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Kiyosato Plateau (清里高原, Kiyosato Kōgen) is a highland in the northermost part of Yamanashi Prefecture, famous as a summer resort for its cool climate. Many beautiful mountains and tourist attractions are there.


Map of Kiyosato Plateau

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No one lived in Kiyosato until 1909. People who lived around the dam in Tokyo migrated to Kiyosato in 1938. When they started to pioneer the ground of Kiyosato, their life became more painful because Japan started a war. At that time, two people led them. The first person was Yasuike Okio. He refused the promotion to become the government official, used his fortune, and helped the reclaim of Kiyosato. The second person was Paul Rusch who came from Kentucky, the United States. He was a good leader and helped development. He was repatriated by American government during the war. But after the war, he returned to help people in Kiyosato. The vast ranch which he reclaimed is a tourist spot now. The name is Seisen dormitory.

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The local sightseeing association has a Japanese-only info site.

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Street in front of Kiyosato station

Use the Chuo Expressway from Tokyo interchange to Sudama IC, Nagasaka IC, Obuchizawa IC by a car (90 minutes).

Take the Koumi line from Obuchizawa station or Sakuho station to Kiyosato station.(The Koumi line stretches 78.9 km through the mountains with a total of 31 stations in Yamanashi.)

  • 1 Kiyosato station (清里駅). The highest point of Japan Railway tracks exists between Kiyosato station and Nobeyama station in Nagano prefecture.    

Get around

Kiyosato Highland Park
  • Kiyosato Highland Park (Sun Meadows), 8240-1, Nishiide, Ohizumi, Hokuto, Yamanashi, +81 551 48-4111. This highland does business during summer as a beautiful flower garden. It does business as a Kiyosato ski area, and a lot of skiers visit there during winter season.
  • Roadside Station Minami Kiyosato (道の駅南きよさと), 760, Nagasawa, Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi, +81 551-20-7224, fax: +81 551-20-7223. This place is service area. A fresh local vegetable can be bought, and it can enjoy oneself over the barbecue.
  • Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (清里フォトアートミュージアム), 3545-3519, Kiyosato, Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi, +81 551-48-3903. Apr-Nov 09:00-18:00; Dec-Mar 10:00-17:00. Formerly Kiyosato Museum Of Contemporary Art. Adult ¥800, reduced ¥400.
  • A Museum of Art, 2-1-1, Kiyosatonomori, Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi, +81 551-48-3733, fax: +81 551-48-3735, . 10:00~17:00. A Museum of Art was built by Tanaka Haruhiko in 1985. Tanaka Haruhiko also make some homemade jewelries. The jewelries are selled in the museum shop. Adult ¥800, student ¥500.
  • Moeginomura, 3545, Kiyosato, Takane, Hokuto, Yamanashi, +81 551 48-3522, fax: +81 551 48-3550. 10:00~17:00. This small village was made for sightseeing. There are many gift shops and a small merry-go-round. This place is surrounded by a forest, so you can enjoy relaxation there. And there are famous for music box pavilion. You can make your original music box there. Every season, this village is crowded. Free parking.


  • Nagasawa Carp-shaped streamer Festival. This annual festival is hold in South Yatsugatake Hananomori Park on April. Over 400 carp-shaped streamers swim above wide rice field. Everyone is surprised by the sight. You can enjoy catching carps with your hand free in the festival. The park has a parking area. (Decorating carp-shaped streamers is Japanese traditional culture. The event is hold on Children's Day. Children's Day is a Japanese national holiday.)
  • Kiyosato Hill Park (清里丘の公園 Oka no koen), 3545-5, Kiyosato, Takane, Hokuto, Yamanashi, +81 551-48-4811. This park is special playground. You can play golf and tennis, swim in an indoor swimming pool, barbecue, camp. Moreover there are a wonderful ranch and a small park for your dog and a comfortable open-air bath called Hot spring of Celestial nymph.
  • Yatsugatake Kiyosato Ham Studio, 3545, Kiyosato, Takane, Kitakyoma, Yamanashi. 09:00~17:00. This ham store is very popular. Especially their in-house made Vienna sausage is well-known and very popular. You can eat pizza baked in a stone oven.


  • Yatsugatake beer Touchdown. This beer called Touchdown has 5 types. Dunkel and Premium Rock Bock are two type of Touchdown. These beer won by Japan Alcoholic Drink Competition Beer Section.


Seisen dormitory
  • Auberge Kiyosato (オーベルジュ清里), Cote de Vert, Bokujo street, Kiyosato, Takane, Hokuto, Yamanashi, +81 551-48-3405, fax: +81 551-48-3407, . Auberge is small clean hotel. You can experience a farmstay and making an own homemade jam and horse riding. Auberge has an independent farm.
  • Seisen dormitory, 3545, Kiyosato, Takane, Hokuto, Yamanashi (Use the center expressway from Shinjuku interchange to Sudama I.C by a car.(120 minutes)), +81 12088 2099, fax: +81 551 48 2099, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. This large dormitory was made by Paul Rusch, American. There are many accommodations, many shops, many restaurants and a lot of attractive foundations.You cannot enjoy everything in a day.
  • Kiyosato Kogen Highland Hotel, 3556, Kiyosato, Takane, Hokuto, Yamanashi, +81 551-48-3255, fax: +81 551-48-3040, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. Kiyosato Kogen Highland Hotel was registered by the government. The interior decoration is classical.

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