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The dive site Paindane Coral Garden is an inshore rocky reef with coral in the Paindane area near Inhambane in Southern Mozambique.



  • S24°05.934' E035°30.323'
  • About a km north east of Cabo das Correntes

Reef coral at the coral garden


The name "Paindane Coral Garden" refers to the large variety of reef and soft corals, and to the locality Paindane.


The site is fairly shallow


Visibility can exceed 15m


Exposed rocks with lagoon inshore, Large rocks and outcrops with caves, swimthroughs and overhangs to seaward.


Get inEdit

Boat access from Guinjata Bay. The site is about 4.2km from Guinjata Bay beach launch site.


Giant Clam
Tiger cowrie
Encrusting sponges
encrusting sponges

Marine lifeEdit

Variety of fish and invertebrates: Bluebanded surgeon, Dusky sweepers, Blotcheye soldiers, Powder blue surgeon, Limespot butterfly fish, Chocolate dip, Bluestreak cleaner wrasse, Spotted hawkfish, Moorish idol, Bluefin Kingfish, Dusky rubberlips, Whitebarred rubberlip, Barracuda. Mottled pink and grey encrusting sponge, Orange encrusting sponge, Tiger cowrie, Daisy soft coral, Finger lobed soft coral, Green and purple "curly lettuce" algae, Mottled orange/white fan sponge, Yellow banded hermit crab, Whelk , Brown feather stars, Small white and yellow sea fans, Nudibranchs, Sandy translucent colonial squirts, Red armpit star, Giant anemone, Tridacna clam, Daisy soft coral, lots of hard corals, soft corals, Spanish dancers, shrimps.



No specific route recommended.

Stay safeEdit


No site specific hazards known


No special skills required


No special equipment required.

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