM-midnight. Has a large selection of domestic and imported beer, and a menu with pasta, sandwiches and burgers. Outdoor seating on a small square for good weather, and friendly staff.
  • 3 Cafe Dyrehaven, Sønder Boulevard 72, +45 33 21 60 24. Tu-Su 10AM-2PM. This café has gotten some rave reviews, after converting a very traditional working class watering hole into a café. But respectful yet thorough renovation, has ensured this place has a rather unique atmosphere. Food is excellent, but the coffee and tea servings are not as good.
  • 4 Obelix, Vesterbrogade 53 (on Vesterbro Torv), +45 33 31 34 14. Daily 08.30AM-02AM. Themed after Asterix' fat friend, this place has good beer and sandwiches, otherwise the menu is so-so, the real attraction is outside seating on Vesterbro Square.
  • 5 Central Station, Bernstoffsgade 16-20 (Eastern side towards the Tivoli and bus stops), +45 33 73 16 43, . M-Su 5AM-8PM. Bakery in the main station.


  • 6 Al-diwan (Indian/Pakistani), Vesterbrogade 94, +45 33 23 10 45. 17:00-23:00. One of the best of many Indian/Pakistani options in the district run by 4 brothers from Karachi, and one of the very few places where the courses have not been spiced down to fit the bland taste of the Danes. Mains from 90 Kr.
  • 7 Ban Gaw (Thai), Halmtorvet 44, +45 33228438. noon-midnight. To many locals, the best Thai place in the district, good food, descent interiors - complete with a large picture of the King and Queen. Mains from 90 Kr.
  • 8 Bento (Japanese), Helgolandsgade 16, +45 88 71 46 46. Tu-Sa 11:00-14:00, 17:00-23:00 (kitchen closes at 22:00). Good Japanese place, staffed with natives. Many locals will tell you they have the best sushi in town, but they also have Teriyaki, Gyoza and Tonkatsu handy if you are not into seafood. Also doubles as Japanese cocktail bar
  • 9 Bonjour Vietnam (Vietnamese), Vesterbrogade 44 (30 seconds walking from the New Theatre in the arcade), +45 53 53 67 97. 17:00-23:00. Romantic, with French and Italian decoration. Price is about 65 kr for a starter and 85 kr for a main dish.
  • 10 [dead link] Cyprus (Greek), Kalvebod Brygge 59, +45 33 13 46 61. 11AM-10PM. This cafe is located in the Fisketorvet shopping centre, with all the impersonal quirks that entails, but the cheap buffet is good if you get a Mediterranean crave from the Copencabana beach located just in front of the shopping center. Buffet: 79 Kr (day) / 119 Kr (evening).
  • 11 FAMO (Italian), Saxogade 3, +45 33 23 22 50. Mo-Su 18:00-midnight. Started by chef from one of Copenhagen's fanciest restaurants, this place goes in the opposite direction and offers an informal, cheaper and more laid back alternative, without sacrificing much in the terms of quality. Only offers one set menu every day, which in catholic tradition on Fridays consists of seafood. 350 Kr.
  • 12 Lê Lê nhà hàng (Restaurant Lê Lê), Vesterbrogade 40, +45 33 22 71 35. Mo-Th 17:00-22:00; Fr-Sa 17:00-22:30. A very nice Vietnamese restaurant, trying to recreate the country's street kitchen, albeit in much more stylish surroundings. Good and authentic food, the best is to order a selection of small dishes, but also a few main courses on the menu, and descent drinks. Mains from 115 Kr.
  • 13 Les trois cochons (French), Værnedamsvej 10, +45 33317055. Cosy, smoke-free place that serves most food in pots, pans, and jars. At least two persons must share the main course, everyone at the table get the same starters and desserts. hree course menus for Kr 295, a bottle of wine from 200 Kr. Very popular so you need a reservation..
  • 14 Mesón España (Spanish), Viktoriagade 10, +45 33 31 19 09. Mo-Sa 17:00-24:00. Cosy little Spanish tapas bar in a basement, with authentic Spanish tapas, good wines and interesting interiors. 1 tapa 45 Kr, 5 Tapas 210 Kr.
  • Napa California Dining & Drinking (American), Vester Søgade 6, +45 33 75 71 14. Is one of the few American eateries you can find in the city, without crowns or golden arches out in the front. Funky surroundings, fireplace, Steaks and Burgers on the menu, and of course good wines from the Napa valley. Mains from 119 Kr.
  • 15 Restaurant Klubben (Danish), Enghavevej 4, +45 33 31 40 15. noon-22:00. Cosy traditional Danish place, where people from all walks of life come and enjoy the relatively cheap food, with all the Danish classics on menu, in either the indoor restaurant, or in the place real attraction, the very attractive garden seating. Mains from 89 Kr.
  • 16 Señorita (Mexican), Istedgade 49. Mo-Th 12:00-23:00; Fr-Sa 12:00-02:00.
  • 17 Tea (Chinese), Helgolandsgade 2, +45 33 24 58 58. Daily: noon-11PM. Don't be fooled by the exterior, the inside is unusually stylish, compared to the usual standard in the city. Good quality for the price and an authentic menu, with loads of different tea's as the name would indicate. From 90 Kr.
  • Politigarden, Rysensteensgade 16, +45 33 11 86 08. Cosy little diner, with favorite police foods because of nearby police station. Safest place to have breakfast in Copenhagen!



Museum of Copenhagen with the model of 1530 Copenhagen out in the front
  • 1 Ideal Bar, Enghavevej 40, +45 33 26 09 51. W 9PM-4AM,Th-Sa 9PM-5AM. Ideal bar is a branch of the Vega nightclub, handing out drinks at street level in the same building, but it is run as a separate outfit, with a bit more appeal to the happening crowd. It is usually too crowded to sit, so only go here early or if you are ready to dance the hours away on the small but usually packed dance floor. Unlike Vega there is no cover charge.
  • 2 Kung Fu Izakaya Bar, Sundevedsgade 5, +45 33 31 84 09. Tu-Th 6PM-11PM,F-Sa 6PM-2AM. A descent attempt to create a traditional Japanese Izakaya in Copenhagen, the Japanese version of a pub, where small dishes and snacks are often served together with the beverages. Some really good cocktails on the menu. Menus from 155 Kr.
  • 3 Lolas Café, Sønder Boulevard 30, +45 33 25 88 15. M-W 11AM-midnight,Th-Sa 11AM-2AM,Su noon-8PM. Newly opened café/bar on Sønder Boulevard (parallel to Istedgade) serving various coffees, beer and wine. For food you can get a French-style sandwich in a freshly baked baguette. They show international sports events on a large screen and also have a separate smoking room. Free wi-fi and a cozy atmosphere
  • 4 Malbeck, Istedgade 61, +45 33 31 19 70. M-Th 4PM-midnight,F-Sa 4PM-2AM. Stylish and minimalist wine bar named after the grape popular in Argentinian wine production, where all of the wines are from. For snacks there is a plate functioning much like the Argentinian version of Tapas. Huge variety of Argentinean wines per bottle as well as per glass. The wine bar functions as a wine store as well and sell their imported wines at very reasonable prices to go.
  • 5 Vega, Enghavevej 40, +45 33 25 70 11. Open from 11PM.. Bar, Concerts, night-club. Located in a 1956 Vilhelm Lauritzen building with dark wooden panelling, mahogany floors, friezes, 50s lamps, etc. the building itself is worth a visit. The largest concert hall, Store Vega has room for 1500 guests, the smaller Lille Vega has room for 500 guests, and the weekend nightclub (Friday & Saturdays) is happening on two different floors with house/electronica and R&B/hip-hop. free entrance before 1AM, after that 60 Kr..
  • Simpelt-v, Istedgade 96, +45 69 69 20 25.
  • VELA, Viktoriagade 2-4, +45 33 31 34 19. W 9PM-midnight (sometimes longer),Th 9PM-4AM,F-Sa 9PM-5AM. Copenhagen's only bar and lounge that is targeted at lesbians.
  • Jernbanecafeen, Reventlowsgade 16 (Beside the Central Station, at the cross street of Istedgade and Reventlowsgade), +45 33 21 60 90. 7AM-2AM. Drink the house beer 7 Ekspressen, if you drink 10 you get a bronze medal, drink 17 you get a silver medal, 27 you get a gold medal, a great day of fun.
  • 6 Lidkøb, +45 33112010. 16:00-02:00; Su 20:00-02:00. Cocktail bar in beautifully renovated pharmacy lab. DKK 110 cocktails.

The Meatpacking districtEdit

One of the districts, and indeed the whole city's, new hotspots is Kødbyen, which literally translates into the Meat City. Ad agencies, galleries and most importantly bars, have set up side by side with the largest concentration of butcheries on the country. The raw industrial surroundings, as it is the case with so many other places like this, blends quite well with outrageous night-life, and indeed some of Copenhagen's largest and most popular nightclubs have sprung up here.

  • Jolene Bar, Flæsketorvet 81. Su-Th 5PM-2AM,F-Sa 5PM-3AM. Set up by two ambitious Icelandic girls, this club was too loud for its old location on Nørrebro, so it moved its noise and nice vibes here, and continue to be hugely popular, and the DJ line up certainly lives up to the two owners ambitiousness
  • Karriere Bar, Flæsketorvet 57, +45 33 21 55 09. Tu-Th 6PM-midnight,F-Sa 4PM-4AM. Although this bar can be difficult to find in between the meat shops and shady alleys, it is usually packed with a mix of trendy students and young professionals after midnight. Before that you can have dinner in their restaurant.
  • Warehouse 9, Staldgade 23. Part Party venue, part exhibition space, part queer powerhouse, has a makeshift bar which may or may not be open when you visit, and a website where you can check out the dates for your next outrageous party or concert, or maybe get lucky there is an interesting film screening.

The district is also home to an increasing number of restaurants, from budget to expensive: Quality fish-dishes at Kødbyens Fiskebar, Italian pizzas at Mother, organic food at BioMio and Nose2tail, and down-to-earth French cuisine at the winebar Paté Paté.

Non alcoholicEdit

  • 7 Estate Coffee, +45 38111211. Gammel Kongevej 1, Partly owned by Claus Meyer of TV fame and Danish importer of Valrhona chocolate Estate Coffee specialise in luxury coffee, gourmet chocolate, and chocolate desserts. Small pot for coffee for 28 Kr.


Aside from hostels, taking on from other major European cities, the area behind the Central station away from downtown and Tivoli, is where you find the city's cheapest hotel accommodation. It has a reputation for being a bit rough, but in Denmark that isn't saying much, although you may bump into the odd drug addict or desperate hooker at night time. Apart from any psychological discomfort you personally may get from such encounters, it shouldn't cause you any trouble - indeed a number of high quality hotels are located here, which should give you an indication of the severity of the problem. If you want to take extra care avoiding the above personalities, walking to your hotel from Vesterbrogade instead of Istedgade should steer your clear of them altogether.


  • 1 [dead link] Hotel Andersen, Helgolandsgade 12, +45 33 31 46 09, . Central and friendly budget hotel, the top-end rooms are upgraded and in very nice condition, the cheapest ones share bathrooms on every floor, but get's the job done if you just need sleep, and you wake up to a really hearty breakfast buffet in the morning. Friendly and personal service. From 650 kr for single room.
  • 2 Sleep in Fact, Valdemarsgade 14, +45 33 79 67 79. Dormitory style hostel in what functions as a public house for the local youth the rest of year, Open June 27 to August 28. But if you are visiting during that time, you will be hard pressed finding anything cheaper (save the YMCA listing below). 100-120 kr including small breakfast.
  • 3 Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER, Colbjørnsensgade 5-11, +45 33 23 29 29, . Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. Funky hostel, opened in March 2015. Includes bike rental outlet and tattoo parlour.
  • 4 YMCA Interpoint, Valdemarsgade 15, +45 33 31 15 74, . Open start of July to mid-August, and lends out 36 beds to sleep on, which are usually in high demand, so remember to book ahead. There is curfew between 00:30 and 07:00, you might want to consider if you plan to part take in the good night-life. 95 kr per person, nothing included.


  • 5 Hotel Astoria, Banegårdspladsen 4 (at the Central Station), +45 33 42 99 00, fax: +45 33459999, . Astoria is a design hotel owned by Brøchner Hotels.
  • 6 Absalon, Helgolandsgade 15, +45 33 24 22 11. Two blocks from the Central Station, communal shower and toilet facilities. Complimentary breakfast, on-site laundry. Single private rooms from 440 kr per room per night.
  • 7 Comfort Hotel Vesterbro, Vesterbrogade 23, +45 33788000. Good location, and the lobby area is well designed, but rooms a rather on the small side, and some rooms are reported to begin showing obvious signs of wear and tear, but otherwise clean. 800-1200 kr.
  • 8 Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, Helgolandsgade 14, +45 70 23 56 35.
  • 9 Hotel Løven, Vesterbrogade 30, +45 33 79 67 20, . clean, secure with commune kitchen area. Breakfast not included. Also, you might be disappointed with the suggested breakfast cafe, so you're probably better off going to one of the many buffets around the center. single rooms from 450 kr per room per night, double rooms from 250 kr per person per night.
  • 10 Hotel Nebo, Istedgade 6. A two-star hotel run by a Christian charity, offering basic but clean single, double, and family rooms right behind the central station - can sometimes get a bit noisy, but the staff is usually a friendly lot. Free internet, and breakfast included. Single rooms from 420 jr per night, double rooms from 650-1000 kr.
  • 11 Hotel Ansgar, Colbjørnsensgade 29, +45 33212196, . Basic hotel in the lower end of the Copenhagen price range, right behind the central station. Small rooms, but you can sometimes get substantial discounts, to make it worthwhile if you just need a bed. Free wireless internet. All rooms are non-smoking. 900-1200 kr for a double room.
  • 12 Savoy, Vesterbrogade 34, +45 33267500, . Good value money. Excellent location in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, but don't get too worked up over exteriors as the rooms are very basic, but still clean and totally adequate if you just need a bed, service is reported to be good. 895 kr for a double room.


  • 13 Axel Hotel Guldsmeden, Helgolandsgade 11, +45 33 31 32 66, . Central hotel in traditional Balinese style with real modern art, teak beds and small balconies, informal and organic approach to doing business. Also has a small cosy courtyard garden and bar and a fantastic Balinese style spa. Singles from 1495 kr.
  • 14 Copenhagen Island, Kalvebod Brygge 53, +45 33 78 80 00. 4-star hotel on its own artificial island in the harbour - hence the name - which apart from some exceptions, gives you good views from the room. Stylish interiors and good service. And one of Copenhagen's largest shopping centers right next door. 1000-1200 kr for single rooms.
  • 15 Copenhagen Plaza (former Sofitel), Bernstorffsgade 4, +45 33 14 92 62, . 4 Star hotel, right at the exit of the central station, with Tivoli across the street. Classical interiors, and a lot of history. From 2000 kr.


  • City Camp, Tømmergravsgade 2, +45 21 42 53 84, . This central campground is open May–August (both inclusive), but doesn't allow tents - which means campers and caravans only. 75 kr per adult, and 75 kr per camper/Caravan.
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