Kos (Greek: Κως, also spelt Cos) is a popular tourist destination in the Greek islands of the Dodecanese, located in the south-eastern part of the Aegean Sea, near the Turkish coast.

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The island of Kos is part of the Dodecanese. It is the third largest of this group of islands and the second most popular and touristy island after Rhodes. It is located between Kalymnos and Nysiros. It is very well organised and has everything in terms of tourism infrastructure.

The island is part of a chain of mountains from which it became separated after earthquakes and subsidence that occurred in ancient times. These mountains include Kalymnos and Kappari which are separated by an underwater chasm c. 70 m (40 fathoms deep), as well as the volcano of Nisyros and the surrounding islands.

There is a wide variety of rocks in Kos which is related to its geographical formation. Prominent among these are the Quaternary layers in which the fossil remains of mammals such as horses, hippopotami and elephants have been found. The fossilised molar of an elephant of gigantic proportions was presented to the Paleontology Museum of the University of Athens.

The shores of Kos Island are washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea. Its coastline is 112 km long and is caressed by long immaculate beaches, leading to its main industry being tourism. Farming is the principal occupation of many of the island's inhabitants, with their main crops being grapes, almonds, figs, olives, and tomatoes, along with wheat and corn. Cos lettuce may be grown here, but the name is unrelated.

The main villages of Kos island are Kos Town, Kardamena, Kefalos, Tingaki, Antimachia, Mastihari, Marmari and Pyli. Smaller ones are Zia, Zipari, Platani, Lagoudi and Asfendiou.

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Daily ferry services [1] from Athens (Piraeus port), Rhodos, Patmos and Leros. From Kalymnos several times daily. From Santorini about 4 times weekly. From Syros twice weekly.

Tilos Travel sails from Bodrum twice a day year-round. It's a 25 min trip costing €23 in 2023, in a small cat for foot passengers only. A day-trip either way is easily possible.

Sky Marine sails from Bodrum twice a day May-Oct in a small cat. It's half the price of Tilos, the catch is that the landing point in Bodrum is not the marina but the cruise terminal several km south.

The car ferry from Bodrum isn't sailing in 2023.

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It is a fairly small island, and there is every now and then a public bus going to every part of the island. From the airport, there is a public bus going to Kos town via Mastichari and to Kefalos. The timetable is available on the KOS KTEL website[dead link].

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Depending on the season, there are many passenger ferries leaving for various neighboring islands. The main ferry to Kalymnos leaves from Mastichari approximately every two hours. In high season, there are also daily ferries to Nisyros leaving from Kardamena. Or you can reach from Bodrum, Turkey to Kos, Greece with ferry: Bodrum Kos Ferry

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There is plenty of taxis on the island. From the airport they will charge at least €15, even if you just go the Mastichari, which is only 5 minutes away.

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Scooters, ATVs and cars can be hired from many places. If you hire a scooter for several days, rent can be as low as €14 a day. You may check the prices and offers, by visiting https://www.kosmotogp.com . Roads are mostly asphalted and in a good condition. Reaching Kefalos from the town of Kos takes approx. 40 minutes by car.

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    The tree of Hippocrates
    Ancient Agora.
  • Roman Odeon.
  • House of Europa.
  • Casa Romana.
  • Archaeological Museum (in the center of Kos Town). Constructed in the Italian style in 1936 and renovated in 2016. It contains the spectacular statues discovered at the site of Roman Odeion, including a statue of ancient physician Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine. The first floor also contains a famous mosaic discovered at the "Casa Romana" on this island, and also a well-preserved statue of Hygieia, a daughter of Asclepius, the deified Greek physician who lived before the War of Troy and who was revered in the 5th century BC as the God of Medicine. Hygeia (or Hygieia) gave to us the English word "hygiene" and her sister Panacea (meaning "a cure-all remedy") was considered in the Greek antiquity as a medical helper who was knowledgeable on healing via plants (phytotherapy).
  • Asclepieion (Asklepieion) (on the right side of the island), +30 22420 22131. An Asclepieion (plural "Asclepieia") was a therapeutic center built around a temple of Asclepius -- known as the ancient Greek god of medicine. This ancient healing center is an impressive archaeological site, one of the first ancient hospitals and medical schools in the world, built according to the principles created by the great physician Hippocrates (c. 460 BC - c. 370 BC) and later directed by his sons Thessalus and Polybus. Hippocrates, the "Father of Modern Western Medicine", was born on this island and (according to ancient sources) is believed to have thought medicine to his disciples here, first in a place called Astypalea of Kos (near the small town of Kefalos), and later in the Asklepieion. Hippocrates divided the art of medicine from the practices available in the ancient temples of Greece and established the first rules of scientific diagnosis and therapy. He is also the author of the Hippocratic Oath and is believed to have written some of the books included in the Hippocratic Corpus (a collection of ancient writings on medicine). A large museum and garden dedicated to Hippocrates can be visited at The International Hippocratic Foundation, between the Asclepieion and the town of Kos.
  • 1 Tree of Hippocrates. The current tree is only about 500 years old, but may possibly be a descendant of the original tree from 2400 years ago. According to the legend, Hippocrates of Kos taught his pupils the art of medicine under this Platanus tree.    
  • 2 Castle/Fortress of Neratzia. A castle of Knights Hospitaller from 14th-16th centuries. This castle dominates the port and is where the impressive Avenue of the Palms starts. The entrance to the castle is permanently closed after the earthquake (as of July 2019).

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Relax on the beach, wind- and kitesurfing.

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If you are looking for peaceful beaches, try Lakkos, with cedars and dunes, Agios Fokas with its dark sand, or Thermes.

Kefalos Bay has a number of good beaches: Camel, Paradise, Polemi, and Psilos Gremos.

At remote Cape Krikelos, you can choose from Skinos, Theologos, and Moscholiou.

  • 1 Mastihari Main Beach (Mastichari Μαστιχαρι). Mastihari is on the northwestern side of the island. Its main beach is sandy. During the summer season the part nearest to the village has beach furniture on it. However they end near a wind surfing centre, beyond which the beach is open. Other than the fishing boats from the local harbour, there are no motorised power boats - making for a peaceful and relaxing environment.

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The island of Kos is a top yacht charter destination in Greece. You can start your sailing experience from Kos and follow any possible route to other magnificent islands. The marina of Kos is at its old harbour and is known worldwide since it has been available to skippers and yachting enthusiasts for over a decade. It has been described as one of the hottest cruising areas in Europe, as it fulfills every need for any type of boat, such as fuel/petrol, speedboats, WC, showers, bilge and sewage pump out, waste disposal and many more.

Windsurfing edit

There are two windsurfing schools at Kefalos bay that offer lessons (both private and group) for all levels.

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The northwestern part of the island (Mastichari and the Kohilari beach) has good conditions for kiteboarding.

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If you're on a budget, there is pita gyros for €2.50 sold by most restaurants (some for €2)

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  • 1 Aegean Houses Hotel (Hotel in Kos), Ethelonton Palaion Polemiston, Lambi, Kos, +30 22420 48410. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. One of the most beautiful Kos hotels, Aegean Houses is a combination of traditional and modern architecture, 300 metres from the sandy beach.
  • Ampavris Hotel (Kos Town), +30 22420 25780. A family-run hotel, located in Ampavris area on a small hill just a short distance walk from Kos Town with nice view.
  • Artemis Hotel (Lambi, Kos Town). Artemis hotel apartments is located in Lambi area, just 1km from the harbour and Kos town center. The most popular beach of Kos island is just 150m away.
  • Gaia Hotels (Kos City, Mastichari, Tigaki), +30 22420 25804. A hotel chain with four resorts hotels located in Kos.
  • Katras Hotel Apartments (Tigaki), +30 22420 68238. It is located in Tigaki and consists of 55 sunny rooms.
  • Leonidas Hotel and Studios, Sintagmatos Dodekanision st., (Kos Town), +30 2242026921. Leonidas Hotel and Studios is the most popular 2 star hotel and the first discount hotel on Kos island. Price for a Double Room from €15/night.
  • Michelangelo Resort & Spa Hotel, Agios Fokas, Kos 85300, +30 2242045810, fax: +30 2242045825, . A modern hotel with rooms and suites with views to the sea and gardens.
  • Sunny Days Hotel (Tigaki). It is situated at Tigaki of Kos 500 meters from the beach.
  • 2 Nissia Kamares Hotel Apartments, Kardamena (Close to the church), +30 6936207428. Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 11:00. Built in a very distinctive traditional Greek island style, Nissia Kamares Hotel Apartments comprises 38 studios and apartments on two floors. Varies.

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Kos is a very safe area and should not be a major problem for travellers. Just take normal precautions.

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