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Dezful[dead link] is a city in the north of Khuzestan, Iran.



Dezful is located in the foothills of the Middle Zagros and its history dates back to the Sassanid era, but before the Sassanids it was also inhabited and was considered part of the lands of the Elamite and Achaemenid empires.

Dezful has a Mediterranean climate in winter and a hot and dry climate in summer.

The Great Dez River passes through the center of Dezful; It is the second largest river in the country and the Dez Dam was built on it in the late 1940s. This river originates from the heights of Lorestan province and the cities of Boroujerd, Arak, Aligudarz and Azna.

Get in

Highway Dezful-Andimeshk

By plane


Dezful's airport is the only airport in northern Khuzestan. This airport is in the north of Dezful on the Dezful-Andimeshk highway and adjacent to the fourth hunting base of Dezful. The flights of this airport on the Tehran-Dezful flight route are between two and three flights daily and Mashhad-Dezful, for two days a week. There are also Dezful-Shiraz flights.

By train


You can travel to Dezful by the national railway that passes through Andimeshk. You can reach Andimeshk by train and from this city to Dezful by minibus or taxi.

By car


Entering Dezful is via land routes through these routes:

  • Dezful- Andimeshk highway with a length of 5 km
  • Highway Dezful - Shush length of 25 km
  • Dezful- Shahyun asphalt road with a length of 55 km
  • Asphalt road Dezful - Shushtar with a length of 52 km
  • Asphalt road Dezful - Lali with a length of 85 km

Get around


By taxi


It is convenient to take a taxi in this city if you do not have financial problems.

By car


The best option to explore Dezful is to use a personal car. Of course, due to the location of many attractions in the ancient context, it is better to prepare a tourist map of the city.

By bus


Because not all tourist areas of the city are on the bus route, Dezful Municipality has established double-decker buses called Nowruz Dream tourism.

Buses start working in Dezful at 05:00 and stop at almost 13:00. In the afternoon, they run from 17:00 to 20:45.

Masjed-e Jomeh, Dezful

Tomb of Sabzqba, the tomb of Muhammad ibn Musa al-Kadhim

Shrines and places of worship

  • Tomb of Imamzadeh Rudband: next to Dez river and next to the third bridge of Dezful.
  • Tomb of Imamzadeh Ali Shalgehi: in Shahid Karimi town.
  • Tomb of Imamzadeh Mohammad Sabzeqba: in Imam Khomeini Street, the easiest way is from the 30-meter crossroads of Dezful.
  • The tomb of Muhammad ibn Ja'far: on the road from Dezful and Susa is
  • Imamzadeh Ali Malik next to the old bridge
  • Lab Khandagh Mosque: in Imam Khomeini Street, next to Sabzeqba tomb
  • Tomb of Seyyed Mahmoud: in Seyyed Mahmoud Street, which is at the beginning of Enghelab Street.
  • Central Mosque
  • Miyan Darreh Mosque


  • Tizno House Museum
  • Anthropological Museum of Dezful (Carnation Bath)
  • Water Museum
  • Museum of Preservation of Relics and Values ​​of Sacred Defense located in front of Imamzadeh Rudband

Historic and scenic areas

  • Masjed-e Jomeh, Dezful
  • Tomb of Yaqub Laith Saffari
  • Dezful water mills
  • Dezful Old Bazaar
  • Shah Rokanuddin Bath
  • Tomb of Shah Rokanuddin
  • Old Dezful Bridge
  • Dezful Grand Mosque

In general, the old and ancient texture of Dezful includes alleys and back alleys intertwined and covered passages or the same different sabats and its beauty that are known and known by different names.

  • Chghamish hills
  • The ancient city of Ivan Karkheh
  • Ancient region and city of Jundishapur
  • Shah Rokn al-Din Historical Collection
  • Dezful Grand Mosque
  • Tal Khani and Kopite coats
  • Sarbatagh and Qomsh Choghabfan, which is one of several aqueducts, has been the water supplier of the ancient city of Dezful and has introduced drinking water to parts of the city and adjacent areas miles away from the higher northern shores of the Dez River. These aqueducts in Dezful are called Qomsh and the access points to it, which were created as a diagonal tunnel with many steps in the depths of the earth in different places, were called Sar-e-Bataq. Because of the creation of a modern urban plumbing system in the Pahlavi era, the negligence of officials and the eight-year Iran-Iraq war, it was forgotten and often filled with construction debris. It is being restored by the private sector and people interested in local history and culture. One of the dozens of reeds and stubs, namely the stub of Choghabfan, is being revived and it is very spectacular that if it is open, be sure to visit it. And its location is the caravan alley behind the tomb of Seyyed Mahmoudo next to the Imam Reza Mosque or Choghabfan.

Natural attractions

  • Dez National Park
  • Dez Beach Resort (Ali Koleh)
  • Rana Beach Parks, Qasr al-Runash or the same as Dooha, Ali Malik

Beautiful family and government park on the shore of Ali Koleh Dam

  • The mountainous area of ​​Shahyoun district and its tourist villages Islamabad, the foot of the lake castle and the beautiful shores of Dez dam in these villages, Shadab castle, Dioni valley and village, Kol Khorsan
  • Lewis Stone Village

The cheapest market in Dezful is called the night market or auction market, which is next to the Dezful Cultural Complex. Another market of Dezful is the old market which has a historical texture and some traditional and handicrafts such as carpentry are still done there.

In Dezful, there are traditional food shops, including rice milk (Bahtieh) and Halim (Harisi).

In rice shops, various products such as Bahtieh or rice milk, porridge, buttermilk, cheese and yogurt with high quality and tasty buffalo milk (Dezful and its adjacent areas are important centers for buffalo breeding in the country) are prepared and offered.

Traditional food of Dezful includes Ardeh, Dendro, various types of hamis, including hamis, wheat eggplant, rice milk and porridge. They also offer it, including a wheat delicacy, on Fath al-Mubin Boulevard adjacent to the Shariati St., which is worth a try for tourists.

Some foods produced from rice milk and buffalo milk are considered as Dezful souvenirs. Ardeh and juice are also the main food and souvenirs of Dezful, especially Ardeh and products and sweets derived from sesame such as rhombus, sesame halva. Because Dezful is an important and well-known agricultural hub of the country, it is also famous for its agricultural products such as summer, vegetables and citrus fruits, and sour oranges, lemons, vegetables and vegetables.

Dezful cookies: the main souvenir of Dezful is all kinds of cookies.



Do not miss the ice cream with buffalo milk in Yaqub Laith Square.



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