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The Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves (CERRA) World Heritage Site is made up of a number of non-contiguous areas of national park and reserve land in North-East New South Wales and South-East Queensland. They can be geographically grouped into 8 distinct regions:

Map of Gondwana Rainforests of Australia


Box Falls at Lamington National Park in Queensland

The Barrington GroupEdit

The Border (Tweed Volcano) GroupEdit

  • 2 Border Ranges National Park.    
  • 3 Lamington National Park. 20,600 hectares (51,000 acres) of rainforest on the Lamington Plateau of the McPherson Range, known for its birdlife, ancient trees, waterfalls, walking tracks and mountain views.    
    • 1 Box Log Falls.    
    • 2 Elabana Falls.    
    • 3 Morans Falls.    
    • 4 Nugurun Falls.    
    • 5 Yarrbilgong Falls.    
    • 6 Coomera Falls. 64 m (210 ft) segmented waterfall    
  • 4 Mount Warning National Park (Wollumbin National Park).    
  • 5 Nightcap National Park.    
  • 6 Springbrook National Park.    

Focal Peak GroupEdit

Gibraltar Range GroupEdit

Hastings - Macleay GroupEdit

The Iluka GroupEdit

  • 13 Iluka Nature Reserve.    

Main Range GroupEdit

  • Goomburra State Forest.
  • 14 Main Range National Park.    
  • Spicers Gap State Forest.

New England GroupEdit

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