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The Maghreb is a region in Africa. The term originated in the days of Islam's great expansion. Al-Maghrib (المغرب‎) is Morocco's official name, and also means 'the west' in Arabic. In English, the term refers to all the Islamic areas beyond Egypt.

The Arab Magreb Union

Today the term is applied to all of the Mediterranean coast of Africa except Egypt, plus the Atlas mountains inland from there and some areas along the Atlantic coast. In European histories, much of the region is often called the Barbary Coast; names for its people include Berbers and Moors. When the Moors ruled them, Gibraltar and much of Spain and Portugal would have been counted as part of the Maghreb.

There is an organisation called the Arab Magreb Union. It includes:

As of September 2020 its web site exists in French and Arabic, but the English page just says "coming soon".

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