former municipality in Finland, now part of Pargas

Iniö is a former municipality, in the Archipelago Sea in south-west Finland. It consists of a group of four main islands and over one thousand minor ones. Ten islands have permanent residents, most people living on Iniölandet. Before the merger, Iniö was the smallest muncipality in Finland excluding Åland, with just 250 inhabitans. Now this title belongs to Luhanka in Central Finland.


Iniö archipelago

Iniö is located in the Archipelago Sea and people have traditionally lived from fishing, agriculture, sea fowl hunting and seafaring. It belongs to the Pargas municipality, with its centre in Pargas.

Most people live on the main island, Iniölandet. Another important island is Jumo, as Kannvik ferry harbour is located there. These two islands are connected by a road ferry and the main road runs through them. Minor inhabited islands, some with just a few families, are connected to the mainland with regular ferry services.

There are some archaeological findings from the bronze age. First permanent inhabitants have probably been Swedish speaking fishermen during the early medieval period. The name Iniö appears first in 1554 as a chapel under Taivassalo parish.

Iniö is traditionally Swedish speaking and still has a Swedish speaking majority. Service is usually available in both Swedish and Finnish, as well as in English.

Get inEdit

Road ferry M/S Aurora runs only during the summer season.

Iniö is on the Archipelago Trail from Turku via Houtskär to Iniö and back to Turku via Kustavi.

Iniö can be reached only by boat or ferry. It is connected to other parts of the municipality only during the summer months, except some sparse and convoluted connections. The year-round ferry operates between Iniö and Kustavi in the north. The main village, Norrby, is on the east coast of Iniölandet, some 7 km from the Kannvik ferry jetty and 4 km from the Dalen ferry jetty. The road is paved and is in good condition to both directions.

Road ferry M/S Aura operates year-round between Heponiemi in Kustavi and 1 Kannvik in Iniö. See the timetables. The ferry is free of charge and has a café. There is a café in Kannvik but no services but dry toilets in Heponiemi.

Road ferry M/S Antonia operates during the summer season (May 31th to September 1st in 2019) five times a day Mon–Sat and three times in Sundays, between Mossala in Houtskär and 2 Dalen in Iniö (see the timetables). Transport fees: adult €10, children €5, bicycles €12, MC/moped €25, car €40, and caravan €75. The fees for vehicles include all passengers. The ferry has a small café. There is a restaurant in Mossala but no services in Dalen.

It is possible to come from Åland with M/S Satava, departing from Torsholma in Brändö, connected to the Åland mainland with other ferries. See Brändö and Get around below.

There are coaches from Turku to Heponiemi in Kustavi twice a day (about €14, children 4–11 half price). Check the timetables at Matkahuolto. Use Laupunen laituri Heponiemi as your destination in the Matkahuolto search. The bus is operated by Taivassalon Auto. M/S Aura takes you to Kannvik in Iniö.

Via PargasEdit

Main article: Archipelago Trail

A more adventurous way is to take a coach from Turku to Houtskär (about €23). The coach from Turku leaves you in the Galtby ferry harbour and another coach is waiting in Kittuis ferry harbour in Houtskär. Changing coaches actually means a 30 min ferry trip here! In Houtskär the terminus is usually Näsby, but some services extend all the way to the Mossala village. From the Mossala village there is 3 km left to Mossala ferry jetty (12 km from Näsby). The coach connection is operated by TLO using the Skärgårdsbuss brand with white-green livery. Use Mossala (Parainen) as your destination in Matkahuolto search. M/S Antonia takes you to Dalen in Iniö.

There is a good bike route from Turku to Pargas. Some kilometres after the Pargas centre it gets narrow and starts going up and down any hill, but it continues to Lillmälö. In Nagu, Korpo, and Houtskär you mostly have to cope with the road traffic. It is a good strategy to get off when the batch of cars from a ferry is approaching. Otherwise there is very little traffic on these roads. Stay to the right as the local drivers really don't expect a bicyclist after the next turn...

By yachtEdit

See also: Boating in Finland, Archipelago Sea#By yacht and small boats

Iniö is more or less in the north-west corner of the Archipelago Sea, with Brändö of Åland to the west, Kustavi and the Sea of Bothnia to the north, Velkua, Rymättylä and Naantali to the east, and Houtskär and Korpo to the south. Iniö has a thousand and some islands and islets on 335 km2 (129 sq mi), 11 of which have year-round inhabitants.

Get aroundEdit

Iniö is a very small place so there is no public transportation. The roads are quiet and very suitable for walking and biking. Except the main road between Kannvik and Dalen roads are gravel roads. Ask for renting a bike from your accommodation.

The Skagen road ferry between the islands Iniölandet and Jumo runs when needed.

The nearby island Keistiö is connected by scheduled road ferry from Dalen. See the timetables here. From Kannvik there is also a small road ferry to some of the minor islands including Åselholm.

Many smaller islands are served by the ship-like ferry M/S Satava, departing from Norrby/Kannvik harbour with timetables and routes differing depending on day of week. The complete route takes several hours. This vessel goes all the way to Torsholma in Brändö, Åland. The timetable ("Iniö tilläggsrutt" summer 2020) is fairly complex, and in most cases the ferry must be ordered at least one day in advance. Contact the vessel by phone +358 40-849-5140 and ask.

With a yacht all small islands are in reach. Be careful about islets with nesting birds.

There are kayaks for rent at some lodging businesses and at the Björklund's guest harbour.


Iniö church

Traditionally the church has been the number one destination. The Norrby village itself is small and cosy. It is also easy to visit the small Keistiö village on Keistiö island, just across the strait from Dalen. Åselholm is a very beautiful archipelago village.

  • 1 Iniö kyrka (Church of Iniö), Norrby (north from the centre). Stone church built 1797–1800 and named after Sophia Wilhelmina, the princess of Sweden. Small graveyard. The bells are still rung by hand, the Saturday evening ringing at sunset. Free.
  • 2 Plokimuseo (Pulley Museum), Norrby (next to the church), +358 41-456-6454. open by appointment only. Exhibition consisting of hundreds of pulleys and some other seafaring artefacts. Probably the only pulley museum in the world. Easily worth of visit. Call or SMS to check when it is open. €3, children under 12 free.


Fishing, boating, swimming, enjoy the nature.

  • 1 Norrby nature trail (one kilometer north from the centre). This nature trail takes you to Kasberget and back, just follow the white triangles on the trees. Being 40 meters above sea level the top of Kasberget is the highest point of Iniö islands. If the weather is clear enough you may see both to mainland Finland and Brändö in Åland. The trail is rocky and has climbs. Total length 2.5 km to Kasberget and back. Free.


The Midsummer is the main event everywhere in the archipelago.


There is a grocery store is in the middle of the Norrby village.

  • 1 Iniö Lanthandel, Norrby hamn 9 (in the village harbour), +358 40-015-8734. Summertime: M–Sa 9–20, Su 9–15; during winter mostly 9–15. Groceries and some hardware. Café. Some self-care drugs. Alko pick-up point.

The tiny market square is behind the grocery store.


Out of season the restaurants are open only either at lunch on workdays or at request. Check beforehand.

At NorrbyEdit

  • 1 Merideli Leonella, Norrby (in the centre), +358 40-590-5794. 11–22. Excellent pizzas and hamburgers. €10–20.
  • 2 Lola's Service Lunch & Catering, Norrby (about 700 meters north from the centre), +358 50-566-2832. M–F 11–14. Archipelago style lunch. €10.
  • 3 Björklund Båtslip, Bruddalen 42 (at the guest marina, 1.5 km north from the centre, at the very end of the gravel road), +358 2 463-5343. M–Sa 9–21, Sun closed. Thai food(!), café

At KannvikEdit


For nightlife, Leonella is open until 22 at summer.


There are some B&B:s and cottages for rent.


  • 3 Björklund Båtslip, Bruddalen 42, +358 2 463-5343. Guest marina and café. Camping site and electricity for caravans. Thai restaurant at the summer season. Sauna. Main village 1.5 kilometres away. tent €15 (WC and shower included).


Postal code: 23390 Iniö (all islands)

Stay safeEdit

Beware of ticks and sunburn. There are lots of deer around, especially at dusk.

There is no pharmacy in Iniö but some self-care drugs are sold in the grocery store.

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