town in northeast Jutland, Denmark

Frederikshavn is a port city on the Kattegat in North Jutland, Denmark. It is popular with vacationers, especially for its clean beaches with gentle surf. The city offers many leisure activities. There are a variety of excursion destinations in the area, such as the Grenen headland. Through the ferry port, trips to Gothenburg and Oslo are possible.

It had a population of 60,000 (in 2017).



Frederikshavn describes itself as the northernmost municipality on the European continent.

Frederikshavn was named Fladstrand, until 1818 where it was changed to Frederikshavn. Frederikshavn translates to "Frederik's harbour", named after Danish King Frederik VI.

Tourist office

  • 1 Frederikshavn Tourist Office, Skandiatorv 1, 9900 Frederikshavn (situated near the harbour and very close to the city centre.), +45 9842 3266, . M-F 09:30-16:00, Sa 10:00-13:00. General tourist information, fishing licence, ferry tickets to Sweden and Norway, Tickets for concerts and other arrangements at Det Musiske Hus and Arena Nord, Roadmaps, Bicycle maps and rental.

Get in


Passengers traveling from other parts of Denmark can reach Frederikshavn by train, bus or airplane. The journey time by train or bus from Aalborg, the nearest large town to the south, is approx. between 1 hr 10 min - 1 hr 45 min (40 minutes in car). From Aalborg Airport to Frederikshavn station the journey time is about 1½ hours by bus.

By train


The 1 Frederikshavn train station is not far from the town centre and it connects you to pretty much all of Denmark.

Frederikshavn is on the Hjørring, Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense, Roskilde, Copenhagen, Line. It takes approximately 5 hours 50 minutes to reach Copenhagen and is operated by DSB

There is also a train line between Frederikshavn and Skagen, known as Skagensbanen, which is operated by Nordjyske Jernbaner and stops in Strandby, Jerup and Ålbæk. It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach Skagen.

By bus


X-bus from Aalborg.

By boat


Frederikshavn can be reached by ferry from Norway (Oslo) and Sweden (Gothenburg) and connects Læsø Island to Jutland.

  • 2 Stena Line operates the route Gothenburg—Frederikshavn which takes 2 hours with Stena Line Express and 3 hr 15 min with Stena Danica/Jutlandica and the route Oslo—Frederikshavn which takes 12 hours.
  • 3 Læsø Line operates the route Læsø - Frederikshavn which takes 90 min.

By car

  • From Aalborg: Use the E45 northbound to Frederikshavn.
  • From Aarhus: Use the E45 northbound to Frederikshavn via Aalborg.
  • From Hirtshals: Use the E39 to Hjørring and from there use Road 35 towards Frederikshavn.

Get around

Public bicycles at the hub, by the tourist agency in Frederikshavn.

Frederikshavn does have a public bus system, that mainly connects the rim areas of the city with the city centre. For getting around in the centre, walking is the easiest solution, given the size of the area.

Frederikshavn has a public bike system, where bikes can be borrowed for free, with a DKK 100 deposit in one of the bicycle hubs (at the tourist agency, by most hotels and at the camp site). The bicycles are available from Easter until November. The bikes can be used to getting around to attractions, outside of Frederikshavn city centre easily, as the city has, and expands on, a quite well functioning web of bicycle paths and roads and it is also possible to take the bike with you on the train to Skagen if space is available.

Getting around in own car is rather easy, as Frederikshavn has quite a number of parking areas, of which the majority is free. City centre is an exception to this, with a couple of paid parking areas.

Map of Frederikshavn
  • 1 [dead link] Bangsbo Museum (Kystmuseet-Bangsbo), Dr. Margrethesvej 6 (Bus no. 3 from Frederikshavn St. towards Møllehuset, get off at stop Bangsbovej and walk the last 700 m), +45 9842 3111, . Feb-Oct: M-F 10:00 - 16:00; Nov-Dec: M-F 11:00 - 15:00; Sa Su closed. Bangsbo Museum is located in an old manor house, surrounded by a moat, a small botanical garden and a forest playground. The museum houses exhibitions about the Danish Resistance during World War II, ships and sailing history and textiles. Bangsbo Museum is now a part of Nordjyllands Kystmuseum. Adults: kr 75, children under 18 free.  
  • 2 Cloos Tower (Cloostårnet), Brønderslevvej 61 (6 km southwest of Frederikshavn Station, bus 210 or 225 to Vinkestrækning 15 minutes away. You can also take a bike up there.), +45 9848 6069, fax: +45 9842 0020, . May Jun Aug: daily 10:00-17:00; Jul: M-F 10:00-17:00, Sa Su 10:00-18:00. Observation tower of 60 m at 160 m above sea level. This is the most famous landmark of town. The top is reached by stairs or elevator and gives a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. The tower was built in 1962 at the initiative of Christian Cloos. It has a small shop with snacks and souvenirs. You can sit down in the tower or outside for a picnic. Adults: kr 30, Children: kr 10.
  • 3 [dead link] Fiskerklyngen, Strandgade, +45 98423266. This is a cluster of fishermen's cottages in oldest part of Frederikshavn from the 16th century, but the houses you can see now are from the 18th century.
  • 4 [dead link] Gunpowder Tower (Krudttårnet), Kragholmen 2 (by the harbour, a short walk from Frederikshavn Station), +45 9843 1919, +45 9842 3111, fax: +45 9843 0597, . 1 July - 15 August: 11:00-15:00. Martello tower built in 1686-1690. The top floor (cannon deck) houses a range of artillery. The lower floors have exhibitions of the history of Fladstrand and the harbor. Citadel Fladstr. was used as a base by the Danish Navy during the Great Northern War (1709–20) and the war against GB (1807–14). Tordenskioldsdage is a historic festival that with a spectacular staging of the Powder Tower brings the audience back to the year 1717. Adults: kr 75, children under 18 free.    
Hirsholmene islands are just outside Frederikshavn
  • 5 Hirsholm, Frederikshavn Havn, Pier 5 (a small ferry (12 passengers) goes daily during summer, 3 times a week during spring and fall, and weekly during winter), +45 29 80 14 38. Hirsholm is one of six small islands 7 km to the northeast of Frederikshavn: Hirsholm, Græsholm, Lilleholm, Deget, Tyvholm and Kølpen. Only Hirsholm is inhabited, with 17 houses and a 27 metre high lighthouse from 1886. Besides being noted for it's high population of birds, Hirsholm also sports some excellent beaches and a relatively large number of bunkers, dating back to World War II. Return tickets are: Adults kr 130, children kr 105.    
  • 6 [dead link] Northern Entrenchment (Nordre Skanse), +45 9842 3266. Defensive works built by German troops 1627-29 to protect them against the Danish Navy.
  • 7 [dead link] Beach (Palmestranden), Nordre Strandvej 22, +45 9845 5037, . In the northern part of Frederikshavn, there is also a nice beach. You can easily get here by bike, and it can be worth it spending some time at the beach. During the summer there is imported Italian palms, beach volley courts and barbecue. Also close to a Small marina with a restaurant. Enjoy the view of Hirsholmene.
  • 8 [dead link] Knivholt Manor (Knivholt hovedgård), Hjørringvej 180B, +45 9843 4855, . Daily 07:00-15:00. The Manor dates back to 13th century but have burned down on several occasions. Current buildings dates back to 17th century. Close to Knivholt Forrest. There are several event at and near the Manor during the year, like open-air concerts, festivals, markets and shows.
  • 9 [dead link] Bangsbo Fort Bunker Museum (Kystmuseet-Bangsbo Fort), Understedvej 21 (the museum is in a military area but there are parking lots), +45 9842 3111, +45 98428844, +45 96214614, . Feb: M-F 11:00-15:00; Apr-May: M-F 10:00-16:00; Jun-Aug: M-F 10:00-16:00, Sa Su 11:00-16:00; Sep Oct: M-F 10:00-16:00.. Bangsbo Fort was built by the Germans during the Second World War, and known as Stützpunktgruppe Frederikshavn Süd. In 1944 it was armed with 15 cm guns from the Danish Navy ship Niels Juel. During the Second World War the Germans built more than 70 concrete bunkers on the fort with 34 heavy and 17 light concrete bunkers and 30 other different concrete bunker systems. The fort belongs to the Danish Navy and since 2005 Nordjyllands Kystmuseum has rented large parts of the fort which is no longer in use, to tell the story about the fort. Adults kr 75, children under 18 free.  

Festivals and events

  • 8 Cup No.1 (Dana Cup No.1.), Fodboldvej 7, +45 2257 9910, . Week 28 every year. A youth soccer tournament for both boys and girls. Held week 28 every year. Many teams from several nations attend.
  • 9 Rødspætte Cup, Rimmens Allé 35, +45 31 47 42 10, . A youth handball tournament for both boys and girls. Held at Easter every year. over 300 teams from several nations attend. From 425 kr.
  • 10 Rock in Frederikshavn (Rock i Frederikshavn), Hjørringvej 180A (Knivholt Hovedgaard), . Music festival.



Frederikshavn is a starting point of the truly epic hike of Hærvejen, leading down the entire Jutland peninsula for 500 kilometres, all the way to the border with Germany. The trail follows ancient trails used in olden times to transport cattle and soldiers, and presents the nature and cultural of Jutland in its variety. It is designed for an 18 day journey, but you can chose to hike shorter individual parts and still get a great experience.

Frederikshavn has a small pedestrian area, surrounding the main pedestrian street, which contains the south end of Danmarksgade and north end of Søndergade. The main pedestrian street is approximately 750 metres long, and the area houses a number of retail shops with various consumer goods, such as clothes, telecom shops, radio/TV shops and restaurants.

For bigger shops such as supermarkets, DIY retailers, furniture shops and such, the north/west end of the city houses the majority of those along Hjørringvej between Suderbovej/Knivholtvej and Toftegårdsvej/Maigårdsvej.

Opening hours follows those otherwise found in Denmark; supermarkets are mainly open between 09:30 and 18:00, other shops between 10:00 and 17:30 and restaurants between 11:00/16:30 and 22:30-23:00.






  • 14 [formerly dead link] Restaurant Panorama (Hotel Jutlandia), Havnepladsen 1 (6th floor at Hotel Jutlandia), +45 9842 4200, . Every day for breakfast: 07:00-10:00. Th-Sa 17:00-21:00. From the top floor of Hotel Jutlandia where the restaurant is located you have a stunning view of the harbor front.
  • 15 Restaurant Møllehuset (Møllehuset), Skovallèen 45, +45 9843 4400, fax: +45 9843 4477, . M 12:00-18:00, Tu-Sa 11:00-22:00 and Su 11:00-18:00 (kitchen closes an hour before). A restaurant a few kilometres southeast of the city center, located in Bangsbo. Some of the oldest buildings in Frederikshavn. Seasonal menu prepared with the different ingredients of the season. Two courses: 255 kr/€34, three courses: 325 kr/€43 (2013).






  • 1 [formerly dead link] Danhostel Frederikshavn City, Læsøgade 18, +45 9842 1475, fax: +45 3220 1475, . Offers 25 rooms with en suite bathroom, 2 rooms with bath in the corridor. 3 small annex appartments with bath and toilet. 107 beds. Cafeteria, lounge, garden, guest kitchen. Breakfast buffet. Wireless internet. 85-550 kr.
  • 2 Hotel Frederikshavn Seamen’s Home (Hotel Frederikshavn Sømandshjem), Tordenskjoldsgade 15B, +45 9842 0977, fax: +45 9843 1899, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. Offers 53 rooms with shower, toilet, hairdryer, phone,,cable TV. Restaurant, meeting rooms, Internet café, wireless Internet access in all rooms, elevator, free parking. TV/living room with poolbillard and dart. The reception desk is open 24 hours. The hotel is 50 m from E45 highway. It is close to the pedestrian street. 2 Jan-22 Dec. 515-1,275 kr.
  • 3 Hotel Lisboa, Søndergade 248 (close to the motorway E45 in the southern part of town), +45 9842 2133, fax: +45 9843 8011, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. Three star hotel. 32 double rooms which are equipped with private bathroom, telephone, radio and a TV with access to satellite channels. Family restaurant, large garden and carpark. Close to the Deer Park and the Bangsbo area. 2 Jan-23 Dec. From 675 kr.
  • 4 [dead link] Herman Bang Bed & Breakfast, Skolegade 2, +45 9842 2166, fax: +45 9842 2107, . Offers 30 rooms where 22 have own shower, toilet and TV. Private parking. 10 Jan-20 Dec. From 590 kr.
  • [dead link] Hotel 1987, Havnegade 8E, Damsgaards Plads (near harbour), +45 9843 1987, fax: +45 9843 1942, . Offers 28 rooms where all rooms have bath, TV and minibar. Family rooms, parking. Close to supermarket. Small but cosy hotel. 460-600 kr.
  • 5 Nordstrand Camping, Apholmenvej 40, +45 9842 9350, fax: +45 9843 4785, . Camping, caravans and cabins. Wireless internet.
  • 6 BB Hotel Frederikshavn, Turisthotellet, Margrethevej 5, +45 7022 5530, . Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 11:00. Self-service hotel with free WiFi. From 460 kr.


  • 7 Best Western Hotel Herman Bang (Hotel Herman Bang), Tordenskjoldsgade 3, +45 9842 2166, fax: +45 9842 2107, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. Offers 60 rooms with/without shower. Various rooms available – from business to family rooms suites and apartments. Car park. TV. American restaurant. Walking distance of Frederikshavns train station and the harbour, at the center of Frederikshavn. Also has spa & wellness. 2 Jan 22 Dec. 395-1,795 kr.
  • 8 Park Hotel Frederikshavn, Jernbanegade 7, +45 9842 2255, fax: +45 9620 1798, . Offers 20 rooms with all comforts. Wireless Internet. Parking. Restaurant/library bar/patio. 300 m from the port with ferries to Gothenburg, Oslo and Læsø. 11 Jan-19 Dec. 300-2,200 kr.
  • 9 Scandic The Reef, Tordenskjoldsgade 14 (Opposite the port, entrance via Toldbodvej), +45 9843 3233, fax: +45 9843 3311, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. Offers 210 rooms, including 12 superior rooms and two top-suites. Rooms with writing desk and telephone, TV with in-house movies, ironing board, minibar and free internet in several rooms. 111 family rooms for two adults and two children. 20 meeting and breakout rooms. Sub-tropical water park, fitness room, sauna, table tennis, restaurant, brasserie and nightclub. Free public car park. Free WiFi. From 300 kr






  • 2 Frederikshavn Library (Frederikshavn Bibliotek), Parallelvej 16, +45 9845 9100, . M-F 10:00-18:00, Sa 10:00-13:00, Sun closed. The library offer free internet access for one hour at a time. Also possible to use printer and copy machine at a cost.
  • 3 The Port of Frederikshavn (Frederikshavn Havn), Færgehavnsvej 9 (See coverage map on website), +45 9620 4700, . Offers everyone having business at the ferry port access to fast and free internet connection. The guests frequenting the port are even provided with an additional service, as the opening page facilitates information about events taking place in the town, weather forecasts, and timetables for ferry, train and bus. Free.

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There are lots of beautiful nature areas around, easily accessible by car. There are also several smaller cities in Frederikshavn municipality which offers cosy small town feel.

  • Sæby - Small town with a seaport.
  • Skagen - Denmark's northernmost town with a thriving tourist industry.
  • Strandby - Small coastal town 4 km north of Frederikshavn.
  • Ålbæk - Also a smaller coastal town.
  • Østervrå
  • Elling - Small village where the Elling Å stream is and a 13th-century church.
  • Kilden
  • Gærum
  • Dybvad - Quiet small town in the south of Frederikshavn. Dybvad hosts an open air music festival in August, called Dybvad Open Air.
  • Ravnshøj
  • Jerup - Here the State Prison of Kragskovhede is located.
  • Voerså
Routes through Frederikshavn
Göteborg   E   S  SæbyAalborg

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