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Lasithi Plateau is a plateau with an average elevation of 820 m (2,690 ft) in Crete (Greece).

Understand edit

The smaller Limnakaro plateau located just south of the Lassithi plateau

A rewarding day trip by car from Malia. Hotels in the area are overpriced.

Lasithi Plateau, a mountainous municipality, is the westernmost of the 4 municipalities in Lasithi Prefecture. In the south of Lasithi Plateau is the 1 Limnakaro Plateau. This small plateau is used for shepherding. It lacks permanent residents but does have a Byzantine church dedicated to the Holy Spirit.

The residents of Lasithi Plateau are still influenced by conservative concepts and by the precepts of the Orthodox Church. Their attitude toward foreign visitors can vary greatly but is never disrespectful.

Talk edit

The spoken language is the Cretan idiom of Greek, with additional languages spoken by young people, owners and staff of hotels, tavernas and museums.

Towns edit

Map of Lasithi Plateau
  • 1 Tzermiado is the capital of the municipality of Lasithi plateau, and the largest also.
  • 2 Agios Georgios is the second largest.

Get in edit

The plateau is accessible through a two paved and some unpaved roads climbing in the slopes of Dikti mountain, so you get'n by car, bus, motocycle, bicycle. The most well-known paved road climbs up to 900m, and enters from "seli ampelou" at NNW side of plateau. The other paved road, passes from the villages of Mesa and Exo Potamoi, the unpaved roads are known only to the locals

Get around edit

There's a paved ring-road that runs the circumference, and serves the 15 villages, the Mesa Lasithaki served by a junction from Mesa Lasithi, other junctions serving the Diktaio Andron, some facilities, and connecting it with the rest of the island's road network. Because the plateau's economy runs primary on agriculture, an agricultural road network developed for access in the fields, and transporting the loads, some of these roads widened and paved, making those roads good shortcuts.

See edit

Cave of Dikti (Psychro Cave)
  • 1 Diktaio Andron (cave of Psichro, Dikteon Andron). The place where Amalthea is said to have nurtured the infant Zeus with her goat's milk. The cave itself is in a lovely location with breath taking views at the top, but small and unexciting. It takes you 15 minutes climbing to get the entrance. However you can hire a donkey at €15. Don't forget to bring bottled drinking water with you. €8 per person.    
  1. The post-Minoic settlement Karphi

Do edit

Depending on the time, there are lots of things to do in Lasithi plateau. But first of all, forget bathing on the beach! Instead, you can participate:

  1. in the preparations for the potato planting (late April-early June),
  2. in potato harvesting (mid-to-late August-mid September),
  3. in the sheep shearing
  4. in the sheep's milking,
  5. in festivals,

Also you can do:

  1. hiking,
  2. mountain biking,
  3. ball sports (football and basketball)
  4. cultural immersion, and especially winter...
  5. snow activities

Buy edit

Markets (small, medium, and big) do exist in (almost) every village. Except from souvenirs there's nearly nothing else to buy, however because of first sector economy you can buy potatoes (Lasithi Plateau produces around 200,000 tonnes of potatoes), carrots, cucumbers, etc., directly from the producer, and various types of dairy products (feta, graviera, kefalotyri, athotyros, tirozouli, the Dikti yogurt) made by the diary (and from the shepherds too) from the milk of sheep and goats.

Eat edit

There are many tavernas and restaurants serving Greek cuisine.

Drink edit

Τhirstiness strikes hard in this area on hot summer days. Fortunately, there are coffee shops and cafes locally. The coffee shops are mostly gathering sites for elderly people and the cafes, for younger ones, because they have billiards tables, betting and coin operated PC's. More English is spoken in the cafes.

Nightlife on the Lasithi Plateau is rare, no nightclubs are operating, but touring artists are visiting every year, and sometimes they will play until the 08:00 on the morning of the next day.

Sleep edit

  • Argoulias Guest house (in the Village of Tzermiadon), +30 28440 22754, +30 697 223 4275 (Mobile phone). 2 studios and 9 stone-built apartments equipped with kitchenette and central heating.
  • Lasinthos Apartments, "Agios Georgios" Village, +30 28440 89101, +30 6932-736626 (Mobile phone). 4-star hotel. Overrated.
  • Dias Rooms ("Agios Georgios" village), +30 28440 31207. Rooms to let.
  • Kourites Hotel (Tzermiado village), +30 28310 55828. 2-star hotel. Overpriced rooms and food.
  • Zeus House (Agios Konstantinos village). A stone made house 240 m² for six persons. €250.
  • Dictaeon Andron Rooms (Psichro Village), +30 28440 31504. Rooms to let near the Dikti cave.

Connect edit

Some villages have a free WiFi Hotspot. Some tavernas and cafes also, ask for the code.

2G, 3G, and 4G are also available if you have data plan

Stay safe edit

You will generally be safe if you take normal health and safety precautions for rural areas, with one exception: The greatest danger in this area is falling into open wells. For irrigation, wells are opened, with their depth reaching the 16 m, so keep children away and approach with caution.

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