Fuxian Lake (抚仙湖 Fǔxiānhú) in Yuxi, Yunnan province is the fifth deepest lake in China and also very clean.

Understand Edit

The main urban center by the lake is Chengjiang, which lies on the northern edge of the lake. The Chengjiang City Government administers not only the city's urban area but also smaller towns and villages on the lake's north shore such as Haikou and Luchong. The southern parts of the lake are divided between Huaning and Jiangchuan.

Get in Edit

Chengjiang is easily reachable by bus from Kunming or Yuxi. From Chengjiang, there are buses to all sides of the lake.

See Edit

  • Lake
  • Mountains
  • Food
  • Stars (before, during or after drinking)

Do Edit

  • Horse riding on the western side of the lake
  • Occasional paragliding goes on in these parts...

Sleep Edit

Along the shore are villages with guesthouses and hotels. Around Luchong village are several five stars hotels. The east coast has fewer tourists and the hills are a great place to camp cause you have amazing views of the sunset.

Go next Edit

  • Tonghai County, with a smaller Qilu Lake, across the mountains south of Fuxian Lake
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