city in Central Java Province, Indonesia

Magelang is an administrative and military academy city in the mountains in Central Java province in Indonesia.

Diponegoro monument in the city park

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The nearest airport and train station are in Jogja, 36 km (22 mi) away, or in Semarang.

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From Yogyakarta, you can get to Magelang by bus for about Rp35,000. The trip takes an hour. Buses are also available from Semarang and other major cities in Java like Solo, Surabaya, and Jakarta. Buses stop at 1 Tidar bus terminal.

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The basic price is Rp5,000 and Rp2,500 per km. You can also get around by bus, minibus, horse cart, or by pedicab.

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  • 1 OHD Museum, Jl Jenggolo No.14 (One-hour drive from Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport and two-hour drive from Solo Adi Sumarmo International Airport. Two to three hours drive from Semarang.), +62 293 363420, fax: +62 293 363216. W-M 10:00–17:00. Last entry 16:00. Closed on public holidays. The private collection of modern Indonesian art of Oei Hong Djien. There are two parts to the collection. This museum hosts the changing exhibitions. The permanent collection is housed in a separate building attached to his home, also in Magelang. It may be possible to see the permanent collection by asking at the museum. Indonesian ID card holders: Rp50,000 (adults), Rp25,000 (students); non-Indonesian ID card holders: Rp100,000 (adults), Rp50,000 (students). Children under six free..
  • 2 The Chicken Church (Gereja Ayam) (on Punthuk Setumbu Hill). 05:00-16:30. A chicken-shaped church with a peculiar history. In response to what he claimed was a divine vision in 1988, Daniel Alamsjah, a devout Christian spent every weekend over nearly a decade overseeing the construction of this multi-dominical bird-shaped prayer house. Alamsjah’s vision had been of a dove, but the its resemblance to a giant chicken has earned it its better-known moniker, Gereja Ayam – Chicken Church. Alamsjah ran out of funds in 2000 to complete it and left it to fall into decay. However over the next 15 years, curious visitors to nearby Borobudur began seeking it out. Increasing visitor numbers encouraged Alamsjah to return and begin work on completing the structure. The interior has been decorated in a style that may not be to everyone’s taste. From the parking lot it is a 15-minute walk up a steep hill to the building (for which it is advisable to bring closed footwear). Shuttle rides are offered up the hill but these can be expensive. It is often included in tours to Borobodur. Rp30,000 (+ Rp10,000 parking fees for a car).    
  • 3 Diponegoro Museum (Museum Diponegoro), Jl. Diponegoro No. 1. 08:00-14:00. Featuring Prince Diponegoro, a national hero.
  • 4 Kedung Kayang Waterfall, Nagrong, Wonolelo, Sawangan.
  • 5 Ketep Pass, Ketep, Sawangan. A volcano observation point and there is a volcanology museum.
  • 6 Sekarlangit Waterfall, Tlogorejo, Grabag.
  • 7 Taman Kyai Langgeng (Kyai Langgeng Park), Jl Cempaka No.6, +62 293 319-2642, +62 293 364142. 08:00-17:00. An educational-cum-recreational park which features rare plants, dinosaur statues, and airplane prototypes. It provides a playground with some facilities. Rafting can be organised (when the nearby Progo River is in full flow). Rp20,000 weekdays, Rp25,000 weekends.
  • 8 Silawe Waterfall (Curug Silawe), Sutopati, Kajoran.
  • 9 Selogriyo Temple (Candi Selogriyo), Windusari. 08:00-16:00. This Hindu temple is estimated to have been built in the 9th century AD, during the Mataram Kingdom, and is at an altitude of 740 meters above sea level.
  • 10 Dusun Butuh (Nepal Van Java), Kaliangkrik. The highest hamlet in Magelang with an altitude of 1600 masl and is on the slopes of Mount Sumbing.

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Rafting on Elo River
  • 1 Citra Elo Rafting, Borobudur, Magelang, +62 811 2585 011, . Whitewater rafting on the Elo river.
  • 2 Gunung Tidar. Strolling around the hilly urban forest.
  • 3 Mount Andong, Ngablak. Has an altitude of 1726 masl. It is good for beginner mountaineers.
  • 4 Umbul Temple (Candi Umbul), Grabag. 06:00-17:00. Bathing in an ancient hot spring pool. It was built in Syailendra/Shailendra dynasty which reigned from 600-900 AD.

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Stone carvings edit

On the road from Magelang to Yogyakarta, Muntilan is a stone carving centre
  • 1 Volcanic stone carvings (Along the road south of Magelang towards Yogyakarta, especially around the small towns of Muntilan and Mungkid.). Many stalls selling carved stone items, including statues, garden lamps, mortar and pestles.

Food souvenirs edit

Pick up some getuk (GUH-took) for the folks back home, a sweet delicacy made from cassava and sugar. Steamed, coloured, and topped with grated coconut. Getuk Trio has three differently-coloured layers: yellow, pink, and brown. Also, slondok, is a cracker made from cassava and spices.

Mall edit

  • 2 Armada Town Square, Jl. Mayjen Bambang Soegeng No.1, Kedungdowo, Mertoyudan, +62 293 3219000. 10:30-21:00. Fashion, department store, supermarket, food court, and cinema.

Eat edit

  • 1 Bakso Krikil Pak Bendot, Jl. Ade Irma Suryani, Potrobangsan, North Magelang, +62 857 431 05022. 09:00-21:30. Local Magelang cuisine, bakso krikil (small gravel-shaped beef ball).
  • 2 Blendrang Ayam Munthilan, Karaharjan, Wonosari, Gunungpring, Muntilan, Magelang Regency, +62 857 435 66616. 10:00-14:30. Local Magelang cuisine, bubur blendrang (local chicken porridge)
  • 3 Kupat Tahu Pak Pangat, Jl. Panembahan Senopati No.41, Jurangombo Utara, South Magelang, +62 812 277 88378. 08:00-17:00. Local Magelang cuisine, kupat tahu Magelang (tofu with rice cake in peanut sauce)
Kupat tahu in Magelang
  • 4 Mangut Beong Asli Borobudur, Jl. Syailendra Raya, Wringinputih, Borobudur, Magelang Regency, +62 822 268 84845. 08:00-18:00. Local Magelang cuisine, mangut beong (fish in curry soup).
  • 5 Pancoran Restaurant, Jl Daha No.1, Kemirirejo, +62 293 362688. 09:00 to 21:00 every day. Chinese. Serves pork.
  • 6 Banaran 9 Coffee, Desa Gemawang, Jambu district (On the west side of the main road between Magelang and Semarang), +62 298 599606. A roadhouse run by the state-owned plantation company whose coffee plantations flank the road at this point. An acceptable place to pull in for a quick break if on a long road trip or if the road is jammed. Bathrooms are kept clean, food is standard plates of rice and chicken etc served quickly and hot. And the coffee isn't bad either.

If it has been one of those days, and you can't think whether you want to eat rice or noodles, just have both. Nasi Magelangan (NAH-see mah-GUH-lang-an), or rice in the Magelang style, is a mixture of fried rice and fried noodles, for that fried carb on fried carb hit. Widely available across the region, it is also known as nasi ruwet (NAH-see ROO-wuht) or 'complicated rice'.

Drink edit

  • 1 Es Semanggi (Depot Es Semanggi), Jl. Semarang - Yogyakarta No. 367, Keramat Selatan, Magelang Utara. 06.30-17.30 WIB. A well-known beverage from Magelang, with a recipe handed down since the 1960s. Rp5,000 - Rp12,000.

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  • 1 Hotel Catur, Jl Mayjen Bambang Sugeng No.308, +62 293 326 980, .
  • 2 Mesa Stila (formerly Losari Coffee Plantation), Jl Losari, Losari, Grabag, Kalipucang (Just to the east of the road between Magelang and Semarang, about 60 km (37 mi) south of Semarang), +62 298 596333, . Individual traditional Javanese houses serve as villas in a high-altitude coffee plantation landscape. Volcano views and yoga retreats. Hammam and spa. Rp2,500,000 per night.
  • 3 Ning Tidar Hotel, Jl Purworejo-Magelang KM 5 (about 6 km (3.7 mi) from Borobudur), +62 293 314316, . In the middle of nowhere apart from a smoky internet cafe nearby, so it is not the most convenient location. However, it is a good option when the closer hotels are booked out, as they frequently are. It is a nice property for the price, and they can organise taxis to Borobudur. 24-hour restaurant service. From Rp350,000.
  • 4 Hotel Sriti, Jl Daha No.23, +62 293 363347, .
  • 5 Hotel Trio, Jl Jend. Sudirman No.72 (right opposite the Artos Mall), +62 293 365095, . Rp400,000.
  • 6 Atria Hotel Magelang, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.42, Tidar Selatan, +62 293 3219999. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. A 4-star hotel. They have a pool and spa. From Rp900,000.

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The telephone area code of Magelang is 0293

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  • Yogyakarta.
  • Borobudur — an 8th-century Buddhist stupa and temple complex. One of the world's truly great ancient monuments, the single largest Buddhist structure anywhere on earth. Few who visit fail to be taken by both the scale of place, and the remarkable attention to detail that went into the construction. Set in the heart of the verdant Kedu Plain, the backdrop of mighty active volcanoes only enhances the sense of awe and drama. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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