Centro is the central downtown area of Monterrey. It includes popular tourist areas like the Macroplaza and Barrio Antiguo. For the purposes of this district article, it is bounded by Ruiz Cortines on the north, Churubusco on the east, Carranza on the west, and the Santa Catarina River to the south.

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El Centro is the traditional downtown area of Monterrey. It is home to most state and local government facilities as well as most of the Monterrey area's significant tourist attractions (museums, monuments, and historical sites). Although new shopping malls in the San Pedro area have become retail magnets, the traditional shopping area of Monterrey is downtown, particularly along Padre Mier, where department stores like Sears and Nuevo Mundo remain popular Many major hotels are in el Centro, with the Barrio Antiguo providing some good hostels for budget travelers seeking rooms with local color and flavor.

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See the main article for a more detailed discussion of urban transportation in the Monterrey area.

By metro edit

Use Metrorrey Line 2 or 3 to get to el Centro.

Zaragoza is the best stop for travelers going to see the sights around the Macroplaza or the Barrio Antiguo, (though Padre Mier may be more convenient for Zona Rosa shopping). The entrance to the Zaragoza station is on the Macroplaza on Padre Meir, in between Zaragoza and Zuazua.

Santa Lucia (line 3) and Parque Fundidora (line 2) are the best stops for attractions in Parque Fundidora.

The Parque Fundidora station is 2 blocks walk from Arena Monterrey or 4 blocks to park entrance 4, close to many of the park's main attractions. The Santa Lucia station is convenient to the southwest end of park, near the Baseball Hall of Fame (from the Santa Lucia station, walk 50m north on Av. Gomez, then turn right on Gregorio Torres and walk about 250m. Enter the park through the parking garage for the Baseball Hall of Fame (the guards will point you to the elevators that will take you up to park level).

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Walking is the best way to get around the downtown area, and several pedestrian-only options make el Centro increasingly enjoyable for walking. The Macroplaza is criss-crossed with sidewalks, Calle Morelos is closed to vehicle traffic, and the Paseo Santa Lucia offers quiet, safe walkways beside the waterway from the Museo de la Historia Mexicana all the way to Parque Fundidora.

Taxis and buses are plentiful and are good options for getting out of the Macroplaza area. See the main article about Monterrey for details.

Map of Monterrey/Centro

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Monterrey Cathedral
Neptune fountain at the Macroplaza in Monterrey.
  • 1 Faro Comercial. The bright orange obelisk is a monument to Monterrey's business orientation. At night, laser beacons light the sky.    
  • 2 Museo Arte Contemporaneo (MARCO), Calle Zuazua y Jardón, +52 81 8262 4500. Zuazua at Jardón. Monterrey's large, modern forum for contemporary arts is an architecturally stunning showpiece that features a fascinating collection of modern latino artists. Frequently changing special expositions mean the museum is never the same tour twice. Includes a small outdoor sculpture garden.
  • 3 Monterrey Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey), Juan Zuazua 1100 Sur, +52 81 1158 2450, . Monterrey's cathedral is one of the few colonial-style landmarks in the city. Younger and less elaborate than the cathedrals of Central Mexican cities, it is nonetheless a beautiful church worth seeking out, especially for a Sunday mass.
  • 4 Mexican History Museum (Museo de Historia Mexicana), Doctor José Ma. Coss 445 Sur, +52 81 2033 9898. Large, modern museum chronicling the history of Mexico, from pre-Colombian civilizations like the Maya and Aztec, through the colonial period, the revolution, and the modern industrial age.  
  • 5 Museum of the Northeast (Museo del Noreste, MUNE), Calle Diego de Montemayor 444, +52 81 2033 9898. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00, closed Monday. A regional history museum focusing on the role of the north in Mexico's long and fascinating history. Special exhibits of global interest are also featured.
  • 6 Museo Metropolitano, +52 81 8344 1971. The old city hall has been transformed into a delightful, low-key museum. The ground floor features some permanent historical exhibits, but the upper level is usually dedicated to showcasing emerging local artists.
  • 7 Palacio del Gobierno. Government functions have been moved out of the original Nuevo Leon State House, and in their place is an impressive new museum that showcases the political history of Nuevo Leon. Although foreign tourists will likely find little value to some of the exhibits, the architecture of the place is fascinating and the restoration work first rate. At least walk in to admire the courtyards and the collection of stained glass windows memorializing Mexican heroes.    
  • 8 Teatro de la Ciudad, Calle Mariano Matamoros 732. Located on the Macroplaza, the Teatro la Cuidad is a thoroughly modern venue for live theater, classical music, and the performing arts.
  • 9 Parroquia Sagrado Corazon, 5 de Mayo 545 Ote., Centro (Corner of 5 de Mayo and Zaragoza, behind the Palacio de Gobierno). Daily 08:00-13:00, 15:00-20:00. Monterrey is unusual among Mexican cities in that it has few stunning, huge, colonial era churches. Most date from the 20th century and have little scenic or historic value. Parroquia Sagrado Corazon is interesting in that it dates from the late 19th century and retains the colonial architecture and style of Mexico's historic churches, but with some of the smooth textures and brighter colors that would mark architecture of the era. Be aware that this is an active church, and while visitors are welcome, worship services may be taking place (particularly on Sunday).
In the Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 10 Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame (Salon de la Fama del Beisbol), San Gregorio Torres, Centro (in Parque Fundidora), +52 8328 5746. The Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame expanded into a major new museum (new as of 2022) located in the heart of Parque Fundidora. Stop in and see the players who've made it big, not just in Mexico, but in U.S. major league teams as well. An entertaining and enlightening museum for any true sports fan. The gift shop sells baseball memorabilia. The new museum includes an on-site restaurant.    
  • 11 Templo Expiatorio de San Luis Gonzalez, Hidalgo 280, Centro. Daily 09:00-19:00. Neogothic church dating from 1898. First church to be built entirely of concrete and cement. (No stones, no wood).
  • 12 Antiguo Palacio Federal (Palacio Correos, LABNL), Calle Washington 648. W-F 14:00-21:00, Sa 11:00-19:00, closed M-Tu. Monterrey's old federal building was designed by architect Augusto Petriccioli and built between 1928 and 1929. Its distinctive art deco style is one of the few examples of the period remaining in the city. The building was extensively renovated and re-opened as LABNL, a novel workshop for progressive civic projects. The building is known for its frieze on the front facade and for an observation tower that visitors can enter (free of charge). Free.

Do edit

  • 1 Santa Lucía Riverwalk. An artificial river with a wide walkway, running 2.5-km (1.5-mi) between the Mexican History Museum and Parque Fundidora. Pontoon boats glide along the route giving interpretive local history tours and giving you plenty of photo opportunities. En route, you'll find a pleasant sidewalk bar and restaurant, Las Tenerías, where Argentinian food can be enjoyed with a few drinks and occasional live music.    
  • 2 Parque Fundidora, Conchello 2334, Centro (from Parque Fundidora metro, walk 2 blocks south). The sprawling grounds of an abandoned steel mill have transformed into a most imaginative and delightful urban park. This is a large, multi-purpose park that hosts concerts, festivals, is home to museums, playgrounds, and recreational areas. A former professional race track runs through the park, and today it's a walking and bicycling track, wending its way through the fascinating landscape strewn with re-purposed industrial buildings and set against the dramatic backdrop of the looming Cerro de la Silla. Museums include an art museum, a historical museum, a wax museum, and a children's museum. As of 2022, the park is home to the new and expanded Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame. A classy romantic restaurant called El Lingote is in the Museo Acero Horno #3 (a science and technology museum). Along the edges of the park are hotels and venues for major events, including the Cintermex exhibition hall, the 17,600-seat Arena Monterrey, and the 8,200 seat indoor amphitheatre, Auditorio Citibanamex. The park frequently hosts special events, such as the annual Festival of Lights (Luztopia) from late November to early January. A large parking garage (E10) is on Calle Aramberri near the intersection with Felix Gomez. The park is an excellent place for families to spend an entire day.
  • Ride a Bike: Monterrey is not a particularly bike-friendly city, but the Parque Fundidora is very bike friendly with wide, paved pathways and rental bikes available. You could also rent a bike and venture out on your own, or you could join an organized bike tour and see the downtown area in the company of other 2-wheel friends. Rentals and tours are both available from BCPK Bike Shop. Tours ride through the downtown area starting at 7pm. Most tours are in Spanish, but the Monday bike tours are in English.
    • 3 BCPK Bike Shop, C. Hidalgo Ote. 437, Centro (between Sheraton and Gran Ancira hotels), +52 81 83 40 42 50, . M-Sa 11:30 - 20:00, closed Sunday. Full range of bike services, repairs, sales, rentals.

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  • 1 Centro Comercial Morelos. The real heart of the Zona Rosa. A stretch of 6 blocks of Morelos street is closed to vehicle traffic and has become a popular pedestrian shopping arcade. It's a great place for people watching, especially on Sunday afternoons when families flock to downtown.
Callejon Cultural, Sundays in Barrio Antiguo
  • 2 Callejón Cultural, C. Mina (and several other streets), Barrio Antiguo, +52 81 8340-8093. Every Sunday, Mina street is closed to make room for a pedestrian swap meet. Stretching from Padre Jardón to Padre Mier, you can walk and enjoy a vegan snack or a glass of fresh pulque while browsing through antiques, local artwork, handcrafts, and used books, among a myriad of hidden treasures. Street entertainers and strolling food vendors round out the crowd. Vendors also set up along Morelos. Several antique shops are also located on Padre Jardon, just in case the vendors set up on the street don't have enough things you don't need.
  • 3 Carapan, Hidalgo Oriente 305, +52 81 8345 4422. M-Sa 10:00-18:00 closed Sunday. In business at the same location for more than 70 years, this Monterrey popular art gallery and shop is one of the top 5 galleries for high-end artesanias. The best works from Mexico's top craftsmen in all genres and all regions are represented. You can find authentic black pottery from Oaxaca, Paquime style pottery from Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua, a huge selection of outstanding alebrijes from Michoacan, elaborate trees of life from Metepec and hundreds of similar items. This shop is a rare gem for the traveler who wants to take home a gallery-quality piece of artesania.
  • 4 Plaza de la Tecnologia, Av. Benito Juárez 101, Centro. An amazing warren of crowded aisles full of vendors selling cell phones, batteries, cases, laptops, electronic gadgets and some dirt cheap imports of dubious provenance. Got a cracked screen? You can get it fixed here while you wait. Need a charger? You got it! Hundreds of vendors.

Eat edit

Street food edit

Hot dog stand in Barrio Antiguo

You can find street food everywhere in el Centro. Near the central bus station, there are some vendors as you walk towards the nearby Soriana hiper. There is a 1 food stall with delicious food, for example a gringa for M$40 (March 2022). It's the last food stall on the street C. Julián Villagrán between the 7-eleven and Michoacana.

There is also 2 street food in the middle of the centro, for example at Calle Aramberri / Calle Juan Méndez Nte with a gordita for M$10 (March 2022) during day-time. At the end of Morelos in the Zona Rosa, there are several street food vendors as you walk up Hidalgo (away from Macroplaza). Some are there during the day, more open up at night.

In Barrio Antiguo, dozens of street food vendors set up on street corners. They aren't out during the day, but when the party crowds come out at night, the food vendors are everywhere.

Budget edit

Las Monjitas in Zona Rosa

Around the central bus station edit

  • 3 Café Sevilla. A simple traditional restaurant with delicious main dishes for about M$79. They serve for example machacado, a northern Mexican dish for M$65, and chilaquiles.
  • 4 Restaurant Villace. You get several tasty dishes which you may not have heard about before like entomatadas, albondigas, chile relleno, tacos dorados and chilaques. Prices are around M$75 (March 2022).
  • 5 Comida Casera La Mazatleca. Home cooking restaurant with tasty Mexican dishes for M$70-75 (March 2022).
  • 6 Shang Hai. Simple Chinese restaurant with tasty dishes with one kind of meat for M$70 (March 2022).
  • 7 Doña Tota. You get 2 gorditas, a rather small portion of rice and beans and a drink for M$49 (March 2022). Locations throughout Monterrey, including one inside the central bus station, one in Plaza Mexico and another in Interplaza.

in the Zona Rosa edit

  • 8 Taqueria Las Monjitas, Peatonal Morelos 474, Centro. More famous for its monastery appearance and waitresses dressed as nuns than it is for its food, which is generally basic and a bit greasy, but cheap and filling.
  • 9 Mi Tierra, Peatonal Morelos, Centro. Unpretentious casual cafe with good food and friendly service. One of the consistently best options along the pedestrian shopping area of Morelos (Zona Rosa). Two locations.
  • Interplaza Food Court Peatonal Morelos at Av. Benito Juarez - levels 2 and 3, dozens of fast food options
  • Plaza Mexico Food Court Peatonal Morelos - level 2, dozens of fast food options

In Barrio Antiguo edit

  • 10 Mercado Barrio Antiguo, Morelos 837, Barrio Antiguo. Daily 08:00 - 22:00. Large, modern indoor food court with everything from Texas barbecue to Korean hot dogs, Mexican food, pizza, coffee, and gelato.

Mid-range edit

La Chunga restaurant in Barrio Antiguo
  • 11 Sanborns, Mariano Escobedo Sur 920 (in the pedestrian-only shopping area of Morelos (Zona Rosa)), +52 81 8343 1834. Traditional Mexican fare served in a clean, modern dining room. Pleasant atmosphere with waitresses in traditional Mexican dresses. Cafeteria counter, bakery, and candy counter.
  • 12 Cafeteria Gaby, 814 Calle Hermenegildo Galeana Sur (in the Morelos shopping plaza), +52 81 8344 1898, . M-Sa 07:30-21:00; Su 08:00-20:00. Cafeteria, family-style restaurant, coffee shop. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Connected to Panaderia Nopal (known for their gigantic donuts). Two minute walk from Padre Mier metrorrey station.
  • 13 Ianilli's, Dr J.M. Coss 1221 (behind the MARCO), +52 81 8342 7200. Classic Italian cuisine served in a colonial era building.
Madre Oaxaca restaurant in Barrio Antiguo
  • 14 Madre Oaxaca, Calle Padre Raymundo Jardon 814, +52 81 8342 7200. Elegant atmosphere specializing in dishes from the Oaxaca region (the black mole is delicious!).
  • 15 La Casa del Maiz, José Mariano Abasolo 870, Barrio Antiguo. Daily 08:00-22:00. Traditional central Mexican dishes. Akbal Lounge, upstairs, is a good place to drink.
Pozole at Quesadilla de la Abuela in Monterrey
  • 16 Me Muero de Hambre, Mina 103 (corner of Morelos), +52 81 8345 0538. Daily 12:30-23:00 (until 02:00 on Thursday and Friday). Fun multi-level casual eatery with pizza, sandwiches, tacos (on different floors). If you don't like the food on one level, go upstairs to the next.
  • 17 Fonda el Limoncito, Guillermo Prieto 938 (in Barrio Antiguo, between Mina and Montemayor), +52 833 403 1377. Daily 09:00 - 16:00 (open until 23:00 Friday and Saturday). Delicious traditional Mexican favorites served in a delightful colonial era building with thick stone walls. The chilaquiles are excellent!
  • 18 Govinda, Juan Ignacio Ramón 820, Centro (near Mexican History Museum), +52 81 1944 6324. 12:00 - 17:00. Vegetarian restaurant serving a buffet lunch.
  • 19 La Chunga, Morelos 958, Barrio Antiguo, +52 81 8344 9703. Daily 12:00 - 1:00 (til 02:00 on Friday and Saturday). Casual sidewalk cafe with tacos, burgers, fish, grilled meats. Indoor dining rooms as well.
  • 20 Quesadillas de la Abuela, Morelos 1024, Barrio Antiguo, +52 81 83433787. Daily 09:00 - 16:30. Casual sidewalk cafe with a small indoor dining room. Traditional Mexican cuisine such as, well, quesadillas.
  • 21 Botanero Moritas, Juan Ramón 852 Ote., Centro (behind MUNE museum), +52 81 8340 2036. Daily 13:00 - 00:00 (01:00 Friday and Saturday). Classic cantina established in 1939, extremely clean with great ambience, friendly service, and some of the best traditional northeast Mexican cuisine in town. Tacos are distinctive with darker coloring and rich flavors.
  • 22 La Divina, C. Diego de Montemayor 507 Sur, Centro (bright blue building directly behind Mexican History Museum), +52 81 80402278. Daily 12:30 - 00:00 (til 18:00 Sunday). Traditional Mexican cuisine with an excellent terrace upstairs with view of the Paseo Santa Lucia. If something seems unique or unfamiliar, try it! The idea of noodle tacos seemed strange to me, but they were delicious! (So was the cajeta flan with nuts). Delicious!
  • 23 Los Huastecos, Av Paseo de los Leones 2512, +528130656238. 10ː30 - 21ː00. Northern Mexican fare. Did somebody say skirt steak and frijoles?

Splurge edit

Kid goats roasting over hot coals at El Rey del Cabrito in Monterrey
  • 24 El Rey del Cabrito, Av. Constitucion 817 (corner of Zuazua, 1 block from MARCO museum), +52 81 8345 3232. Daily 11:00-23:00. One of the most famous restaurants in all of Northern Mexico, serving authentic regional cuisine, especially cabrito al pastor but there are options like steak arrachera for those who don't want to eat goat.
  • 25 Jabalina, Padre Meir 859, +52 812 572 2060. M-Th 13:00-01:00, F-Sa 13:00-02:00. Exquisite northeastern Mexican regional cuisine with creative cocktails and a lively outdoor terrace dining area or a quieter inside dining room. Recommend the picaña tacos. M$300.
  • 26 Neuquén, Dr. Coss 659 Sur (near Santa Lucia (Museo de Historia Mexicana)). Daily 12:30-00:30. Delicious Argentinian meat, empanadas (stuffed bread), and irreverent pizzas, among other heavily flavored food alternatives; enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.
  • 27 Restaurante San Carlos, Av. Morones Prieto 2803 Pte, +52 81 8344 4114. Daily 07:00-22:30. Good cabrito and beef.
  • 28 Feelgrow, Jose Ma Coss 1027 Sur, +52 81 8345 0103, . Comfortably casual restaurant with a spacious outdoor dining area. The food is a mix of classic Mexican dishes with favorite Italian and American dishes. Open for breakfast (and the chilaquiles are recommended!).
  • 29 Muelle de al Lado, Av. Juarez 1102 (or Constitucion 1002) (inside Pabellon M, planta baja), +52 81 2169 3233. Daily 12:00 - 20:00. Monterrey isn't known for it's seafood, but this popular restaurant is known for its fresh fish. Try the seafood soup! Additional locations in San Pedro and San Jeronimo.

Drink edit

The east side of Macroplaza constitutes Barrio Antiguo (Old Town). At night, you will find plenty of bars with live music that stay open until early in the morning. Keep an eye out for people handing out "No Cover" passes on the street, as well as flyers advertising events and special offers (example: 2x1 on bottles before midnight, girls 50% off cover fee) at the different nightclubs.

Barrio Antiguo edit

La Oveja Negra is one of several bars focusing on local craft beer.
  • 1 Almacen 42, Calle de Morelos 852, Barrio Antiguo. An oasis of local craft beers awaits the thirsty traveler. Funky shipping container style, live music on weekends, and an assortment of pizza and sandwiches.
  • 2 Café Iguana, Calle Diego De Montemayor 927, +52 81 8343 0822. Alternative bar with a relaxed atmosphere and live music.
  • 3 Café Trece Lunas, José Mariano Abasolo 876 (between Diego de Montemayor and Dr. Coss). Relaxing restaurant-bar with a unique atmosphere, decorated with hand-painted furniture and scribbled walls.
  • 4 McMullens Pub, Calle Diego de Montemayor, 843, Barrio Antiguo, +52 8111000345. Low-brow faux Irish pub. Lively club featuring mostly local bands.
  • 5 Escoces Pub, Calle Diego de Montemayor 808, +52 8183439700. Eclectic faux Scottish pub featuring local bands and indie pop as well as stand-up comedy with open mic nights. No one under 18 admitted.
  • 6 La Tumba, Calle Padre Mier 827, Barrio Antiguo. Formerly known for their cuban sounds, the club died and was reborn in 2020 with an emphasis on rock.
  • 7 Astro, Diego de Montemayor 1114, Barrio Antiguo, +52 8110711802. Popular dance club with a young audience, music is mostly reggaeton.
Munich Dunkle "Santa Lucia" at Cuadro Coyotes
  • 8 Akbal Lounge, José Mariano Abasolo 870, Centro. Funky, retro style bar with different types of live music. 80s one night, latin pop the next, reggaeton the night you wish you'd gone out of town. Comfortable atmosphere.
  • 9 Cuadro Coyote, Padre Raymundo Jardón 829, Centro, +52 81 12313936. Tu W 17:00-23:00, F Sa 15:00-01:30. 24 taps of locally crafted beers, open outdoor patio area.
  • 10 La Oveja Negra, Morelos 924, Barrio Antiguo. Tu-Su 15:00 - 01:30, closed Monday. Lots of local craft beers including stout on a nitro tap. Usual carne asada style meats, though the German bratwursts are a nice deviation.

Centro (not Barrio Antiguo) edit

  • 11 Metapatio, Melchor Ocampo 222, Centro, +52 81 8258 0090. Large, open-air festival-style party hall with local craft beers, light food, occasional live music, but usually a DJ spinning the tunes. Convenient to hotels near the Macroplaza and Pabellon M.

Coffee edit

Whether it's a morning necessity, or an alternative to alcoholic beverages, coffee is increasingly becoming a social drink of choice. Monterrey is blessed with many independent coffee houses that offer a refreshing change of pace from over-marketed ubiquitous coffee chains.

  • 12 Barrio Galeria y Cafe, Calle Diego de Montemayor 902, +52 81 28806929. 14ː00 - 20ː00. Terrace cafe with board games, coffee drinks, baked goods. Quiet and serene when special events are not taking place.
  • 13 Monstera The Coffee Bar, Morelos 939. 10ː00 - 21ː00. Small, comfortable, funky place in the heart of Barrio Antiguo. Good coffee, a range of teas, and even some craft beers.
  • 14 Roland Coffee Bar, Mina 923, Barrio Antiguo. 09ː00 - 22ː00. Cool place, kind of retro with vinyl records on the wall etc., but they play good music, serve good coffee, and have full meals (not just bakery items like many coffee shops in the neighborhood).
  • 15 Libros Cafe y Detalles, J. Ma. Morelos 949-991, Barrio Antiguo. 09ː00 - 22ː00. Book stores and cafe go together like icing on a cake. Eclectic selection of books, a great upstairs balcony for quiet discrete encounters, and full breakfasts available (not to mention some delicious coffee drinks). Live music outdoors on weekends.
  • 16 Tierra Libre, Matamoros 929, Barrio Antiguo, +52 81 2402 0572. 13ː00 - 22ː00. Great ambience, quiet, coffee drinks plus smoothies, vegetarian food options.
  • 17 Black Coffee, C. Diego de Montemayor 659, Barrio Antiguo. 09ː00 - 19ː00. Variety of coffee drinks including cold brew, homemade baked goods. The paninis are a good lunch option. Passionate staff who love to talk about coffee.

Sleep edit

Budget edit

Barrio Antiguo edit

  • 1 Ikali Hostel, José María Morelos 1017, Barrio Antiguo, +52 81 8342 2151. Check-in: 15ː00, check-out: 12ː00. Clean rooms in a popular part of Barrio Antiguo. Bathrooms could use an update but the prices are very low so some sins are forgiven. M$700.
  • 2 La Casa del Barrio, Calle Diego De Montemayor 1227, +52 81 8344 1800. Fantastic for backpackers, this affordable clean, comfortable hostel is a value. Prices can vary but see the website for details (in English & Spanish), which also has a reservation service. The hostel has shared rooms, showers and a cooking area. One of the most attractive thing about this hostel is the couple who own it — they're welcoming and very helpful.
  • 3 Hotel Fundador, 802 Diego De Montemayor (near Zaragoza subway station), +52 81 8342 0121. A clean, quiet, cheap, air-conditioned hotel in the heart of the Barrio Antiguo.
  • 4 My Family in Monterrey Hostel, Calle Diego de Montemayor 1221 (2 blocks east of Palacio Municipal on Macroplaza), +528132814568. Backpacker hostel. Cheap single bunks, some private rooms, shared baths.
  • 5 Casa Lucia, C. Diego de Montemayor 728-1, Barrio Antiguo, +52 8130802589. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00.

Bus station area edit

  • 6 Hotel Victoria Monterrey. Decent hotel. M$290/440 single/double with fan, M$600 with air conditioning.

Parque Fundidora area edit

  • 7 Smart Hotel Cintermex, Calle Gral. Carlos Salazar Ote. 2420, Obrera, +52 81 26760305. Check-out: 15ː00. Sparsely furnished barebones hotel in a modern building. Clean, very close to Parque Fundidora, and a great value for the area. M$790.
  • 8 Hotel Hiǃ Fundidora, Av. Francisco Madero 2925, Acero (across the street from Parque Fundidora, near access gate 4), +52 81 47746060. Check-in: 15ː00, check-out: 12ː00. New budget hotel near gate 4 for Parque Fundidora. Modern barebone facilities with low rates. M$790.

Mid-range edit

Krystal Hotel Monterrey

Macroplaza area edit

  • 9 Gamma Gran Ancira Hotel, Ocampo 443, +52 4433108137. Historic landmark hotel with charm and grace. Somewhat small rooms but classy atmosphere. Outstanding Sunday brunch in the lobby. The 1910 bar is a classic downtown watering hole. Excellent location.
  • 10 Sheraton Ambassador Hotel, Miguel Hidalgo 310 Ote, +52 81 8380-7000. Excellent rooms in upscale hotel, two blocks to Macroplaza. Free valet parking, excellent on-site restaurant.
  • 11 Hotel Monterrey Macroplaza, José María Morelos Oriente 574 (On Zaragoza at Morelos), +52 81 83806000. Great location near the center of town. Clean, but a tiny bit "worn". Heated/indoor pool. Free garage parking. M$1200 for double room (small, but neat) with microwave, coffeemaker, free bottled water. Outstanding value.
  • 12 iStay Hotel Centro (formerly the Holiday Inn, and the Doubletree Rio), Padre Mier 194 Pte, +52 81 8228-6000. At the end of the Morelos shopping district, about 7 blocks from the Macroplaza. Very good rates, but rooms tend to be small and decor is a bit dated. Free indoor parking.
  • 13 Crowne Plaza Monterrey, Av Constitución Oriente 300, +52 81 8316-6000. Large corporate-style hotel with large clean rooms, indoor swimming, 24-hour business center and more. Good location on very busy road, one block to Macroplaza.
  • 14 Krystal Hotel Monterrey, Corregidora 519 (just west of the Macroplaza), +52 83 19 09 00, . Amenities include indoor pool, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, supervised parking lot, valet parking.
  • 15 Antarisuites Galerias, Av. Constitucion 1707 Pte., +52 81 8130-1818. Modern, new hotel on the feeder lanes of Constitucion, clean spacious, well equipped rooms with kitchenettes. Laundry, gym on site.
  • 16 Fiesta Inn Monterrey Centro, Av. Pino Suarez 1001, +52 81 8150-2222. New mid-range hotel in the heart of Monterrey.
  • 17 Plaza de Oro Hotel, Hidalgo 461 Pte, +52 81 8345 1144. Clean, comfortable, very modern rooms in a friendly, intimate small downtown hotel. Free indoor parking. Outstanding value. Morning noise can be irritating if you forget to close your second interior door (the restaurant is in the hotel's atrium).
  • 18 Hotel Kavia, Oriente 531, entre Zaragoza y Ocampo, Centro (50 m from Macroplaza, near Hotel Monterrey and Kalos), +52 81 2530 6500. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Modern hotel with excellent location. 2 minute walk to MARCO museum, cathedral, Morelos (Zona Rosa), Barrio Antiguo. M$1400.

Parque Fundidora area edit

  • 19 Antaris Cintermex, Av Fundidora 400, Obrera (across the street from Cintermex and Parque Fundidora gate), +52 81 8318 0444. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Modern, clean hotel, convenient to Parque Fundidora and Cintermex.
  • 20 Holiday Inn Express Fundidora, Av Fundidora 200, Obrera, +52 8136747700. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. New high-rise hotel adjacent to Parque Fundidora.

Splurge edit

  • 21 Santa Rosa Suites, Mariano Escobedo 930 (on Plaza Hidalgo, next to Krystal Hotel, one block to Macroplaza), +52 81 8342-4200. Upscale rooms and often very good weekend rates. Clubby restaurant and lounge. Limited parking in a tight outdoor lot. Excellent location.
  • 22 Safi Royal Luxury Hotel, Av. Pino Suarez 444 Sur, +52 81 8100-7000. Glitzy and pretentious, but good service, central location, and spacious rooms at affordable prices make it a perennial favorite for downtown.
  • 23 Fiesta Americana Monterrey Pabellon M, Av. Juarez 1102 , Col. Centro, +52 443 310 81 37. Upscale hotel in a new 50-story mixed use high-rise at the Pabellon (mall and arena complex). Comfortable rooms with outstanding views, full-service. 1596 restaurant is good, and there are many more dining options in the connected mall. M$2000.

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Broadband internet is ubiquitous and all major hotels and restaurants offer free WiFi service. Cell reception is excellent throughout the area with 5G coverage in all parts of the city. See main article for details.

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