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Ko Chang (เกาะช้าง) is an island in Trat Province, Eastern Thailand. It is the third biggest island in Thailand (after Phuket and Ko Samui)

Understand edit

White Sand Beach on Ko Chang

Ko Chang is the biggest island in eastern Thailand. With about 5,000 permanent residents the island is not heavily populated, but there is a lot of tourism (and development).

The island is approximately 30 km long by 14 km wide, 213 km2. It is part of Mu Ko Chang National Park, which covers an area of 650 km2, of which 70 percent is offshore.

It is a mountainous island, with Khao Salak Phet being the highest peak at 744 metres. The island is known for its waterfalls, coral reefs, and rainforest.

Ko Chang is one of Thailand's most beautiful islands with long white sandy beaches, most half-deserted. The island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer, and a number of non-native elephants. The island and its vicinity are great places for snorkelling, diving, and jungle hiking. The "discovery" of the island as a tourist destination around the year 2000 brought on development.

History edit

Prior to World War II, Ko Chang was a little-known backwater. During this period, the few families there made a living growing coconuts and fruit on the mainland. In January 1941, during the Japanese occupation, the Thai Navy fought the French in a battle in the waters to the southeast of Ko Chang.

Ko Chang remained quiet until the first backpacker foreigners started arriving on the back of local fishing boats in the mid-1970s. In 1982, Ko Chang along with surrounding area became part of the protected Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park. Ko Chang is a major tourist destination for both foreign and local tourists.

This sudden tourism boom however, has been fraught with controversy concerning land encroachment. The government is trying to transform it from a backpackers' paradise to a high-end destination. Construction is happening everywhere, with basic huts torn down to make way for fancy resorts.

Geography edit

Ko Chang is the largest island in the Ko Chang Archipelago. The name means 'Elephant Island', named for the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island.

Ko Chang has an area of approximately 429 km². The topography contains high mountains and complex stone cliffs. The highest peak is Khao Salak Phet which is 744 m high, rich in fertile evergreen forest which is the main water source. There are many waterfalls, beaches and splendid reefs in the west of the island.

Most accommodation is on the west side of the island, where the sandy beaches are. On the east side there are no sandy beaches and it is far less touristy. There are some nice waterfalls though.

Seventy percent of the island is rain forest, steep hills, cliffs, waterfalls, and wildlife, fine beaches, coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. The island also has tall mountains and rock cliffs.

Climate edit

Ko Chang
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Ko Chang has the same seasons as Bangkok. The best season to go is the (comparatively) cool season between Nov-Feb. Mar-May are roasting hot and between Jun-Oct it rains, and a lot at that: 4,000 mm in an average year. Many guesthouses close during this season, so accommodation is limited. If you don't mind the rain, traveling during the rainy season can be enjoyable nevertheless, and prices for accommodation are low.

Get in edit

By plane edit

Bangkok Airways flies three times a day from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Trat Airport. The flights depart at 08:30, 12:40 and 16:50, and takes 1 hour. Fares are between 1,800-3,300 baht.

Direct door-to-door minibus transfers from Trat airport to Ko Chang resorts cost 500 baht/person one way and 900 baht/person return including the ferry crossing.

From Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, take the free express shuttle bus from outside the arrivals concourse to the airport's own bus terminal, and from there the next available bus to either Trat or Chanthaburi, then proceed as described below.

While flying might sound better then the 5-hour trip in the government bus, keep in mind that with travel to BKK Airport, checkin, waiting, etc., there is only a minimal time save. Transport from Trat Airport to the island by minibus costs more than the whole bus trip from Bangkok would cost, and you still have to depend on dangerous minibus drivers for the most dangerous part of the road.

By road edit

From Bangkok edit

  • From Bangkok's Eastern Terminal (Ekamai) 1st class Government Bus 999 offers the most economical way to Laem Ngop, where the Ko Chang ferry piers are. It costs 268 baht, takes just over 5 hr and goes via Suvarnabhumi Airport and Chanthaburi, where you can alternatively get on/off (subject to seat availability). Departures from Ekamai are at 07:45, from Laem Ngop at 14:30 (May 2023). The bus is staffed with someone to hand out drinks and snacks, has an acceptable driving style and an on board toilet.
  • From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport the Lonely Beach Express shared minibuses go non-stop to Ko Chang's Lonely Beach (at least 600 baht one way or 800 baht return). Departures from BKK are at 09:30, 11:00, and 14:00 and from Lonely Beach at 07:00, 09:00, 17:00, and 19:00. If booked through guesthouses, the minibuses collect passengers along the route on Ko Chang's west coast.
  • From Bangkok's Khao San area the large, nice air-con VIP Bus by Travelsmart conveniently goes to the Ko Chang's Centrepoint ferry terminal. It takes 4-5 hours and is bookable for 300 baht from most travel agents near Khao San. Departure is scheduled for 08:00, but times can vary.
  • Direct minibuses leave from Bangkok's Khao San Road and Victory Monument (in front of Payathai Hospital) for Laem Ngop.
  • Many taxis from Bangkok city may decline the trip as the risk of empty return is too high for them. However, airport taxis will usually deliver you to the island in 5–5½ hours, especially if they can make it back to the mainland before the last ferry sails.
  • Taxi company: Koh Chang Private Transfers, . Has been arranging private and shared transfers for visitors to Koh Chang since 2004.
  • A non-direct alternative are buses via Trat. Many 1st class (5-6 hr, around 250 baht) and 2nd class services from both the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) and Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit, though not as frequently) in Bangkok go to Trat (timetables). From there, frequent songthaews bring you to Laem Ngop (approximately 30 min, 50 baht per person).

If you are in Southern Bangkok, take the 511 air-con bus from Bangkok's Southern (Sai Tai Mai) to the Eastern (Ekamai) bus terminal.

From the west (Pattaya) edit

  • From Pattaya 2nd class bus connections are also via Trat (to Trat: 4 hr, 200 baht).
  • From Pattaya and Ban Phe, the gateway to Ko Samet, direct minibuses go to Laem Ngop.

From the south edit

  • From the Hat Lek/Koh Kong border crossing minibuses should go every 45 min to Trat (they leave when full). Price is 140 baht (March 2023) from the border to Trat bus station; it takes around 90 min.

It may also be possible (depending on the time of year, time of day - inquire locally) at the border to catch a direct minibus or songthaew to Laem Ngop. They, however, are less comfortable and spacious than public buses, and you may be charged significantly more by travel agencies selling tickets to these, as often with any tourist-oriented transportation in Thailand.

By boat edit

The harbour at Bang Bao, on the southern side of the island

Most ferries operate from Laem Ngop, which has three piers: the Laem Ngop (Tha Khrom Luang or Tha Laern Ngop) pier is approximately 700 m west of Laem Ngop; the Centrepoint (Tha Centre Point) pier is about 3.5 km northwest of Laem Ngop. These piers serve both vehicle and passenger ferries; the Ko Chang vehicle ferry pier is in Thammachat Bay (Ao Thammachat), around 15 km west of Laem Ngop.

All piers on Ko Chang are on the east side of the island. The major piers are the two Dan Kao piers, Tha Dan Kao and Tha Ferry Dan Kao, which handle most of the traffic.

Boarding the ferry to Ko Chang

To take a boat from Laem Ngop to the Dan Kao piers takes around 45 minutes. The car ferry from Laem Ngop takes around 1 hr and arrives at the Tha Ferry Dan Kao pier, 400 m southeast of the Tha Dan Kao pier. The car ferry from Thammachat Bay stops at the Ko Chang Ferry Pier (Tha Ferry Ko Chang) in Sapparot Bay (Ao Sapparot), 3 km northwest of the Dan Kao piers.

Light meals, fruit and drinks are available at the piers and on the car ferries.

There are two operators who provide daily bus services from Ko Kut to Ko Chang. One is based in Bang Bao, the other on Kai Bae Beach. Rates are the same but departures times can vary, so make sure to book ahead.

  • Ferry timetables - Up to date ferry timetables for services between the mainland and Koh Chang.

Get around edit

Ko Chang's West Coast

The only form of public transportation on Ko Chang is the songtaew. There are about 90 licenced songtaews whose drivers form a co-op. They have a rostering system that ensures equal access to the pier so all drivers receive a fair share of the lucrative fares from piers to accommodation. This means that shorter fares along the west coast are more expensive per kilometre than fares from the pier. Official prices are listed here.

In the daytime, you can catch a songthaew on its route around the main road for 50-200 baht/person (Nov 2022), depending on distance. The rates are generally much higher than in other places, but the vehicles are almost new and in excellent condition. Starting from 17:00, many of them start to ask "taxi" price, telling you that they operate as a public transport only until that time, and may quote prices as high as say 500 baht from Lonely Beach to the Dan Kao pier. However, if you have some time and patience, you still can try and have a "shared" ride with some drivers, maybe for a higher rate if they expect little or no other passengers. There is no service between 01:00 and 07:00.

These taxis are also waiting at the Dan Kao Pier (50 baht/person to White Sand Beach, 100 baht to Lonely Beach). At the Dan Kao Ferry Pier there may be no taxis available. If you arrive without a vehicle you may have to walk the 400 m to Dan Kao Pier.

Most hotels can also organise a rental car for you. A four wheel drive is not needed for most places, but could be a good idea in the rainy season on some of the roads, especially near Lonely Beach.

If there are 2 or more people going with you, hiring a songthaew may cost the same price, or even be cheaper than paying per each person in a "shared" songthaew (there is no difference, an empty songthaew can easily be hired). Just do not forget to bargain if their price sounds quite silly when compared, say, to Bangkok taxi-meter (on Ko Chang, it can be difficult if not impossible to get the same price, but you should not have to pay double). Most folks however, just stay put on the beach of their choice and walk to wherever they want to go.

Hitching on Ko Chang is also an alternative if you choose not to pay the often exorbitant fees of the songthaew. Many islanders are more than willing to pick up a hitchhiker who happens to be going the same way they are. A Coke or cold bottle of green tea for the driver are always appreciated at the end of your journey.

Motorbike rental edit

Motorbikes are a fantastic way to explore the island. Small motorcycles can be hired for 150-250 baht per day. The main road is sealed and almost circles the island and there are plans to complete the circuit in the near future. The eastern road leading all the way to the War Memorial, at the island's southeasternmost point, is worth a trip.

Riding a motorbike is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. Most visitors manage on level roads, during the daytime and during good weather conditions. Darkness and rain, together with poor skills, steep hills and questionable maintenance can be fatal. Statistics vary, but numbers of arround one death / day during high season are not unheard of. Think twice if you have to travel at night, and when it rains during the night, avoid the steep hills in the north and the southwest. The east coast has far less traffic, but that doesn't mean it's safer.

When renting a bike, check tires, brakes, lights and mirrors. Engine must stop when extending the side stand. Reputable shops will fix and issues while you wait. Even better, good rental shops only display bikes that are in top condition. There are a lot of rental shops which take this serious, so pick one of them. Don't compromise on safety. Bring your own helmet if you have one. Every rental place provides helmets, but these provide limited protection.

Anti-lock braking (ABS) is getting more and more common with mid-range bikes. If you can, get a bike with ABS. The ABS indicator light will be lit after start and will turn off when starting driving. If not, something is off.

Use maximum caution when riding. Don't get complacent, even if you are used to driving bigger bikes in your home country. There might be surprises at any time, from any direction. As you are not wearing any protective clothing, going over 30 km/h might not be a good idea. Don't match the speed of the locals. The first rain after a dry period is the most dangerous time. Avoid the roads until the slippery stuff has washed of. The sharp curve right after Siam Bay resort (painted red) should be completely avoided in this case.

Even new roads, like this one near Long Beach, are potentially hazardous on a scooter

See edit

  • 1 Wat Salak Phet. The village temple of Ban Salak Phet, built in the reign of King Rama V on his visit to the island. The original temple is now used as a museum commemorating the king's visits to the area. A new temple was completed nearby in 2014.  
  • 2 Wat Khlong Phrao.  
  • Bays include Ao Salak Phet, the largest on the island, and Ao Bai Lan (อ่าวใบลาน).
  • Mu Ko Chang National Park. National Marine Park including parts of Ko Chang and 46 other islands.
  • 3 War Memorial Monument (At the island's southeastern tip.). A renovation is underway at the memorial site, with a huge building being constructed (Jan 2018).

Beaches edit

Country road in the southeast
Tourists with elephants on Kai Bae beach

Backpackers will opt to head a couple of kilometres south of Kai Bae Beach to Lonely Beach, which is known for cheap accommodation and almost nightly parties in high season. A quieter alternative is Klong Kloi Beach on the south coast of Ko Chang. This was deserted until 2006 but is now home to a community of beach bars, restaurants, and accommodation.

  • 4 Kai Bae Beach (หาดไก่แบ้).
  • 5 Khlong Prao-Laem Chaiyachet Beach (หาดคลองพร้าว-แหลมไชยเชษฐ์) (Enter the Public Beach Access opposite Mother Earth Garden or next to Nong Bua Seafood, Chaichet).
  • 6 Lonely Beach (Hat Tha Nam, Ao Bai Lan).
  • 7 White Sand Beach. By far the busiest as it is the first beach visitors reach when they arrive on the island.

Waterfalls edit

The hilly nature of the island provides it with a number of popular waterfalls. Waterfalls on the east side of the island include Khlong Nonsi, Khlong Nueng, Khiri Phet which is about three kilometres from Salak Phet village, the five waterfalls of Khlong Koi near Bang Bao, and the Than Mayom waterfall near Than Mayom pier.

  • Khiri Petch (About 3 km from Salak Petch village). Medium sized waterfall.
  • 8 Klong Nonsi. Waterfall on the east side of the island. Reachable by foot from the Klong Plu waterfall, 6 km.
  • Klong Nueng. Said to be the most breathtaking waterfall.
  • 9 Klong Plu (น้ำตกคลองพลู) (The only one on the west side of the island, and has an entrance three Km from Ao Khlong Phrao.). The most popular waterfall, and the only one on the west side of the island.
  • Kongoi (Near Bang Bao). Five waterfalls.
  • Thanmayom (Near Thanmayom Pier).

Do edit

Kayaking Ko Chang
  • Dive Adventure. Five star PADI IDC diving school offers scuba diving, PADI courses and snorkelling trips into Ko Chang National Marine Park.
  • Eco-Divers Koh Chang (Bookings at White Sand Beach (near Kacha Hotel), Kaibae (in front Kaibae Resort, on the main street; main office is in front of the 7-Eleven at the entrance to Klong Prao), +66 39 557296. 09:00-20:00. Snorkelling trips.
  • Tree Top Adventure Park, +66 84 3107600. Daily, 09:00-17:00. Rope and harness tree climbing. Fun activities and amazing views from the top of the trees. Half-day program, 950 baht.
  • Hike with a park ranger from the Than Mayom Waterfall to the Klong Plu Waterfall. The cross island trek takes 8–10 hours and costs 500 baht per person.
  • Trek in the jungle with Tan, +66 89 6452019, +66 89 8322531, who has been taking guided treks for over 10 years and speaks very good English.
  • Learn Thai cooking in one of the three Thai cooking schools around Klong Prao: Kati Culinary, Ko Chang Thai Cooking, Blue Lagoon.
  • Guided sea kayaking trips. S.E.A. Kayaking is run by a qualified British guide. They use imported sea kayaks and equipment. They offer single day expeditions off the west coast and multi-day expeditions in the southern islands.
  • Meet retired Ko Chang elephants at the north end of White Sand Beach.

Buy edit

  • Books Thailand (Pearl Beach, next to the main post office), +66 81 9198219. Has a good selection of second-hand books in many languages.
  • Madoosika, Bang Bao Plaza. Latest fashions. Chic, BOHO, gypsy, hippie, maxi dress, party and sun dresses.

Eat edit

Menus are similar to the rest of Thailand, but the high island prices are due not so much to higher transportation costs, but because of high demand. There are many restaurants on any given beach open both daytime and evening with a strong concentration of tourist venues on White Sand Beach.

The beaches of Ko Chang are all dotted with restaurants dishing up some delicious seafood as well as offering romantic evening views.

Sunsets can be watched in style from the terrace at the Top Resort on south White Sand Beach from the vantage of a cliff top. Bring an appetite and your camera, no reservations needed.

White Sand Beach

  • Apple (แอปเปิ้ล บังกะโล), 7/4 Moo 4, +66 39 551228. Su-F 08:00-24:00; Sa 08:00-01:00. Probably the cheapest restaurant/bar along White Sand Beach. It has a good location in the middle of the beach. Don't expect anything special, just the usual Thai and Italian dishes common at tourist spots. Upstairs there is a small hut where you can chill out with a beer on pillows. Closing times are early, but if you order before closing time you can keep sitting there as long as you want. They also have 21 small wooden bungalows available for 800-4,000 baht/night.
  • 1 Nong Bua Seafood (White Sand Beach), +66623260306. 09:30-21:30. If you pass by, you might wonder why this place is busy every night. A family-owned restaurant open for more than 30 years. Thai, Chinese, Western food, and especially fresh seafood.
  • Rock Sand Restaurant (N White Sand Beach. Turn right on the beach by the 7-Eleven). 07:00-22:00. Thai and Western food. Speciality: Taste of Thailand and finger licking good.

Bang Bao

  • Ido Ido Restaurant and chill out bar (Past Bang Bao on the way to Klong Koi Beach). Homemade Thai and Western food. Breakfast.

Drink edit

Chang beer is common, as is the slightly more expensive Tiger beer. Try Ko Chang's own fruit wine which comes in a variety of flavours including mangosteen and pineapple. Prices start at 200 baht in shops. There are some quiet beach bars dotted around White Sand Beach with amazing sunset views.

  • Jungle Queen Live Music Bar (Next to Alina Grande). The house band plays from around 20:00-24:00, and plays music from Rihanna to AC/DC. People come from all over the island for the live music hour, so be sure to stop by when they are on. They also have free pool, and the place doesn't close until 05:00, so it's a good place to take the party after the nightclub and the other bars start closing. Service is good, and the staff are friendly and efficient.

Lonely Beach's nightlife and bar scene is gaining a reputation among the backpacker community. It is the place to be for "full moon" imitations, bucket parties, and dance till you pass out disco bars. The rubbish left over from the parties are barely cleaned up, so the next day you can see exactly where the party took place from the main road. The party location generally rotates among several different bars depending on the day of the week, and is usually heavily advertised which bar is "the spot" for each night.

  • Cafe del Sunshine (Lonely Beach. Walk towards sunset, on your left), +66 85 6773993. 07:00-24:00. Thai food and a great selection of Western brunch and lunch dishes. Set in a nicely designed and relaxing building. 50-100 baht.
  • Rock Sand Resort (White Sand Beach). Right by the sea with a terrace over the sea to sit and watch the Ko Chang sunsets. Special: Taste of Thailand. Just above and behind the restaurant Rock Sand has rooms for backpackers and flashpackers.
  • Siam Hut. Hosts a large dance party every Friday night in their large outdoor deck on the beach. Happy hour specials on Friday until 23:00

If you are looking for the Pattaya style red-light experience, Koh Chang might not be the place. Kai Bae Walking street has some beer bars available, and some are dotted along the main road on the west coast. There is also a beer bar hub at white sand beach near the Babylon club.

Sleep edit

Typical resort

Hat Sai Khao (White Sand Beach) edit

Most hotels are on the west side of the island, with many resorts and guest houses all along the road that leads down the coast. Generally speaking, prices drop off the further away from the port you get. Supply far out-strips demand, so finding a place to stay should never be hard, though the best or cheapest places may fill up at weekends.

  • Alina Grande Hotel & Resort, หมู่ที่ 4, 9/10 (At the S end of White Sand Beach), +66 39 551 348, . Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 12:00. In the heart of White Sand Beach, it is the perfect place to stay for families with children. 800-2,200 baht.
  • Chang Cliff Resort, 16/14 Moo 4, +66 39 551 616. 1,600-9,000 baht.
  • KC Grande Resort & Spa, 1, Haad Sai Khao, +66 39 552 111. Bungalow village with restaurant. Five night stay minimum. 13,750-25,550 baht.
  • Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa, White Sand Beach 88 (In the centre of the beach), +66 2 621 5501. Fantastic beach side swimming pool, beach-front bungalow-villas, pool-side deluxe villas, deluxe hotel rooms, and many rows of bungalow in tropical-style garden. The best place for families. Good value for money, friendly staff, delicious food. 4,000-5,600 baht.
  • S.P. Place, 7/9 หมู่ที่ 4 (On the N side of the beach, across from 15 Palms), +66 92 545 8595. Check-out: 12:00. It appears to be family-owned, but the family isn't very friendly although the cleaning staff are. Wi-Fi is not free. Rooms are clean, TV/balcony/air-con/private bath. 550 baht, though possible to negotiate down to 500 baht for an air-con room. There's also a 500 baht key deposit.
  • Top Resort, 24/45 (At the S end of White Sand Beach), +66 39 551 364. Guests can head to their own beach if they get the expensive 4,000 baht rooms and villas. Flagship are the sea view villas. Friendly staff, German and Thai food (and beer). Reasonable for families and single travellers. 790-4,990 baht.
  • White Sand Beach Resort, 1/1 Moo 3, White Sand Beach ( Had Sai Khao), +66 86 310 5553. 1,330-4,500 baht.

Klong Son Bay edit

Klong Prao Beach edit

  • 2 Aana Resort and Spa (Near Klong Prao Beach), +66 39 551137-8. Upscale retreat. Some rooms have outdoor plunge pools and amazing views. Two gorgeous swimming pools, restaurant, two bars and a lovely (yet pricey) spa. The resort is 100 m up the river that spills out into the bay and Klong Prao Beach. Free kayaks are available for use. Excellent service. 5,000-13,000 baht.
  • 3 The Emerald Cove Koh Chang, +66 39 552 000, fax: +66 39 552001. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. A tropical getaway offering a dive centre, a 50 m lap pool and 5 restaurants. 3,000-5,000 baht.
  • 5 Big Elk Steak House, 38/5 Moo 4 (300 m from Klong Prao Beach), +66 819284094, +66 39557023, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. Bungalows and holiday houses in a nice garden with a clean swimming pool in the middle. Not getting too much noise from the road, but the nearby rooftop club can be heard quite often in the nights. The owner, Bank, is very nice and helpful, and takes good care of the place, everything is clean and neat. Wi-Fi reaches probably all bungalows. Cheapest huts for 300 baht (mattress only, shared bathroom), a bit nicer ones for 400 baht, air con for 400-500 baht, bigger family ones (for four people) 1400 baht. Five to ten minutes walk to the beach through the Blue Lagun. 350-1,500 baht.
  • 6 Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort, 26/3 Moo 4, +66 39 557 122. Large resort with 157 rooms in small cottages. Near the beach. Several pools, restaurants and bars. Free Wi-Fi in public areas. Kids Club, babysitting. Most rooms can accommodate 3-4 people. 5,000-10,000 baht.
  • 7 Mother Earth Garden, kitchen and homestay, 19/1 Moo 4, Baan Klong Prao, +66 87 791 6182, . Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 12:00. Founded 1990 by the travelers and nature lovers Nujaree and Manni Frohloff. It's located up a hill with a sea view, between jungle and sea. The entrance is just opposite the public beach access. Reservations by email, or Skype mann.frohloff. The rooms for rent are the Upper Room in the Base House, Children's House, Nujaree's Tower, Treehouse, and Kent's House. 45 baht entry for geo cacheing, 660 baht room/ night, 10000 baht room/month, for volunteers special discount.

Kai Bae Beach edit

Hat Tha Nam (Lonely Beach) edit

Following a great deal of development, the name "Lonely Beach" has become something of a misnomer. Lonely Beach is the party capital of the island and each guesthouse on Lonely Beach takes it in turns to hold "party night," during which the partying and attendant thumping music goes on until about 05:00 and all the revellers on the island come to your guesthouse. If you want to sleep then Lonely Beach is not the place for you. Most guesthouses giving "Lonely Beach" as an address are not located along the actual beach, but about 500 m down the road. From the village access to the sea is not possible as the coast is rocky.

  • Bhumiyama Beach Resort (ภูมิยามะ บีช รีสอร์ท), 99/1 Moo 1 (Next to Nature Resort), +66 81 8604623. Offers beautiful sea view bungalows and hotel rooms. 3,000 baht.
  • Joy Cottage, 4/95 main road (On the main road by the bridge), +66 92 953 8227. Great backpacker place. Listen to live music, enjoy great food and chill out. Nice little huts, that come with mosquito net, attached shower and toilet and free Wi-Fi, though signal is very weak in huts but works well in restaurant. 400 baht.
  • Kachapura Resort, 4/20 Moo 1, Koh Chang Tai, +66 81 945 6795. Well-appointed concrete bungalows spread around a serene tropical garden layout in Hat Tha Nam's "town" strip. It's a trek through the garden to get to the beach, which is anyway rather rocky, so better to walk 5-10 min down the road to the beach and bar at Siam Huts. Some noise from nearby bars at night in the bungalows near the road. 500-700 baht.
  • Little Eden Bungalows, 4/47 Moo 1, +66 84 867 7459. Small bungalow resort, up the hill away from the bustling village. Comfortable bungalows individually placed, 12 with fans 2 with air-con, 1 twin double room, hot showers, mosquito net, toiletries and free Wi-Fi. Restaurant has Thai and international (slow) food. Every bungalow has a hammock and a gallery in the bath.
  • 11 Oasis Koh Chang (Koh Chang Bungalows), 4/28 Moo 1 Lonely Beach (Lonely Beach Soi 3, opposite the pharmacy), +66 81 7212547, . On a hillside with sunset views from the restaurant deck, where you can enjoy home-style Thai dishes, sandwiches or Western favourites. The wooden huts come with fan and mosquito net, attached open-air bath with shower. Free Wi-Fi. 350 baht.
  • Paradise Cottages, 104/1 Moo.1 (At the end of Lonely Beach), +66 81 773 9337. Check-out: 12:00. Very nice, large and clean waterfront concrete cottages. There is a rocky waterfront, an amazing bar, and lounging areas with very friendly staff and outstanding food. Free Wi-Fi. 700 baht, 1,000 baht for waterfront. Off-season prices (as of 2014): 350 (wooden, smells stuffy, fan only, cold shower), 500 (fan only, warm shower) and 700 (waterfront, air conditioning).
  • Sea Flower Resort (Follow signs to Sun Flower), +66 82 213 1100. Great price range (between 500 baht for 1-2 person bungalow with fan and private bathroom, and 1,000 baht for sea front bungalow with air-con, cable TV, private bath. All bungalows are clean, and the grounds are very well taken care of on a daily basis by maintenance staff. Nice lounging area on a patch of lawn right next to the water, and only a 5-10 minute walk along the water's edge to Lonely Beach. Very quiet at night considering how incredibly close to all the action. Free Wi-Fi. 500 to 1,000 baht in high season.
  • Siam Beach Resort Koh Chang, 100/1 Moo 4 (On the beach), +66 89 161 6664. Formerly a backpacker place, converted into a resort with large swimming pool. Sea view and deluxe pool view hotel rooms, all with a sea view, cable TV, refrigerator, hot water, comfortable beds and breakfast for two. 1,500 baht.
  • Siam Hut, 100/1 4, Soi Sao, +66 86 609 7772. On the beach, offering a quiet atmosphere (unless they are hosting a beach party, in which case don't expect to sleep before 02:00), friendly staff and delicious food. Options are cheaper spartan waterfront bungalows or slightly more expensive air conditioned bungalows. 400-680 baht.
  • The Sunflower Bungalows, 4/1 Moo 1 (Follow the signs), +66 98 252 2243. Nice bungalows with well-priced Western and Thai restaurant with nightly movie screenings, free Wi-Fi and reclining cushions. 300-500 baht.

Bailan Beach edit

Most of this beach is rocky, only the southern end—which is dominated by the resort, not really welcoming non-residents—is sandy.

  • Koh Chang Bailan Beach Resort (อ่าวใบลาน บีช รีสอร์ท), 37 Moo1, Yothathikan Trat Ban Map Khangkhao-ban Bang Bao Rd (Laem Bai Lan), +66 39 619 505. 150-200 baht.
  • Bai Lan Hut Resort, 21/118-19 Moo.4 Klong Prao Beach, +66 80 099 5112. Each of the 22 bungalows has a computer, free Wi-Fi, hot shower, fan. Air-conditioned rooms available. The bungalows are right by the sea with sunset views. 500-1,500 baht.
  • Elephant Bay Resort (formerly: Gu Bay), 6/17 Moo 1, Bailan Bay Tambon Ampher, +66 98 836 3693. Bungalows and swimming pool with view to the sea, just 5 m from the water. low season: 450-1000 baht, high season 650-1150 baht.
  • Koh Chang Bailan Bay Resort (first resort S of Lonely Beach, about halfway up a steep rise in the road), +66 39 558 077. Spacious, en suite bath, well-designed bungalows built into the hillside, going all the way down to the beach. Fan and air-conditioned rooms available. Friendly staff. Reception and restaurant are open from 08:00-22:00. 350-1,000 baht.
  • Whitehouse Bailan Resort (ไวท์เฮ้าส์ ใบลาน รีสอร์ท), No. 105/5 Moo 1, +66 89 092 2322. Cosy white cottages, swimming pool, air-con, hot showers, free Wi-Fi. They have 15 standard rooms and 18 cottages. 800-1,500 baht.

Bang Bao Bay edit

Bang Bao

Bang Bao is on the south side of the island. It's little more than a long stretch of wooden deck that takes 5 minutes to walk down, with dive shops, seafood restaurants, local houses and accommodation.

  • Alysia Spring Resort Bang Bao. 27 rooms with air conditioning, hot water, fridge, cable TV, safe and balcony. Internet. 1 km to beach, free shuttle service. English and German-speaking staff. 800 baht.
  • 12 Tranquility Bay Residence, 119, Moo 1, Koh Chang Tai (200 m after Bang Bao Temple), +66 39 558 200. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Two bedroom self catering sea view apartment, 120 m², 180° sea view, 30 m swimming pool, kids' pool, 300 m private pier.
  • 13 Coconut Garden Koh Chang, 87/3 Moo 1, Bang Bao (from ferry, follow signs to Mercure Hideaway, 2 km past Mercure), +66 80 378 5582, . Ko Chang's largest backpacking resort on Ko Chang. Has private bungalows and female/mixed dorms, providing quality accommodation at a great price, Also on site is a bar/restaurant/communal area showing all sports and pool table, dart board.

Connect edit

Internet edit

Koh Chang has excellent internet connectivity; optical fiber is available even in the most remote parts. Almost every hotel, restaurant, massage place etc. offers free Wi-Fi. The 4G network is also very good and reliable.

Most internet problems are the result of power outages or the Wi-Fi access point being too far away from your room, not with the uplink itself. If you let the hotel staff know, they will move you to a room with better reception if available, just ask.

During heavy rain and storms, fiber cables can be damaged, but are usually fixed the next day.

There is one coworking place on Koh Chang (closed as of Dec 2022), but remote workers should be fine relying on a combination of Wi-Fi and 4G.

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Boats at the Bang Bao pier

Two types of boat leave from Bang Bao: slow wooden boats, and speedboats. The slow boats make one departure per day: at 09:00 each morning. The speedboats depart at 09:30 and 12:00 daily.

Boats from Bang Bao
Destination Boat Duration Price
Ko Wai Slow 1 hr 300 baht
Ko Wai Speed 30 min 300 baht
Ko Mak Slow 2 hr 400 baht
Ko Mak Speed 1 hr 600B
Ko Kut Slow 3 hr 700 baht
Ko Kut Speed 2 hr 900 baht

Kai Bae Hut (on Kai Bae Beach) operates one speedboat per day in each direction to the following islands:

Kai Bae Hut speedboats
Island Duration Price
Ko Wai 30 min 400 baht
Ko Mak 1 hr 600 baht
Ko Kham 1 hr 600 baht
Ko Rayang 1 hr 600 baht
Ko Kut 2 hr 900 baht

These speedboats only operate during the high season: 1 November to 30 April.

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