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Kungsleden (The Royal Trail) is a 430 km long walk from Abisko to Hemavan in Sweden, through the Lappland province. The trail passes through the Laponia national parks, the largest wilderness area of Europe.

At Sälka, the trail passes Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden.


Stage Distance (km) Stage Goal Other
Abisko Everything
1 15 Abiskojaure Food, Bath
2 19 Alesjaure Food, Sauna, Bath
3 13 Tjäktja
4 12 Sälka Food, Sauna
5 12 Singi
6 13 Kaitumjaure Food
7 9 Teusa Sauna, Boat
8 14 Vakkotavare Food, Boat 60 kr (2011, member), Bus
9 - Saltoluokta Food, Sauna, WiFi, Bus 47 km 55 kr (2011), Boat 2 km 100 kr (2011)
10 20 Sitojaure
11 9 Aktse Food, Boat 200 kr (2011)
12 20 Pårte Bath, Boat 200 kr (2011)
13 17 Kvikkjokk Food, Sauna, WiFi, Bus
14 12 Tsielekjåhkåstugan Boat 150 kr (2011)
15 20 Falesjavrre strömmar
16 17 Gasaklahko
17 13 Vuonatjviken
18 18 Jäkkvik Food, Sauna, Boat 300 kr (2011), Boat (only rowing), Bus
19 21 Adolfström Food, Sauna
20 17 Barasjuhka
21 14 Laddiebakttie
22 19 Rävfallsstugan Sauna
23 24 Ammarnäs Food, Sauna, Bath, WiFi, Bus
24 8 Aigertstugorna Food, Sauna, Bath
25 20 Servestugorna Food
26 14 Tärnasjöstugan Food, Sauna, Bath
27 14 Syterstugorna Food, Bath
28 12 Viterskalsstugorna Food
29 11 Hemavan Everything

Abiskojaure - AlesjaureEdit

Boat option to Alesjaure, 240 kr (2011)

Tjäktja - SälkaEdit

The pass somewhat before Sälka is the highest point of Kungsleden, at 1100 m. From Abisko to Sälka the trail coincides with Nordkalottleden, which then turns to the Norvegian Narvik fells and ends in Kvikkjokk farther on Kungsleden.

Vakkotavare - SaltoluoktaEdit

Saltoluokta, kayaks for rent.

Sitojaure - AktseEdit

Near Aktse is Skierffeklippan. Skierffeklippan is popular to climb.

Pårte - KvikkjokkEdit

Don't miss the classic camping ground Rosbacken in Kvikkjokk.

Gasaklahko - VuonatjvikenEdit

On this stage the polar circle is passed.

Vuonatjviken - JäkkvikEdit

From Saudal Kungsleden has a rather new route. Be careful and follow the signs. In Jäkkvik it is possible to tent by Kyrkans Fjällgård.

Jäkkvik - AdolfströmEdit

Campsite Adofström, Adolfströms camping.

Adolfström - BarasjuhkaEdit

Boat option to Bäverholmen, 150 kr (2011). Restaurant in Bäverholmen, open 12:00-18:00.

Laddiebakttie - RävfallsstuganEdit

On this stage the border between Norrbotten and Västerbotten is passed.

Rävfallsstugan - AmmarnäsEdit

Food Ammarnäs, Ammarnäs Livs. At the bus stop in Ammarnäs there is a free toilet and at the lawn behind the bus stop it is possible to camp for free.

Tärnasjöstugan - SyterstugornaEdit

Boat option, 200kr (2011).

Get inEdit

It is most common to start in Abisko (Abisko Turiststation). It is possible to reach Abisko with the night train from Stockholm. With airplane it is possible to reach Kiruna from Stockholm and continue with train or bus to Abisko.

Hemavan has an airport with connection to Stockholm. Reaching Stockholm with bus and train is also possible. Lapplandspilen is a direct coach route between Hemavan and Stockholm.


Helicopters are common in the Kungsleden area, some days it is possible to see more helicopters then people. Two operators are:


There are free digital maps available. Download them, as you will not have fast data (or even any mobile phone coverage) available at all places. And do not drop the device, have it drenched in rain or a river, have it stop working because of moisture, or have the batteries go flat. A paper map is recommended.



Price for a night in a hut is 360–420 kr/person (children 50 kr) for members, 460–520/150 kr for non-members (2017). Shared rooms, outhouse, cooking facilities. Own linen or sleeping bag. Household duties (such as firewood chopping and carrying water) are shared by the guests.

The cabins are closed off season, still with at least an unlocked emergency room and an emergency phone available.


It is possible to stay by the cottages with tent. The price is 100 kr (member) or 200–250 kr (non-member). Children 6–15 years half price. Day visit free/100 kr.


Allemansrätten allows you to legally camp in most places for free, except within 100m of a house. At this trail the main exception is in certain protected areas, such as the Abisko national park.


There is some food at sale in many cottages on the trail, and at some Sámi camps. The assortment is not the best, so you should carry some of your food. Picking berries and mushroom (with the ordinary caveats) is allowed at most places along the trail.


Fishing by the trail is allowed, but requires paying a fee to get a permit. Check details.


Plenty of water is available along the trail. Most hikers drink it without treatment.


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Fjallflora [dead link] - ebook of some of the most common flowers along Kungsleden.

Go nextEdit

Nordkalottleden coincides with Kungsleden to here, then goes over the Narvid mountains instead

At Kvikkjokk, changing over to Padjelantaleden is possible.

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