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Kythnos is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. The island is of volcanic origin, very dry, and thinly populated.

Understand edit

Greek is the native language of the people of Kythnos. Most people also speak passable English and some of them speak other European languages.

Get in edit

By ferry edit

The port of Merichas is connected to Piraeus and Lavrio by ferry boat, and the ride takes one to four hours, depending on the speed of the ship and the weather. Construction of a new mole began in 2005 to accommodate larger ferryboats and it was completed in 2008.

By helicopter edit

Transportation to Kythnos is also possible by helicopter (for those how can afford the cost). Flights are organized by private companies mainly from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and the old Airport of Elliniko in Athens.

Get around edit

By car edit

You can bring your own car to the island but you can also rent a car. Car rental companies operate in Merichas (island's main port), Chora (island's capital & main village), and Loutra. Driving at high speed should be avoided because of island's narrow and problematic roads.

By taxi edit

There are taxis operating in Kythnos, covering the whole road network of the island. Merihas Port serves as their main stand.

By sea edit

In Kythnos moving by sea is also an option. Hiring boats or use them as water-taxis for cruises, and visiting remote and/or inaccessible by road beaches. Companies of that kind operate in Merichas and Loutra.

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Villages edit

  • 1 Merichas. The main port of the island.  

Churches edit

  • 2 Agios Ioannis Theologos (Theologos), Chora. A small church renovated in 1845 and declared in 1987 as a listed monument.    
  • 3 Agios Panteleimon, Chora. A small church declared as a listed monument by the Greek State.
  • 4 Panagia Stratilatissa (Panagia Stratolatissa) (3 km south of Dryopida). The catholicon of a dissolved monastery.
  • 5 Panagia Flabouriani (Flabouriani), Flabouria. An old church dedicated to Virgin Mary mentioned in many of Kythnos' local myths and traditions.
  • 6 Agia Anna, Panagia Stratilatissa (next to Panagia Stratilatissa). A 19th-century chapel inside the area of Stratilatissa.
  • 7 Agios Loukas (over Kolona Beach). A chapel of the late 18th century on the rocky islet/peninsula which is known under the same name.
  • 8 Panagia of Nikous, Chora (Close to Chora). The catholicon of a dissolved monastery, W of Chora.
    Inside Katafyki cave
    9 Church of Agios Savvas, Chora of Kythnos. A 17th-century Orthodox church and monument.    
  • 10 Taxiarchis in Velidi (Taxiarchis sto Velidi) (On the road between Chora and Dryopida). The catholicon of a dissolved monastery.
  • 11 Panagia Kanala, +302281032379. Greek Orthodox church and shrine dedicated to Virgin Mary.    
  • 12 Panagia Eleousa (Panagia Kareleousa), Oria or Katakefalo Castle. An old church inside Oria or Katakefalo Castle. It was built probably in the early 13th century but renovated later.
  • 13 Agios Minas Church, Dryopida. Orthodox church and monument. Notable for its wooden iconostasis.    
  • 14 Panagia Eleousa (Panagia Kareleousa), Oria or Katakefalo Castle. An old church inside Oria or Katakefalo Castle. It was built probably in the early 13th century but renovated later.
  • 15 Evangelistria, Dryopida. Church in Dryopida. Listed monument.
  • 16 Agios Loukas (over Kolona Beach). A chapel of the late 18th century on the rocky islet/peninsula which is known under the same name.

Nature edit

  • 17 Kanala pine forest, Kanala. Inside Panagia Kanala area, it's the only pine forest of the island.
  • 18 Katafyki Cave, Dryopida. Entrance is allowed only with a guide.  
  • 19 Oros Atheras-Cape Kefalos and coastal zone. Natural reserve. NATURA 2000, GR4220010.  

Archaeological sites edit

  • 20 Vryokastro. Archaeological site.  
  • 21 Maroulas. The archaeological remains of the oldest settlement on any of the Cyclades, about 10,000 years old. The 1500-m² site has been excavated for over a decade since 1996 and was revealed to the public in 2010. Countless artifacts, many of them from obsidian (volcanic glass) have been unearthed by archaeologists.    

Other edit

  • 22 Castle of Oria (Katakefalo) (on the NW part of Kythnos). A ruined fortified settlement. Used to be the medieval capital of the island.  
    Kolona Beach
    23 Mathias' laundry basins (southeast of Dryopida & close to Lefkes). Old laundry basins in the region of Mathias
  • 24 Theatraki Dryopidas (Small theater of Dryopida), Dryopida. An open-air theater in Dryopida where various festivals, concert & activities are held especially during the summer months.
  • 25 Ecclesiastical & Byzantine Museum (Agios Geogios), Dryopida. Daily 09:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00. A small ecclesiastical museum inside the church of Agios Georgios. It is an initiative of a local priest.
  • 26 The Folklore Museum of Chora, Chora (in Piazza neighborhood). Daily 07:00-12:00. Founded in 2014 it's a folklore collection of objects exhibited in a traditional house.
  • 27 Katholiko Park, Chora. Park in Chora where sculptures and architectural finds have been exhibited since 1973.
  • 28 Loutra Natural Spa. A free natural spa in the spot where the waters from the two hot springs of Loutra (Kakavos and Agioi Anargyroi) unite.
  • 29 Loutra Spa, Loutra. 19th-century facilities of an old hydrotherapy spa, nowadays a listed monument.  
  • 30 Mazarakis Tower, Loutra. House of the notable local family Mazarakis. It was built in the early 20th century based on Western architecture.

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Beaches edit

  • 1 Fykiada beach.  
  • 2 Kolona Beach (north of Merichas Port). A famous beach on the homonymous bay.
  • 3 Apokrousi Beach (Apokrisi).  
  • 4 Episkopi Beach. A beach bar operates during the summer months.
  • 5 Flampouria Beach (on the west side of the island). Split in two by a huge rock, it combines sand and pebbles. The local church of Panagia Flampouriani celebrates annually on August 23 and a traditional feast ("panigiri") takes place.  
  • 6 Skylou Beach (SW of Kanala). In the small settlement of Skylos. A beach you can reach through a dirt road.
  • 7 Simousi Beach (Between the beaches of Skylou and Gaidouromandra on the SE side of Kythnos). A sandy beach. The sea here is usually calm.
  • 8 Gaidouromantra Beach, Gantromantra. A long sandy beach in the small seasonal settlement of Gantromantra on the SE coast of Kythnos. Visitors are advised to bring some supplies with them (like food & water) since the stores don't exist there.
  • 9 Antonides Beach, Kanala (W of Cape Kanala). A small beach in Kanala known for its turquoise waters. According to the local myths it's named after two first cousins named Antonis (Greek term for Anthony) who were killed by a shark or saved by a dolphin while swimming in the area.
  • 10 Megali Ammos, Kanala (On the E side of Kythnos). The main beach of Kanala. A sandy beach. Popular among families.
  • 11 Kouri Beach (east of Dryopida). A sandy beach between Zogaki and Naousa.
  • 12 Naousa Beach (Aosa) (on the E side of Kythnos). A sandy beach connected with the nerby beaches of Kouri & Zogaki. It can be reached by vehicle until 200 m before the destination. For the distance remaining visitors have to walk.
  • 13 Agios Dimitrios Beach, Agios Dimitrios. A wide & sandy beach on the SW part of Kythnos.
  • 14 Kalo Livadi Beach, Kalo Livadi. Good swimming but without facilities.
  • 15 Agios Stefanos Beach, Agios Stefanos. It has both sand and pebbles and is popular with families.  
  • 16 Lefkes Beach, Lefkes (west of Dryopida). A quiet beach about 6 km from Dryopida.  
  • 17 Liotrivi Beach, Liotrivi (between Kalo Livadi & Lefkes on the E side of Kythnos). A remote beach next to a seasonal settlement under the same name.  
  • 18 Potamia Beach (north of Loutra, accessible by boat and/or by a dirt road). A remote beach with deep waters on the NW part of Kythnos.
  • 19 Kavourocheri Beach (north of Loutra). A small & remote beach close to Loutra of the north part of the island.
  • 20 Martinakia Beach (Merichas). A small beach very close to the port of Merichas. It has a beach bar, taverns, hotels, and apartments.
  • 21 Arkoudi Beach, Loutra Bay (on the north part of Kythnos, between Loutra and Agia Irini). A quiet beach in Loutra Bay. It's close to the road but not easily accessible.
  • 22 Agia Irini Beach (Saint Irene), Agia Irini (on the north part of Kythnos). A small and sandy beach.  
  • 23 Agios Sostis Beach (north of Loutra). A remote beach, accessible by a dirt road.
  • 24 Schinari Beach, Schinari (north of Loutra). A sandy beach close to Loutra.
  • 25 Zogaki Beach (Zogkaki) (east of Dryopida). A quiet and sandy beach, very close to other beaches of the east part of Kythnos (Aosa, Kouri, Lefkes, Liotrivi).
  • 26 Mavrianos Beach (Mavrianou Beach) (south of Merichas). A remote beach on the west side of Kythnos. Visitors are advised to bring some supplies with them (like food & water) since the stores don't exist there.
  • 27 Petrousa Beach (S of Agios Dimitrios on the E side of Kythnos). A sandy beach, not easily accessible
  • 28 Alyki Beach (on the southwest part of Kythnos). A remote and sandy beach, accessible by a dirt road. It is close to Agios Dimitrios. Visitors are advised to bring some supplies with them since stores don't exist there nor shade.
  • 29 Sklavos Beach (Sklavou). A remote beach near Oria or Katakefalo Castle only accessible by boat.
  • 30 Lagousi Beach (Ragousi) (close to Agios Stefanos.). No vehicle access.
  • 31 Sifnios Beach.
  • 32 Divlaka Beach (on the W part of Kythnos, S of Merichas and Flabouria). Accessible by vehicles through a dirt road until one point. A brief walk is also needed.
  • 33 Kastellas Beach (Kastella) (on the west side of the island, close to Flabouria). A remote beach near the homonymous archaeological site. Visitors are advised to bring some supplies with them.

Eat edit

Traditional local cheese, known as thermiotiko.

In Kythnos you will find many restaurants, eateries and taverns. You should try the local spoon sweets and pastels, a variety of pies, “sfouggata” and “kolopia”. The local cuisine is also known for its dishes based on cheese and meat. The area is also well-known for its honey and capers.

Chora edit

  • 1 To Steki Tou Ntetzi, +30 2281 031204. One of the most famous tavernas in Kythnos. Offers a variety of Greek dishes.
  • 2 To Kentro tis Margias, +30 2281 031203. Greek taverna.
  • 3 Psipsina, +30 2281031228. 14:00-00:00 (Wednesday 16:00-00:00). A fish taverna offering international cuisine.
  • 4 O Baroutis, +30 2281031541. Grill house.
  • 5 Tratamento, +30 2281031638, . Traditional pastry shop.

Dryopida edit

  • 6 I Pelegra, +30 2281032322. Daily 12:00-00:00. Taverna. Greek and Mediterranean cuisine
  • 7 Chartino Karavi, Dryopida (close to the church of Agia Anna). Dishes from the Mediterranean, European and Greek cuisine. It is considered as vegetarian friendly, and it also offers options for vegans.

Merichas edit

  • 8 Arapis, +30 2281032190, . Daily 11:00-00:45. Traditional Greek taverna. Also known for its pizza and pasta dishes
  • 9 Ostria Restaurant, Merichas, +30 2281033017. A vegetarian friendly restaurant near the port.
  • 10 Yalos-Byzantio Restaurant (Byzantio Restaurant), +30 2281033000. A family taverna-restaurant.
  • 11 Molos Grill House, +30 2281032455, .

Kanala edit

Loutra edit

Agios Stefanos edit

  • 15 O Kadris (Kadris), +30 2281032943. A traditional taverna with Mediterranean& Greek cuisine. It is considered as vegetarian friendly
  • 16 Arodou, +30 2281032647. Greek & Mediterranean taverna.

Drink edit

Chora edit

  • 1 The Kraken (next to the church of Agios Savvas), +30 6981350719, . Daily 12:00-02:00. Cocktail bar that turns into a club during the weekend.
  • 2 Margiora, +30 2281031809. A wine and cocktail bar. Also a restaurant.
  • 3 Panochori, +30 6949566961. A café and bar.
  • 4 Marrakesh, +30 2281031617. Night club.

Dryopida edit

  • 5 Kythnon Anthoessan (Close to Katafyki Cave), +30 2281032145. Traditional café and confectionery.

Kanala edit

  • 6 Molo all day cafe, +30 2281033145. A seasonal snack bar where you can order coffee, drinks, and something to eat.

Apokrousi edit

  • 7 Baiocco, Apokrousi, +30 6988590610. Beach bar and restaurant.

Episkopi edit

Martinakia Beach edit

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