Longueuil (lahng-GUUY) is a city of 240,000 people (2016) in the suburbs of Montreal on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.


Rue Saint-Charles is the main commercial centre in Old Longueuil.

Longueuil is an important centre for Canada's aerospace industry. It is home to the headquarters of Pratt & Whitney Canada and of Héroux-Devtek. Pratt & Whitney Canada is Longueuil's top employer with 5,000 employees, while Héroux-Devtek has 550 employees. Also located in Longueuil is the headquarters of the Canadian Space Agency (John H. Chapman Space Centre), adjacent to Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport.

A large part of Longueuil's work force commutes to Montreal.



Charles Le Moyne, lord of the area under the French colonial system starting in 1657, named Longueuil after a village which is today the seat of a canton in the district of Dieppe in his homeland of Normandy.

His son, Charles Le Moyne de Longueuil, built Fort Longueuil as his fortified residence. It was constructed of stone between 1685 and 1690 and had four towers.

Fort Longueuil was believed to be occupied by American troops during the American Revolutionary War. It was subsequently occupied by the British. It was demolished in 1810 due to its poor condition. The archaeological remains of Fort Longueuil are a National Historic Site of Canada. The site extends beneath the present-day Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Cathedral. Until the middle of the 19th century, Longueuil and its boroughs formed a single Catholic entity with the Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue church as the only place of worship.

Municipal restructuring
City Hall near the airport

The territory of Longueuil became a barony, then a parish municipality. Throughout history, the latter has broken up into seven autonomous administrative units: Longueuil, Jacques-Cartier, Montreal-South, Greenfield Park, Saint-Hubert, Mackayville (now Laflèche) and LeMoyne. Then some municipal mergers occurred. In 2002, as part of the major municipal restructuring in Quebec, the new Longueuil was created by the amalgamation of the former cities of Boucherville, Longueuil, Lemoyne, Saint-Lambert, Brossard, Greenfield Park, Saint-Hubert and Saint-Bruno.

Following a referendum on mergers, the cities of Brossard, Saint-Lambert, Saint-Bruno and Boucherville were reconstituted in 2006, by detachment from the agglomeration. Since 2006, these four detached towns have been linked to the agglomeration which is a supramunicipal entity for common services, in particular the fire and police department, municipal assessment, public transport, social housing, the municipal court.



Longueuil has long winters, lasting from November to March, short springs during April and May, average summers, lasting from June to August, and short autumns during September and October.

Get in


By car


Longueuil is particularly accessible by Autoroutes 20, 25, Route 132, Route 116, Jacques-Cartier Bridge, Taschereau Boulevard.

The Trans-Canada Highway passes through Longueil and includes the following highways that intersect in Longueil:

  • Autoroute 25 between Autoroute 40 in Montreal and Autoroute 20 between in Longueil
  • Autoroute 20 between Autoroute 25 in Longueil and Rivière-du-Loup

By plane

Planes parked at Saint-Hubert airport in August 2022.

The (Montreal) Pierre-Eliott-Trudeau International Airport (YUL IATA) offers flights from numerous popular destinations including New York City, Paris and London. You can get into Longueuil from YUL with the 747 bus (to Downtown Montreal) then take the metro to the Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke station on the yellow line. Single fare of $10 on the 747 with the rest of the day free on all of the STM's public transit network, including the metro. A three-day STM pass is also valid; these cost $18.

  • 1 Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport (YHU  IATA). Offers flights from regional locations in Quebec, including Jean-Lesage Airport in Quebec City. This airport is much closer to Longueuil than YUL, with the RTL bus 28 directly from the airport to the Terminus Longueuil via the Chemin Chambly and St-Charles street, the 2 main commercial and historic streets in the city. The bus fares can be found here.    

By metro


Line 4 of Montreal Metro serves the Longueuil terminus STM passing under the St. Lawrence River, with a stop at Île Sainte- Helen. Longueuil is served by the Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke station of the Montreal Metro (Yellow line, also known as 4), housed at the Terminus Longueuil building. Fares can be found here.

  • 2 Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke station, 100 Place Charles-Le Moyne.    

By boat

Shuttle connecting Parc Jean-Drapeau (Montreal) and Longueuil

Facing Longueuil, the width of the river is 2.0 km (1.2 mi) at the height of the southern tip of Île Charron, and 1.0 km (0.62 mi) facing Cap sur Mer (which is located 1.3 km (0.81 mi) downstream of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, and which is the extension of Taschereau Boulevard beyond Route 132). The western boundary of Longueuil stretches over 7.5 km (4.7 mi) in the middle of the St. Lawrence River (between Saint-Lambert and Boucherville). In addition to maritime activities related to the Port of Montreal and the St. Lawrence Seaway, pleasure boating is very active in front of Longueuil in the summer season, in particular:

  • around Sainte-Hélène islands (including Port Sainte-Hélène) and Notre-Dame island, particularly during the Montreal International Fireworks Festival, which takes place at Lac des Dauphins on Sainte-Hélène Island;
  • around the Boucherville islands.

The marinas in the Longueuil sector are:

  • 3 Longueuil Marina (Marina de Longueuil), 101, chemin de la Rive, Longueuil, Québec, J4H 0A2, +1 450-442-9575, . VHF 68. Marina integrated into the recreational park (linear park along the St. Lawrence River) built in 1989 on the site of the former Ville-Marie marina; this Marina entered into operation in the summer of 1990. "La Capitainerie" was inaugurated in 1993. Marina located in a safe haven. This marina is considered the largest of the marinas located east of New York. The toponym Marina Réal-Bouvier was attributed in evoking the memory of the great navigator Réal-Bouvier; a commemorative plaque was placed in his honor on September 27, 2001.
  • 4 Nautical Club of Longueuil Inc. (Club Nautique de Longueuil inc), 601, chemin de la Rive, +1 450-646-0197. Nautical club founded in 1867.

By train

Train station in the Saint-Hubert sector of the city of Longueuil, located near the Saint-Hubert airport and the city hall

The Via Rail train connects the central station in downtown Montreal to Mont-Saint-Hilaire, with a stop at Longueuil-Saint-Hubert railway station. Longueuil is served by the St-Lambert and St-Hubert stations of the AMT Commuter Trains (Mont-St-Hilaire line, a.k.a. purple). Fares can be found here. Tram 3 fares serve all public transit of Laval, Montreal and Longueuil (except St-Bruno-de-Montarville, Tram 5 has to be purchased for this area) (unless noted), while Train 3 will only serve the commuter train network in these areas.

  • 5 Longueuil–Saint-Hubert railway station, 2505 rue Patrick (Near chemin Chambly and near the Saint-Hubert Airport).    

By bus


Get around

Map of Longueuil

There is a wide network of public transit buses managed by the Réseau de Transport de Longueuil (Longueuil-RTL). The fares can be found here. Most of the buses depart from/arrive at Terminus Longueuil.

Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Co-Cathedral in Old-Longueuil
Old church of Saint-Hubert (Montérégie) with the community hall in the back
The Daniel-Poirier house at 255, rue Saint-Charles Est in Old Longueuil
Dining room L'Ancêtre, on Chemin Chambly, in Saint-Hubert (Montérégie, Quebec) in May 2022
Modern-style monument erected in Parc de la cité (near the chalet), in Saint-Hubert (Quebec)
  • 1 Co-Cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue (Co-cathédrale Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue), 55 Rue Sainte Élizabeth (in Old Longueuil sector) (at the corner of rue Saint-Charles and chemin de Chambly), +1 450-674-1549. Open daily 08:30-17:15. Built 1885 to 1887 in new-Gothic style with stunning polychrome decoration everywhere. It has a stained-glass topped cupola supported by a metallic armature and a quincunx crossing plan with wide corner chapels. In the basement there is a small museum.    
  • 2 Maison Daniel-Poirier (Daniel Poirier House), 255, rue Saint-Charles Est, +1 450-674-0349, . Open by appointment only. Call (450) 674-0349 to reserve.. House built in 1750 in stone. It is the only house in Vieux-Longueuil built under the French regime to have retained its original appearance.
  • 3 Museum of Women (Musée de la Femme), 2380 Boulevard Roland-Therrien, +1 450-748-1600. All visits are by reservation - call at least 48 hours in advance. A small museum in a 1950s bungalow. This museum was founded in 2007 and opened in 2008. The museum aims to raise public awareness about the contribution of women to the development of Quebec and Canada.  
  • 4 Théâtre de la Ville (City Theater), 150, rue De Gentilly Est, +1 450-670-1616. The Théâtre de la Ville has enabled many actors and directors to accomplish themselves in the performing arts. This building has two performance halls, two rehearsal studios, two foyers and a private lounge. Ticket office: billetterie@theatredelaville.qc.ca.


  • Exhibitions in municipal libraries (Expositions dans les bibliothèques municipales). Each municipal library organizes exhibitions or other public events.
  • 5 Exhibitions on the Campus of the University of Sherbrooke (Expositions sur le Campus de l'Université de Sherbrooke), 150, place Charles-Le Moyne, Longueuil, QC, J4K 0A8 (Near the Longueuil-Université de Sherbrooke Metro Station).
  • 6 Exhibitions at the Marcel-Robidas Building (Cultural Center) (Expositions à l'Édifice Marcel-Robidas (Centre culturel)), 300, rue Saint-Charles-Ouest, Longueuil, QC, J4H 1E6. See the program of exhibitions on the website of this cultural center.
  • 7 Quebec National Day (Fête nationale du Québec), boulevard Davis (au Parc de la Cité), +1 450-676-6650. Annually, the large-scale festivities of the National Day of Saint-Hubert take place in the Parc de la cité. Programming usually includes an outdoor stage musical performance and fireworks. This celebration takes place under the aegis of the non-profit organization "Fête Nationale de Saint-Hubert"

Yoga, meditation and other seminars also take place nearby all year round.

  • 1 Parc Michel-Chartrand, 1895, rue Adoncour. This park has nearly 20 kilometers of bike paths, hiking trails, jogging (5 km loop) orcross-country skiing. Covering an area of ​​1,850,000 square meters, Michel-Chartrand Park is recognized as a regional park and is open to the public all year round. This park has a nature conservation area. A marsh has been developed by the city for nature observation. This park also has three artificial lakes, a sundial, a children's play area, two petanque courts, a rest area with picnic tables, a slope for sliding, an ice ring, community gardens, the La Riveraine trail of the Route verte. Lots of deer and a beautiful pond with ducks during the summer. The park's reception pavilion has a snack bar (Open Air Café), sanitary and first aid services, two rooms with fireplaces and an equipment rental shop. This pavilion hosts various group events: workshops, conferences. Free.
  • 2 Parc Marie-Victorin, 81, Chemin de la Rive, +1 450-463-7311. Along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River with beautiful views on Montreal. Many kilometres of bike path and walking trails. Picnic area, children's play area. Free.
Parc de la Cité chalet and bridge in the Saint-Hubert borough of Longueuil (Quebec) in May 2022.
  • 3 Parc de la Cité in Saint-Hubert, 6201, boulevard Davis, Saint-Hubert, QC, J3Y 8Y4, +1 450-463-7100, . Created in 1992, this 960,000 square meter nature park includes the Lac de la Cité (1.1 km long; artificial lake divided into three areas), the artificial hill, areas of peat bogs, wooded areas and the plain grassed. Main infrastructures: cycle path, hiking trail, children's playground (with water jets), training circuits around the lake, white calcite monument (for the world day for the eradication of extreme poverty), pavilion of reception, free parking, an arched bridge, a bridge overlooked by the 150th century terrace, an area to set up infrastructures during events (e.g. Quebec Day, winter carnival), etc. The pedestrian and bicycle paths around the lake stretch for 8.0 km to the Raymond-Lévesque library. Main activities: lake mountain slide, hill slide (Kimber Boulevard), cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, leisure activities in the pavilion's multidisciplinary room, etc. The path "La Montée du chemin de Chambly" of the Route Verte (bike path) is adjacent (south side) to the city park. A herd of about sixty geese lives from April to October in this park. The park has a reception pavilion (550 square meters) including sanitary and first aid services, the Cité café, a sports equipment rental shop and rest areas. The Archivolte sculpture designed by artist Claude Millette was erected in the fall of 2011 to evoke the 150th anniversary of Saint-Hubert; it is erected near the pavilion, on the terrace of the 150th. Free.    
  • 4 Réserve naturelle du Boisé-Du Tremblay (Boisé-Du Tremblay Nature Reserve) (Park located between chemin du Tremblay and chemin de la Savane; between boulevard Montarville and boulevard Béliveau), +1 450-463-7311, . A wildlife reserve, the Boisé du Tremblay, is partially in Le Vieux-Longueuil and partially in Boucherville. This 260 ha nature reserve is home to Western Chorus Frogs, rare amphibians. The management of the wooded area has been carried out by "Acquisition, gestion et mise en valeur des milieux naturels" (Acquisition, management and development of natural environments) (AGMEV), since 2007. This nature reserve has a hiking trail. Free.
  • 5 Longueuil municipal beach (Plage municipal de Longueuil), 2495, rue de l'Île Charron, Longueuil, J4G 1R6 (Take highway 20, exit Île Charron), +1 450-463-7311. In summer, a ferry runs between the municipal beach (Charron Island) and the landing stage located along the river at Promenade René-Lévesque near the Hyppolite-Lafontaine bridge-tunnel. An elevated walkway allows crossing of Route 132 and the access ramp to Highway 20 West. Free.
  • 6 Le Parcours du Cerf, 2500, boul.Fernand-Lafontaine Longueuil (Québec) J4N 1M5, +1 450-448-2373, . The Parcours du Cerf now has 39 holes and two distinct courses: L'Actuel (12 holes) and Le Classique (36 holes or four separate courses of nine holes each: Green, Blue, White and Red). This golf course has a driving range with several hitting areas. Several internal tournaments & competitions are organized, as well as interclub competitions. Main services: Pro shop, dining room (plate brunch on Sundays)... This golf club organizes group events: corporate events, weddings, receptions, Christmas parties, etc., with a capacity of Reception room reception for up to 375 people. Free.

Saint-Charles West Street has a nice ambiance with all its bars, restaurants and centres of interest.

Public markets

  • 1 Christmas Market (Marché de Noël), 340, rue Saint-Charles-Ouest (In St. Mark Park in Old Longueuil), +1 450-677-2125. Annually, in November and December. This annual Christmas market before the holidays allows artists, artisans, tradespeople and agricultural producers to offer their works to the public. One of the objectives is to promote local purchasing. The edition which was scheduled outdoors The 14th edition of the Christmas Market will take place in December 2022 in the form of a virtual market.
Public market set up opposite the Longueuil city hall, on rue de la Savane (corner of rue Bischop).
  • 2 Marché public de Longueuil, 4200, chemin de la Savane, Longueuil, J3Y 9G4 (near Saint-Hubert airport and near City Hall), +1 450 463-7311. This public market is set up in front of the Longueuil City Hall. Its aim is to offer fresh and diversified products by encouraging local agriculture. The traders, producers and processors participating in this market have been selected for the quality of their products and for their know-how. This public market offers a wide variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables according to the seasons and the harvests; the public also has access to bakery, pastry and delicatessen products. This public market also organizes on-site tastings (without reservation), a rest or picnic area, games and activities for children, as well as courses and workshops.
  • Alfa Restaurants, 2497 Ch De Chambly, +1 450-647-5701. M-F 10:00-01:00, Sa Su 10:00-00:00. Poutine, steamie dogs and other local fast food favourites.
  • Copains Gourmands, 181 rue Saint-Charles Ouest, +1 450-928-1433. M-F 11:30-15:00, and daily 17:00-22:00. The basis of the cuisine is French-Quebecois, using local produce and flavours from around the world. Dinner main $20-32.
  • Peche Matinal, 337 St-Charles Ouest, +1 450-616-6240. Tu-F 07:00-15:00, Sa Su 08:00-15:00. French bistro-style restaurant. Breakfast dishes $12-16, lunch dishes $15-20.
  • Restaurant Meridional, 550 Chemin Chambly, +1 450-679-4242. W-F 11:30-14:30, 17:00-22:00; Sa 17:00-22:00. A gourmet Mediterranean restaurant: French, Spanish and Moroccan cuisine inspired by the French Riviera, Costa del Sol and Casablanca. Lunch mains $13-20, dinner mains $25-35.


  • Le Barrage - Brasseurs, 4200 Chemin de la Savane (in the Longueuil Public Market). Tu W 12:00-00:00, Th 11:00-00:00, F 11:00-03:00, Sa 12:00-03:00, Su 12:00-21:00. Brew pub with 60 seats, 16 beers on tap, and a range of sandwiches and snacks.


  • Le Dauphin (Hotel Dauphin Montreal - Longueuil), 1055 rue Saint-Laurent West, +1 450 646-0110, toll-free: +1 866 646-0110, . Check-in: 3PM, check-out: Noon. Near the Jacques-Cartier bridge and the Longueuil metro station. Room rate includes continental breakfast. No pets. From $110 with continental breakfast.
  • Motel La Siesta, 3179 Taschereau Blvd, Greenfield Park, +1 450-671-7555. From $80 with in-room breakfast.
  • Refuge Du Poete, 320 Rue de Longueuil, +1 450-442-3688, toll-free: +1-866-902-3688. A house built in 1854 in Old Longueuil. Vegetarian and gluten-free breakfast available if requested at time of reservation. From $70 with breakfast..
  • Auberge Objectif Sante, 8665 Chambly Road, +1 450-486-4816. Rooms are equipped with refrigerator, microwave and kitchenette, private bathroom, wireless internet. Rooms have outside entrance, and parking in front of the room. From $75.






  • 7 Cynthia-Coull Arena (Aréna Cynthia-Coull), 195, rue Empire, Longueuil, J4V 1T9 (Arrondissement Greenfield Park), +1 450 463-7311.
    Gaétan Boucher Sport Center, in Laflèche sector of Saint-Hubert
  • 8 Gaétan-Boucher Sports Center (Centre sportif Gaétan-Boucher), 3850, rue Edgar, Longueuil, J4T 3C8 (Arrondissement Saint-Hubert (secteur Laflèche)), +1 450 656-0200.
  • 9 Rosanne-Laflamme Sport Center (Centre sportif Rosanne-Laflamme), 7405, terrasse du Centre, Longueuil, J3Y 7Z6 (Arrondissement Saint-Hubert).
  • 10 Aréna Émile-Butch-Bouchard, 200, rue De Gentilly Est, Longueuil, QC, J4H 4A4 (Arrondissement Vieux-Longueuil).
  • 11 Aréna Jacques-Cartier, 1143, rue De Lorimier, Longueuil, J4K 3M9 (Arrondissement du Vieux-Longueuil).
  • 12 Aréna Olympia, 2950, rue Dumont, Longueuil, J4L 3S9 (Arrondissement du Vieux-Longueuil), +1 450 463-7311.
Colisé Jean-Béliveau in Longueuil
  • 13 Colisée Jean-Béliveau, 1755, boulevard Jacques-Cartier Est, Longueuil, J4N 1A1 (Arrondissement du Vieux-Longueuil), +1 450 463-7311.

Municipal Libraries


In order to meet the needs of acquiring knowledge and skills in the use of technologies, the libraries of Longueuil offer various training courses, including the ABCs of the Internet, Facebook, Gmail, Word, 3D printing, etc.

  • 14 Claude-Henri Grignon Library (Bibliothèque Claude-Henri Grignon), 1660, rue Bourassa, Longueuil (Québec), J4J 3A4, +1 450 463-7180.
  • 15 Greenfield Park Library (Bibliothèque de Greenfield Park), 225, rue Empire, Longueuil (Québec), J4V 1T9, +1 450 463-7180.
  • 16 Fatima Library (Bibliothèque Fatima), 2130, rue Jean-Louis, Longueuil (Québec), J4G 1K2, +1 450 463-7180.
  • 17 Georges-Dor Library (Bibliothèque Georges-Dor), 2760, chemin de Chambly, Longueuil (Québec), J4L 1M6, +1 450 463-7180.
  • 18 Hubert-Perron Library (Bibliothèque Hubert-Perron), 1100, rue Beauregard, Longueuil (Québec), J4K 2L1, +1 450 463-7180.
  • 19 J.-W.-Gendron Library (Bibliothèque J.-W.-Gendron), 3875, Grande Allée, Longueuil (Québec), J4T 2V8, +1 450 463-7180.
  • 20 Jacques Ferron Library (Bibliothèque Jacques-Ferron), 100, rue Saint-Laurent Ouest, Longueuil (Québec), J4H 1M1 (Fitted out in the Isodore-Hurteau square), +1 450 463-7180.
Raymond-Lévesque Library in the Saint-Hubert borough
  • 21 Raymond-Lévesque Library (Bibliothèque Raymond-Lévesque), 7025, boulevard Cousineau, Longueuil (Québec), J3Y 0H1 (Located near Parc de la Cité and near André-Laurendeau High School), +1 450 463-7180.

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  • 1 Boucherville Islands National Park This National Park is a protected area open all year round. Its territory covers the islands: Grosbois, Sainte-Marguerite, de la Commune, Grande-Rivière, aux-Raisins, La Petite Rivière and the Grand Duc. This park includes the Île Sainte-Marguerite Discovery and Visitors Centre, the Île Sainte-Marguerite Group Pavilion and the Grosbois Visitors Centre. Users can rent equipment for recreational tourism activities in all seasons, go camping and organize group activities. In this park, the deer population is part of the scenery.
  • 2 Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park The park includes many trails, playground, picnic tables, the Jean-Guy Gaudette relay, an orchard, a Le Vieux-Moulin tea room, and a boat rental service.
  • 3 Montreal The economic, commercial and financial heart of Quebec is a large, diverse city, with many festivals, museums, and lively neighbourhoods that attract visitors.
  • 4 Varennes Pré-Vert Park is a place of celebration and outdoor activities in the heart of the city. The new Polydôme houses a covered ice rink with open walls in winter; it offers a sheltered community area in summer. The Parc de la Commune provides good access to the river. Varennes displays an ancestral and modern component, as well as a variety of recreational and tourist activities (hiking, golf, cycling, nautical activities on the river, etc.). Sugar shack enthusiasts are well served on the Chemin des Sucreries.
  • 5 Boucherville Boucherville also has 41 municipal parks, two public sports and recreation complexes, a golf club, two yacht clubs, a rowing club, the Maison des Jeunes and a Center D'Art café. In addition, Boucherville offers a variety of restaurants and recreational tourism activities (bike paths, nautical activities, golf, etc.).
  • 6 Sainte-Julie, Quebec Sainte-Julie is a city of great cultural, sporting and leisure activities. Business and commerce are mainly centered near Highway 20, which crosses the municipal territory from east to west. Sainte-Julie offers a pedestrian heritage circuit to discover the Old Village under the historical aspect with 26 information panels; a mobile, self-guided version is available on the city's website. This city provides access to several recreational and tourist activities (hiking, cycling, library, eight municipal parks with various leisure facilities, activities for young people, etc.)
  • 7 Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville A city surrounded by nature with the Mont Saint-Bruno national park, its urban forest, its parks and its recreational tourism infrastructure. In all seasons, Saint-Bruno offers a variety of recreational tourism activities, including: hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and downhill skiing.
  • 8 Carignan Recreational and tourist activities include hiking (via the green trail that joins Saint-Hubert), cycling, nautical activities (on the Acadie or Richelieu rivers), its municipal parks, etc.
  • 9 Brossard Brossard is a cosmopolitan city offering leisure facilities, recreational tourism activities, in particular: hiking, biking, nautical activities on the river area between the St. Lawrence Seaway and the shore of the river (as well as a segment of the Saint-Jacques River), activities in municipal parks, etc.
  • 10 Saint-Lambert (Montérégie) Saint-Lambert is a leading rail and road center (routes 112 and 132) thanks to the Victoria Bridge and its train station in the city center. Saint-Lambert is a hotbed of culture (shows, artist exhibitions) and recreational tourism activities. In addition to the linear park on the east bank of the Canal de la Rive-Sud, this city has magnificent urban parks.
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