human settlement in Resort Town of Sochi (municipal formation), Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Krasnaya Polyana (Russian: Красная Поляна, KRUSS-nah-yah poh-LYAH-nah ) is one of the most expensive and popular (mainly at national level) winter ski resorts in Russia. Located 40 km away from the Black Sea coast and from the city of Sochi, it is, nevertheless, included in the Adler District of Sochi.

Summer in Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana was the center of the Alpine cluster of venues for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, and includes venues for skiing, biathlon, luge, ski-jumping and snowboarding.



The climate is vastly changed by the mountains covering Krasnaya Polyana and making its winter warm, soft and comfortable. July has average highs of +23.2 °C (73.76 °F) with maximums going as high as +40 °C (104 °F). Average temperature in January is +0.4 °C. Snow cover can reach height of about a meter. Plants in surroundings vary from sub-tropical to alpine.

Get in


By bus/marshrutka


Bus route 105 goes to Krasnaya Polyana from Sochi central bus terminal via Sochi International Airport. Another option is to catch bus 135 from the center of Adler. Both routes have stops in Krasnaya Polyana settlement and Esto-Sadok, finishing at Alpika-Service. A one-way ride from Central Sochi will cost you 65 RUR, as of 2011.

Marshrutkas, or minibuses, of the same routes have more frequent service, the fare can be a bit more expensive.

By train


In preparation for the Games this new rail line was constructed and opened in November 2013. There will be 2 train stations in the area of Krasnaya Polyana: Esto-Sadok and Roza Khutor. The trains depart both ways 7 times a day and cost 119 руб and take 40 minutes (as of September 2015).

By taxi


Taxi is quite expensive, but still the most convenient way to reach Krasnaya Polyana. Expect to pay in average 1,500 RUR for a ride from Central Sochi or 1,200 from Adler / Sochi International Airport. Most hotels can arrange transfers as well; the price for that can be slightly more expensive.

By car


It is 40 km from Adler. The road will take 30 minutes to get from Adler/airport, or 1 hour from Central Sochi. If you want to rent a car, get it at Sochi International Airport, as there are no rental agencies in Krasnaya Polyana.

Get around

Sliding Center Sanki, venue of competitions in bobsled, luge and skeleton at the 2014 Winter Olympics, viewed from peak of Black Pyramid
  • Aibga ridge.
  • Anton Tammsaare museum, Tammsaare str., 86 (Esto-Sadok). Anton Hansen Tammsaare (1878-1940) is an Estonian famous writer. He spent 7 years living in Krasnaya Polyana for medical treatment reasons. The exposition inside his former house includes personal belongings, books, photos, homeware, traditional crafts, folk instruments, and documents, illustrating also the history of Estonian settlers in Krasnaya Polyana.
  • Krasnaya Polyana Beegarden.
  • Wild Animal Nursery of Caucasian Biosphere Reserve (Вольерный комплекс Кавказского биосферного заповедника).
  • Mountain garden apiary, +7 8622 43-01-27, +7 8622 43-01-28. You can learn a lot about Caucasian bees and products such as honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, taste and buy the local organic products from the producers.
Roza Khutor
  • Roza Khutor, Olympiyskaya, 35, toll-free: 8-800-5000-555 (non-geographic number). The biggest ski-resort in Russia was in the epicenter of Olympic Games in mountain cluster Almost 100 km of ski slopes with maximum of 2320 meters of altitude. One elevation only is 950 руб, ski-pass for a day is 1850 руб on the weekdays and 2150 руб on weekends (winter 2015) and 10-15% cheaper if bought in advance through internet.
  • Gazprom ski resort (Laura), +7 8622 90-29-02. The northern ski resort and located on Psekhako mountain slopes. 11 cables, and 18 ski slopes and 5 of them are available to ski in the nighttime. Skipass is 1700-1900 руб (winter 2015)
  • Mountain Carousel, Estonskaya, 7, +7 8622 41-44-44. Cable cars work 09:00 to 18:30. Ski-pass for a day is 1800 руб. There is an observation desk during summer on the
  • Heli-Ski (From Krasnaya Polyana Heli-Port), +7 928 44 55 33 9. The office is in the hall of Golden Tulip hotel. The company has 2 helicopters for groups up to 4. Price is 110000 руб for 2 days.
  • Bowling (at Tatyana Alpik hotel), Esto-Sadok, 156, +7 8622 43-9000. Professional 2-lines bowling, a 12-feet table for Russian billiard and American pool. 750 RUR per hour for a bowling line.
A profusion of rhododendrons on Mount Achishkho

Local specialties

  • Perevalny Tea (Перевальный чай).
  • Honey.

Sport equipment

  • Freeride, Michurina 1/1.
  • Rossignol Alpindustria, Berezovaya 132, Esto-Sadok.
  • Achishkho (Ачишхо), Achishkhovskaya street, 1, +7 918 104 63 24. Caucasian and Russian cuisine. Dishes are prepared at charcoal grill, tandoor, and Russian stove. There is an indoor hunter-style decorated dining area and few riverside pavilions outdoor.
  • Atmosphere (Атмосфера), Michurina street, 2, +7 8622 93 03 13. 11AM till the last visitor. Cosy and stylish restaurant of French, Russian and Caucasian cuisine, with live music and nice decor. The place is famous for its chief cook, who is from Chamonix, France. 1,000-1,500 RUR per person.
  • Polyana (Поляна), Berezovaya street, 134, +7 918 406 16 60. 12:00-00:00. Good restaurant of Mediterranean and Russian cuisine. Has its own trout pool. There is a cheaper canteen with this restaurant, open before 18:00. 500-1,500 RUR per person.


  • Trikoni, Krasnaya Polyana, Michurina street, 1, +7 918 001 19 74. 10:30-2AM. A bustling bar, which acts as an Alpine proriders' and instructors' headquarter.
  • Greenwood night club, Esto-Sadok, 11 (near Polyana Chalet guesthouse), +7 8622 33-85-46. Krasnaya Ployana's most odious bar and disco-club. Has a large dancefloor, has guest DJs from Moscow and St. Petersburg, regular show programs. Has a restaurant and one can play snooker. Usually crowded in the winter season.
  • Dikanka, Olympiyskaya, 35 (in Roza Khutor hotel, second floor), +7 928 33-444-11. Works as a cafe in daytime and turns into a night club after evening. Has a free transfer to Esto-Sadok and Krasnaya Polyana


View at Aibga ridge from Polyana Grand Hotel, Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana differs from the rest of Sochi, as it has the hot season in winter (skiing and snowboarding time) and the off-season in summer (too far away from the Black Sea coast). The hotel prices react accordingly.


  • Mountain Skit Hostel, Achishhovskaya str. 8. A hostel offering the most budget accommodation in Krasnaya Polyana. 300-500 RUR per person per night depending on room.
  • Dom Aborigena, Turchinskogo str. 13, 1/2, +7 916 696-4025, +7 918 407-1306, . Inexpensive lodge, consisting of two houses. Single from 1,700 RUR, double from 2,200 RUR, depending on room. Breakfast is not included.


  • [dead link] Aibga, Esto-Sadok, 146, +7 8622 66-20-02, fax: +7 (928) 450-13-61, . This 3-star hotel offers 22 rooms, swimming pool (in summer only), cafe and bar, sauna. Transfer arrangements and car rental are possible.
  • Gala Plaza, Olympiyskaya street 22 (Near Alpika Service chairlift, at Aibga ridge foothill). 49 rooms hotel, conveniently located right near Krasnaya Polyana's highest chairlift, few steps from future Alpika Service train station and in the heart of Olympic mountain cluster. The other side of this coin is much of construction works around. Single 2,500 RUR, double 2,800-8,600 RUR depending on room and season.
  • Rai Ski Domik, Pereulok Zaschitnokov Kavkaza 45. An Alpine-style guesthouse having 10 comfortable rooms, with a Caucasian restaurant, karaoke and free wi-fi. Price vary from the season from 1,900 RUR (summer) to 3,500 RUR (winter skiing season) for a double room per night.
  • [formerly dead link] Tatyana Alpik, Esto-Sadok, +7 8622 439-000, . Located at the foot of Aigba ridge, close to Mountain Carousel cable-car. 26 rooms, Finnish sauna, comfortable bar, Russian cuisine restaurant, and the only professional bowling facility in the area. Double from 1,800 (summer) to 3,800 (winter).
  • Vertical, Esto-Sadok, 141, +7 8622 43-9192. A 3-star 6-floor hotel with a roofed swimming pool, restaurant and other facilities. Offers various sport and leisure programs, including heli-ski.


  • Peak Hotel, Zaschitnikov Kavkaza street 77. 97 comfortable rooms and villas, one of the first Krasnaya Polyana hotels, shuttle transportation is needed for getting to any chairlift. Away from construction works, what is a real advantage during the preparation of 2014 Olympics. From 6,500 RUR for a standard double/twin to 25,000 RUR for a villa (up to 8 persons)..
  • Polyana Grand Hotel, Achipsinskaya street 16. This luxury resort hotel occupies a large and scenic territory between Achipse river and Psekhako ridge, 1 km away of Esto-Sadok residential area. 5-star facilities include rooms and villas. Restaurants, spa-center and conference facilities are excellent for organizing official events here, or just for deluxe leisure. Russian President's residence in Krasnaya Polyana is located next to Polyana Grand Hotel's fence. Double 13,500-25,000 RUR, villa (up to 7 guests) 60,000 RUR.
  • Park Inn, Rosa Khutor Alpine Ski Resort, Urochische Rzanaya Polyana St 1, +7 8622 419 222. Located in the heart of the Alpine Ski Resort Development, serves as the perfect base for exploring Russia's most popular skiing destination. Services include a fitness centre, restaurant and bar, ski storage area and lobby lounge and bar.



Internet access:

  • Post Office of Krasnaya Polyana, Trudovoy Slavy str. 3, +7 8622 43-7431. Tu-Sa 9AM-5PM.

Free wi-fi:

  • Nature Cafe, GES street, 30.

Go next

  • Kardyvach lake - Mzymta river starts here, beautiful landscape.
  • On the way to Krasnaya Polyana next to kilometre 17 is a prehistoric human site.
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