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Karangsambung-Karangbolong is an ancient national geopark site in Kebumen, Central Java.

Understand edit

Geopark Karangsambung-Karangbolong is a conservation area management concept that harmonizes geological, biological and cultural diversity, through the principles of conservation, education, and development that are managed in the Karangsambung to Karangbolong areas, Kebumen Regency, Central Java Province. This earth park is the only geopark or earth park in Central Java.

History edit

In November 2018, this geopark was named a National Geopark.

Landscape edit

This geopark area has a diverse landscape consisting of mountains, valleys, lowlands, and beaches.

Flora and fauna edit

The official flora is Kelapa Genjah Entog and the official fauna is Walet Putih. The flora and fauna are the official flora and fauna of Kebumen Regency.

Climate edit

Tropical. It is very hot here in the dry season (approximately April to October) and wet and humid in the rainy season (December till March).

Visitor information edit

  • 1 Kebumen Regency Tourism Office (Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Kabupaten Kebumen), Jl Pahlawan 136, +62 287 381988. 07:00–16:00.

Regions edit

Just like the name implies, this geopark is divided into two big areas:

  • Karangsambung
  • Karangbolong

Get in edit

By plane edit

The closest airport is New Yogyakarta International Airport in Yogyakarta. From there, you can get to Kebumen by train from Yogyakarta station or Lempuyangan station, or by bus from Giwangan terminal.

By train edit

There are two main train stations:

  • 1 Kebumen Station, Jl Stasiun. On the east side of Kebumen.
  • 2 Gombong Station, Jl Stasiun II, Gombong. To the west of Kebumen town.

There are also two minor train stations:

  • 3 Karanganyar Station, Jl Stasiun, Karanganyar.

By bus edit

There are two main bus terminals:

  • 4 Kebumen Bus Terminal, Jl Raya Alternatif Luar Kota. On the east side of town.
  • 5 Gombong Bus Terminal, Jl Tentara Pelajar, Semanding, Gombong. In the western part of Kebumen regency.

There is also one mini-terminal that is used by Efisiensi Bus in 6 Wonosari Rest Area, Jl Nasional III (In front of Wonosari train station).. The Efisiensi bus serves Cilacap, Purwokerto, Yogjakarta city, and Adisutjipto International Airport.

Fees and permits edit

There is no special permit to visit the tourist object in Karangsambung-Karangbolong. You just pay entry fee in each tourist spot.

Get around edit

Map of Karangsambung-Karangbolong

On Kebumen and Gombong town you can rent cars or motorcycles. It might be a good idea to book a rental car before you arrive in Kebumen because there are few cars.

See edit

  • 1 Geopark Karangsambung, Jl. Karangsambung, Karangsambung. The geopark monument.
  • 2 Geopark Watukelir, Gg. Pulasari II, Gentan, Seboro. Watu Kelir or Batu Rijang Merah is an icon of the Geopark Karangsambung-Karangbolong Kebumen, Central Java. Here there are rocks hundreds of millions of years old. Named Watu Kelir because it looks like the color in a puppet show, and can also mean barrier.
  • 3 Bukit Pentulu Indah Karangsambung, Jl. Karangsambung, Area Kebun Dan Hutan, Kaligending, Karangsambung. 06:00-18:00. Beautiful sight in hilly area.

Do edit

Beaches edit

  • 1 Karangbolong Beach (Pantai Karangbolong), Karangbolong, Buayan (take a minibus to Gombong, then change to Karangbolong), +62 822 2060-2742. Next to Suwuk beach. There is a small cave near the beach (hence the name: karang means coral, and bolong means hole). Similar to Suwuk beach, Karangbolong is surrounded by limestone hills. Rp3,000 adult, Rp2,000 child.
  • 2 Logending Beach (Ayah Beach), Ayah (take a minibus to Ayah from Gombong bus terminal), +62 853 8567-9445. 07:00-17:00. As well as the beach, there is also a mangrove forest. Boat rides available. Rp4,000 adult, Rp2,000 child.
  • 3 Menganti Beach (Pantai Menganti), Jl Pantai Menganti, Karangduwur, Ayah. A newly-developed destination in Kebumen. Not so many facilities but its natural beauty makes people call it the New Zealand of Kebumen.
  • 4 Lampon Beach (Pasir Beach), Jl Ayah-Karangbolong, Pasir, Ayah, +62 82135517009. A new vacation spot on five different beaches: Pasir, Lampon, Tanjung Karang Penganten, Gebyuran and Surmanis. There are several caves, a waterfall, and hills to camp on. Rp10,000.

Caves edit

Petruk Cave
  • 5 Petruk Cave (Goa Petruk), Ayah, +62 823 2200-3444. Still natural (not crowded). You must be accompanied by an official guide. There is no lighting so bring a flashlight. The return journey into the cave can take up to two hours. Your feet will get wet because there is water on the cave floor. Inside the cave, there are various stalagmites and a waterfall. Rp7,500 adult, Rp4,000 child.
  • 6 Jatijajar Cave (Goa Jatijajar), Ayah.

Other edit

  • 7 Sawangan Adventure, Karangduwur, Ayah. A nature park organised by the local community, consisting of a beach and waterfall. There is also rappelling and a flying fox.

Buy edit

Handicraft edit

  • Anyaman Pandan Kebumen, woven pandanus export quality.

Food souvenirs edit

  • Jipang kacang
  • Lanting, a snack made from cassava and spices.

Eat edit

Try local Javanese cuisines like nasi penggel and sate ambal. In the beach area, some seafood food stall is easy to be found.

  • 1 Seafood Bu Nanang, Jl. Ayah - Karangbolong, Logending, Ayah, +62 813 275 83000. 09:00-20:00. Shrimp, fish, crab, squid, and vegetables.

Drink edit

  • 1 D'karst coffee & dawet ganyong (D'benteng Cafe & Resto), Komplek Wisata Benteng Pendem, Jepang, Argopeni, Ayah, +62 823 222 31125. 09:00-21:00. Coffee and traditional drinks.

Sleep edit

  • 1 RedDoorz Goa Jatijajar, Jl. Jatijajar (near Jatijajar Cave).  

Stay safe edit

Be careful when playing water in the beach area because the waves of the Indian Ocean are heavy.

Go next edit

  • Cilacap on the south coast is a growing industrial city, with oil refinery, power station and cement factory. The adventurous can hop off to the south coast beaches of West Java by taking a boat through the Segara Anakan bay.
  • Purwokerto on the north west is a city with a lot of tourist destinations. It is the gateway to Slamet Mountain.
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