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Haidhausen is a mixed residential and night life area just to the east of Munich's historic city center on the eastern banks of the river Isar. It consists largely of the boroughs of Haidhausen, Au, Alt-Bogenhausen, Untergiesing and parts of Berg am Laim.


Gründerzeit style building in Haidhausen

Au-Haidhausen, founded towards the beginning of the 9th century, began as a quarter for day laborers and craftsmen, outside the city fortifications. It was incorporated into the city of Munich in 1854. The center of this neighborhood is the French Quarter - the streets here are named after places in France and the layout of the street grid copies that of French cities - right in front of Munich East station. Although largely destroyed by Allied bombing during World War II, there are still some buildings preserved from the end of the 18th century. Today, Au-Haidhausen is a popular district to live in. Moreover, the area has a very high density of bars and clubs, with Kultfabrik (which claims to be the largest party zone in Europe, as it has been developed into a maze of bars, clubs, skate parks, cinemas, games halls, climbing walls, etc.) and Optimolwerke being the most famous.

Unlike Au-Haidhausen, Alt-Bogenhausen was virtually undamaged during World War II and today is one of the most exclusive residential areas of Munich.

18th century buildings in Haidhausen

Untergiesing, which was incorporated into Munich together with its northern neighbors, used to be a typical working-class neighborhood. Its main attractions nowadays are the recultivated banks of the Isar, where people on warm summer evenings gather to enjoy a local beer and relax in the sun. The area roughly is bounded by the river Isar to the west, Mittlerer Ring (B2R) urban expressway to the north and north-east, Leuchtenbergring and Ampfingstraße to the east, and Werinherstraße and Candidstraße (B 2R) to the south.

Container village at the entrance of the Werksviertel

The travel district Haidhausen also includes parts of Berg am Laim, especially the Werksviertel borough, a former party area on a large industrial site that is now one of the largest urban development projects in Munich.

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By carEdit

The Haidhausen area is close to the ends of autobahns A 8, A 995 from the south and A 94 from eastern directions, and therefore easily accessible by car. The main arteries of the area running from east to west (and vice versa) are Prinzregentenstraße and Einsteinstraße in the north of the area, which connect the city center to autobahn A 94, and Rosenheimer Straße, which cuts right through the center of the area and connects the city center with autobahn A 8. Going from north to south (and vice versa) the most important streets are Orleansstraße, Tegernseer Landstraße, and Richard-Strauss-Straße. Traffic can be very heavy, especially during rush hours, and parking is scarce and mostly limited to residents with special parking permits.

By suburban train (S-Bahn)Edit

  • 1 Ostbahnhof  U5  (Munich East Station) is one of Munich's two Category 1 railway stations which offers regional and interregional connections. Almost all S-Bahn lines pass through the station as it is the endpoint of the S-Bahn backbone tunnel. It also provides a U-Bahn station (U5 Ostbahnhof), a tram station (line 19), and a terminal for urban and regional buses.
  • S-Bahn lines S1, S2, S3, S4, S6, S7, S8, and S27 stop at Ostbahnhof (Munich East Station) and 2 Rosenheimer Platz.
  • S-Bahn lines S2, S4, S6, and S8' at Ostbahnhof (Munich East Station) go on in north-eastern direction and serve the station at Leuchtenbergring, while S3 and S7 branch off to the south to stop at Sankt-Martin-Straße.

By subway (U-Bahn)Edit

  • Subway line  U1 , coming from the city center at Sendlinger Tor and traversing Isarvorstadt, stops at Kolumbusplatz and Candidplatz in the very south of the area, and goes on in southern direction.
  • Subway lines  U2  and  U7 , coming from the city center at Sendlinger Tor, operate in the very south of the area as well and stop at Kolumbusplatz, Silberhornstraße, and Karl-Preis-Platz to go on in eastern direction.
  • Subway line  U4 , coming from the city center at Odeonsplatz, stops at 3 Max-Weber-Platz  U4  U5 , Prinzregentenplatz, Böhmerwaldplatz, and Richard-Strauss-Straße serves the Alt-Bogenhausen area in the north of the district.
  • Subway line  U5 , coming from the city center at Odeonsplatz, stops at Max-Weber-Platz and Munich East (Ostbahnhof) and goes on in south-eastern direction.

By tramEdit

  • Tram lines 15 and 25 run though the whole area from south to north with stops including Max-Weber-Platz and Ostfriedhof and connect it to the southern parts of East Munich.
  • Tram line 16, coming from the city center at Sendlinger Tor and Isartor serves the north-western and northern parts of the area with a number of stops along Innere Wiener Straße with stops at Am Gasteig, Wiener Platz, Max-Weber-Platz, and Friedensengel, and the terminus at Effnerplatz.
  • Tram line 17, arriving from the city center at Sendlinger Tor, cuts through the southern center of the Haidhausen area with stops including Marishilfplatz and Ostfriedhof to continue in south-eastern direction.
  • To reach the northernmost parts of the district around Effnerplatz you can also use tram line 18', which runs along the left banks of the Isar to cross into northern Alt-Bogenhausen at Tivolistraße. It continues further north into the Bogenhausen area of East Munich.
  • Tram line 19, coming from the very city center at Nationaltheater, cuts through the northern center of area with stops including Maximilianeum, Max-Weber-Platz, and Ostbahnhof. It goes on to the central part of East Munich.

By bicycleEdit

Going to the Haidhausen area by bike - though only a short way from the city center with bike lanes along the streets - is rather for the sporty type, as the ascent from river Isar up to the center of Haidhausen is quite steep.

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Map of Munich/Haidhausen

As most of the locations of touristic interest are within an 800 m radius around Munich East (Ostbahnhof), it's no problem to explore the area on foot. Another option are Tram lines 15 and 25, which cover the whole area, and Tram line 16, which will take you to all major sights of the area. As everywhere in Munich, exploring the area by bike is always an option - however, in this case it's rather for the sporty type as there are some steep ascents in the area.


  • 1 Angel of Peace Monument (Friedensengel), Europaplatz 1 (Tram 16: Friedenengel/Villa Stuck). The Friedensengel monument marks the entrance of the Bogenhausen neighborhood at the Isar. The statue on top of 44-m-high structure depicts Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The monument, which is in the Maximiliananlagen park, is accompanied by a fountain and a small temple.    
  • 2 Bavarian Public Observatory Munich (Bayerische Volkssternwarte München), Rosenheimer Straße 145h (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 406239. Sep-Mar: M-F 20:00-22:00, Apr-Aug: M-F 21:00-23:00. The observatory is open to the public every working day after dark and offers regular 2-hr tours in English language every Monday (and on other days if prearranged). Adults €5, concessions €3.    
  • 3 Bogenhausen Cemetery (Friedhof Bogenhausen), Bogenhauser Kirchplatz 1 (Tram 18: Mauerkircherstraße). Daily 07:00-20:00. This small cemetery is the last resting-place for many local celebrities and artist, like Bernd Eichinger, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Oskar Maria Graf and Erich Kästner.    
The Gasteig cultural center
  • 4 Church of the Holy Cross (Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche), Gietlstraße 2 (U-Bahn U2, U7: Silberhornstraße), +49 89 69365880. The structure is the oldest completely preserved Gothic Revival church in Munich, because it was wonderously unharmed by the Allied bombings during World War II. Being at the top of a hill, its 95-m-high bell tower is visible already from afar.    
  • 5 Eastern Cemetery (Ostfriedhof), St.Martins-Platz 1 (Tram 15, 17, 25: Ostfriedhof). Daily 08:00-18:00. The Eastern Cemetery is one of Munich's oldest cemeteries still in use and one of the biggest as well. It is a park, that covers an area of over 30 ha. Many famous Munich residents, like Kurt Eisner, Duke Ludwig Wilhelm in Bavaria, Rudolph Mooshammer, and Hjalmar Schacht, are buried in the grounds. The cemetery's crematory was also used to cremate the executed Nazi war criminals found guilty in the Nuremberg Trials, von Ribbentrop, Keitel, Kaltenbrunner, Streicher, Sauckel, Jodl, Seyss-Inquart, and Göring. Their ashes were afterwards thrown into the Isar.    
  • 6 Gasteig, Rosenheimer Straße 5 (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz), +49 89 480980. Daily 08:00-23:00. Gasteig is Munich's big cultural and educational complex overlooking the river Isar. The structure was built 1978-1985 in a modernistic style. Here you can listen to the world-famous Munich Philharmonic Orchestra in Munich's biggest philharmonic hall. Moreover, the complex has theater stages, cinemas, and houses a big library and a community college. It is also one of the main venues of the Munich Film Festival (Münchner Filmfest) and the Munich Biennale opera festival.    
  • 7 Maximiliansanlagen (Tram 16: Friedensengel/Villa Stuck). Shared between the area and the neighboring district of Haidhausen, the Maximiliananlagen are a park along the banks of the Isar around the Friedensengel monument. Though close to the river, swimming here is not possible as the bank is very steep here.    
  • 8 Maximilianeum, Max-Planck-Straße 1 (Tram 19: Maxmilianeum). The Maximilianeum was built 1857-1874 under King Max II. After the reconstruction made necessary by the destruction of 70% of the building by Allied bombings during World War II, the Bavarian parliament moved into the building in 1949. The Maximilianeum also houses the Stiftung Maximilianeum for extraordinarily gifted students. It is possible to visit plenary meetings, but not to tour the rest of the interior.    
Medienbrücke in the new Werksviertel borough
  • 9 Medienbrücke, Rosenheimer Str. 145E-F, 81671 München (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof). The Medienbrücke ("media bridge"), a horizontal office building that hovers on two pillars at a height of 46 m, is one of Munich's most unusual buildings. A rooftop lounge, Upside East, is on the building's roof.    
  • 10 Möhlstraße, Möhlstraße (Tram 16: Friedensengel/Villa Stuck). Möhlstraße is a perfectly preserved architectural ensemble of 30 historic mansions, which dates back to the end of the 19th century. The area around Möhlstraße and the adjacent streets is Munich's most expensive neighbourhood.
  • 11 Museum Villa Stuck, Prinzregentenstraße 60 (Tram 16: Friedensengel/Villa Stuck), +49 89 4555510. Tu-Su 11:00-18:00. The neoclassicistic mansion is the former residence of Munich artist Franz von Stuck. Today the historic house museum shows the former owners works and features changing exhibitions of other works, but the building itself is worth a visit. Adults €4, concessions €2, children (under 18 yr) free.    
  • 12 Technical City Hall (Technisches Rathaus), Friedenstraße 40, +49 89 23396211. M-Th 08:00-16:30, F 08:30-14:00. The 63-m-high glass and steel building is home to the technical and engineering departments of the city administration. To a traveler it is interesting because of the Courtyard in the Wind and especially the café in the top floor, that provides a fantastic view of Munich and the area.    
  • 13 Ten Towers, Dingolfinger Straße 1-15, D-81673 München (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof). Ten Towers is a complex of five pairs of high-rises connected by a bridge and housing companies such as Deutsche Telekom. A rooftop lounge for events, Sky Lounge, is on the building's roof.


  • 1 Auer Dult, Mariahilfplatz (Tram 17: Mariahilfplatz). Auer Dult is an annual market, that takes place three times a year for nine days in May, July, and the weekend after Kermesse. Apart from the very small beer festival (where tourists are virtually unheard of) that goes with the market, Auer Dult is considered to be the largest crockery market in Europe.
  • 2 Boulderwelt München Ost, Friedenstraße 22a (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 41859970, . M–F 07:00-23:00, Sa Su 08:00–23:00. In this large bouldering hall you can test your climbing skills without a harness on 13 different courses. It also offers a competition wall, a kids area with 3 courses, a bistro, and an outdoor course with slackline park and beer garden in summer. Just around the corner in the Werksviertel there is also a tall indoor rope climbing hall in a former factory silo called Heavens Gate, but it is being renovated. Adults €11.80, M–F before 16:00 €7.90.
  • 3 Haidhauser Weihnachtsmarkt, Weißenburger Platz (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5 Ostbahnhof or Rosenheimer Platz, Tram: 15,25), . Daily from 28 November to 24 December. Visit the Christmas market in Haidhausen, which is said to be one of the most beautiful in Munich.
The Hi-Sky giant wheel
  • 4 Hi-Sky Munich, Atelierstraße 11 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5 Ostbahnhof), +49 173 6774435, . Daily 10:00–22:00. Enjoy a 30-minute ride and a unique view over Munich and the Alps from this giant wheel in the Werksviertel district, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as being the world’s biggest transportable giant wheel. Adult €14.50, family-ticket: adult €10.50/child €6, student €10.50.  
  • 5 Kulti-Kids, Grafinger Str. 6, 81671 München (S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5: Ostbahnhof), +49-89-62 83 44-450, . Daily 10:00-22:00, depending on daily courses and events, open play F 13:00-18:00, Sa Su 11:00-18:00. This large indoor and outdoor adventure park for kids, pupils and parents is located within a decomissioned power plant of the former Pfanni factory which previously housed one of Germany's most famous techno clubs, KW – Das Heizkraftwerk, from 1996 to 2003. Beyond being a playground for climbing and sliding, the venue also offers a variety of activities and courses such as mother and baby aerobics, ballet, hip-hop dance, acrobats school, circus, painting or cooking clubs. Kids €2.50, parents €1.
The Müllersches Volksbad
  • 6 Müllersches Volksbad, Rosenheimer Str. 1 (S-Bahn: S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8 Isartor or Rosenheimer Platz, Tram: 16 Gasteig or Deutsches Museum), +49 800 796 796 0. 07:30–23:00. Have a swim at this Art Nouveau public indoor swimming pool which was the world's largest and most costly when it opened up in 1901. Normal €4.50, early/late €3.30.    
  • 7 Nockherberg strong beer festival (Salvator-Ausschank auf dem Nockherberg), Hochstraße 77 (Tram 15, 17, 25: Ostfriedhof), +49 89 4599130. M-F 14:00-23:00, Sa Su 11:00-23:00. The strong beer festival on Nockherberg - the Holy Mountain of Munich - is the most famous of that kind of beer festivals in Bavaria. It takes place during Lent, normally starting around the mid of March and lasting for 17 days. Much of its fame originates from the traditional beer tasting (Starkbieranstich) at the first day, which is a fixed date for every higher ranking Bavarian politician. Be aware of the strong Paulaner beer though: it finishes you much faster!
  • 8 Prinzregententheater, Prinzregentenplatz 12 (U-Bahn U4: Prinzregentenplatz), +49 89 218502. Prinzregententheater is one of the most important stages in Munich. It is the home of the Bavarian Drama Academy. The focus of the shows lies on opera and musical. The building is a magnificent Art Nouveau structure, built after the example of the Richard-Wagner-Festspielhaus in Bayreuth.
  • 9 Tram 19. Hop on to Tram line 19 somewhere in the city center (like Nationaltheater) and ride east to see some of Munich's most overwhelming architecture. It will take you to the most important places in the Haidhausen area.
The whiteBOX art gallery at the Werksviertel
  • 10 whiteBOX, Atelierstraße 18, 81671 München (S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5: Ostbahnhof), +49-89-215 446 220, . Visit an exhibition at this contemporary art gallery. About 30 visual artists also have their ateliers at this 2,400-m² space.


The district is home to many small gift, fashion, music and craft shops
  • 1 Daseinstein, Einsteinstraße 130, 81675 München (S-Bahn: Leuchtenbergring, tram: 15,25,39, parking: up to 1 hour free of charge.), +49 89 28643154. M-Sa 07:00/10:00-20:00. Modern shopping center which houses the world's largest Media Markt consumer electronics retailer, supermarkets, shops and a pharmacy.    
  • 2 Der Schallplattenladen, Pariser Str. 50 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof, Tram: 19), +49 89 72488944, . Tu–F 14:00–19:00, Sa 12:00–16:00. Record store offering new and second-hand vinyl with a focus on jazz, blue note, RnB, funk, soul and easy listening but also some electronica.
  • 3 Kaufring (Kaufhaus am Ostbahnhof), Orleansplatz 3 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 4585540. M-Sa 09:30-19:30. Large department store offering fashion, jewellery, books and household supplies.
  • 4 M2 Music 2nd Hand, Rosenheimer Str. 77, 81677 München (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz, Tram: Lines 15,25), +49 89 4485141, . M Tu Th F 15:00-18:00, Sa 11:00-14:00. One of Munich's oldest second-hand record stores offering a huge selection of vinyl and CDs of all music genres.
  • 5 MJ Guitars, Pariser Str. 32, 81667 München (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof, Tram: 19, Bus: 148 Kirchenstraße), +49 89 483351, . 11:00–19:00. Guitar shop founded by the lead guitarist of the hard rock band Scorpions, Matthias Jabs, who is collecting vintage guitars on his worldwide tours which are then offered in the shop, but you will also find affordable ones there.
  • 6 Monkey Island Records, Steinstraße 67, 81667 München (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz, U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 4487218. This small record store and bar offers rock vinyl.
  • 7 Mono Records + CDs, Breisacher Straße 21, 81667 München (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 4802614, . W Th 14:00-20:00, F 14:00-18:30, Sa 10:00-14:00. Longstanding second-hand record store and a place to dig for rare vinyl and CDs from indie to electronic music.
  • 8 Silberfabrik, Elsässer Str. 19, 81667 München (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof, Tram: 19, Bus: 148 Kirchenstraße), +49 89 80998556, . Tu–Su 14:00–18:00. A screen printing workshop and creative space which offers silkscreen and t-shirt printing courses.
  • 9 Tinissima, Pariser Straße 31 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 44109592, . Tu W 10:00-13:00, Th F 10:00-18:30, Sa 11:00-14:00. A jewelry lovers' paradise featuring beautiful creations by local designer Christine Berger. Fun original rings, earrings, chains and bangles, all created from solid silver and tarnished 900-carat gold.


  • 1 Attentat Griechischer Salat (Greek), Zugspitzstraße 10 (Tram 15, 17, 25: Ostrfriedhof & U-Bahn U1: Silberhornstraße), +49 89 85635381, . M-Sa 17:30-1:00, Su 17:30-0:00. Attentat is a Greek restaurant, and a very hip one, too. The dishes, which are mostly different varieties of Greek salats (hence the name) are huge and delicious. At later hours the waiters often pass around free Ouzo shots and the place can become really noisy. As there are no reservations possible, arriving early is a must.
  • 2 Bogenhauser Hof (International), Ismaninger Straße 85 (Tram 16: Sternwartstraße), +49 89 985586. M-Sa 12:00-16:00 & 18:00-01:00,. A traditional restaurant with upscale international dishes, that is housed in a historic building close to the Federal Finance Court. €15-38.
  • 3 El Perro (Spanish), Belfortstraße 14 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof, Tram: 19), +49 89 482553, . 17:00–01:00. Popular, genuine and cozy restaurant offering a variety of warm and cold tapas, paella and other delicious Spanish specialities and wines.
  • 4 EscoBar (Mexican), Breisacher Straße 19 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 485137. Su-F 17:00-01:00, Sa 17:00-03:00. Mexican food served in a fun and modern way. Inside the restaurant, you'll find plenty of exposed brick work and stainless steel, and even a striking sculpture of a vulture made out of scrap metal. A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere made possible by friendly staff. The cocktail happy hours lasts Tu-Sa 17:00-21:00 and Su & M all day long. €8-14.
  • 5 Gast (Italian), Rosenheimer Straße 5 (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz), +49 89 480982720, . M-Th 11:00-01:00, F 11:00-02:00, Sa 10:00-02:00, Su 10:00-01:00. Part of the Gasteig complex. Pizza, pasta, noodles, rice and salads. The concept is "open kitchen", there are two kitchen areas in the middle of the restaurant where rice, noodle and pasta dishes are cooked to order and another area for pizza. Customers are given electronic charge cards on entry, all food and drink is charged to the card and payment is made when leaving. €6-9.50.
  • 6 Haidhausener Augustiner (Bavarian), Wörthstraße 34 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbanhof), +49 89 62286215. Daily 10:00-01:00. Great place to indulge in some pub culture, with basic but quality food, wide variety of drinks and a great meeting place to catch up with friends.
  • 7 Il Cigno (Italian), Wörthstraße 39 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof, Tram: 19), +49 89 4485589. Daily 11:30–23:30. Very good Italian restaurant with a lively and studentish atmosphere.
  • 8 Il Padrino (Italian), Kirchenstr. 44, 81675 München (S-Bahn: S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8: Ostbahnhof, U-Bahn: U4,U5 Max-Weber-Platz, Tram: 15,25 Flurstraße, 19 Wörthstraße or Haidenauplatz, Bus: 148 Kirchenstraße), +49 89 4471 184, . Daily 11:30–14:30, 17:30–23:30. Excellent Italian restaurant with home-made pasta and tiramisu as well as delicious antipasti, pizza and traditional Italian fish and meat dishes at a very cozy place.
  • 9 Juleps New York Bar and Grill (American), Breisacher Straße 18 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 4480044. Su-Th 17:00-01:00, F Sa 17:00-03:00. Nice little restaurant with good burgers and great cocktails and long drinks. Daily cocktail happy hour 17:00-20:00. €7-13.
  • 10 Käfer-Schänke (Haute Cuisine), Prinzregentenstraße 73 (U-Bahn U4: Prinzregentenplatz), +49 89 4168247. M-Sa 11:30-01:00. Käfer is a name that is familiar to most Munich residents as a top address for fine dining. Käfer-Schänke across the street from Prinzregententheater is a sure thing, if you want to taste great food - and pay accordingly. The restaurant is a Munich institution. Besides the main room, there are 12 private dining rooms available in various styles and sizes. The culinary delight and pampering service comes at a high price, even by the otherwise not cheap Munich standards.
  • 11 L'Angolo della Pizza (Italian), Breisacher Straße 30 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 4488979, . M-F 11:30-14:00 & 17:30-0:30, Sa-Su 16:00-0:30. While this place looks rather unimpressive from the outside it is one of best places in the area to eat pizza. Downer is the poor service. Monday is pizza day with most pizzas for €5.50, while Wednesday is pasta day with all pasta dishes from €5.50-6.50. Pasta from €6.30; meat & fish dishes from €12;, pizza from €7.
  • 12 Le Faubourg (French), Kirchenstraße 5 (U-Bahn: U4,U5 Max-Weber-Platz, Tram: 15,19,25, Bus: 148), +49 89 475533, . Daily 18:00-01:00. Genuine French gourmet dining at a small and elegant location.
  • 13 Nachtkantine (American), Grafinger Str. 6, 81671 München (S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 444510 84, . M-Sa 11:00-04:00. The restaurant and bar with live-stage for concerts and DJs was the former works canteen of the decommissioned Pfanni factory (1969–1996), and since 1996 one of the first venues of the party area Kunstpark Ost. It is thus the most traditional venue in Werksviertel today. They serve American food, such as burgers, pizza and pasta at a good value for money. The restaurant is quite vibey, accentuated by the loud electronic music played by various DJs. Great meeting spot. €5.80-6.90.
  • 14 Sushi Cent (Japanese), Schneckenburgerstraße 31 (U-Bahn: U4 Prinzregentenplatz, Bus: 55,58,100,N53), +49 89 475834, . 11:30–23:15. Excellent Japanese specialities restaurant close to Prinzregentenplatz with a modern interior and convenient prices. meals €10-20, single sushi plate €13-18, plate for two €41-52.
  • 15 Tassilo da Sebastiano (Italian), Balanstraße 34 (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz), +49 89 485134. M-F & Su 11:30-15:00 & 18:00-00:00, Sa 18:00-00:00. Don't be frightened by the creepy outside of this restaurant. Excellent food for reasonable prices, meat and fish dishes are really recommendable (while not cheap). Fine selection of good Italian wines. It's run by an Italian family and the staff is quite funny while sometimes a little bit scatterbrained. Pasta from €7, pizza from €6.30, meat from €13.50.
  • 16 Vinaiolo (Italian), Steinstraße 42 (halfway between Rosenheimer Platz and Woerthstraße), +49 89 489 50 356. Housed in a former pharmacy, it uses its historic furnishings to display its impressive wine collections. Ran by Italians and Italian from head to toe, with the main menu changing weekly, and a different four-course evening set menu daily. Pretty much impossible to get a table without a reservation at least one day prior.


In the Au area (southern part of the area covered by this article):

  • 17 Henry hat Hunger, Zeppelinstraße 27 (c), . M-F 8:00-18:00, Sa Su 10:00-18:00. Mostly vegetarian dishes, chaning regularly (short menu of daily offerings), and coffee from a very renowned local roastery (Fausto). lunch menu €5.


In the Au area (southern part of the area covered by this article):

  • 18 Wirtshaus in der Au, Lilienstr. 51, 81669 München (coming from Deutsches Museum, just take the bridge towards East (Haidhausen) and continue straigt on into the street, the Wirtshaus is one block further; for tram use Deutsches Museum stop and head east/towards Haidhausen over the bridge, from S-Bahn stop Rosenheimer Platz go to Gasteig and then down the hill towards the river; both ways you will be at a crossroads with a cinema ("Museum Lichtspiele"), take the road left to it, the Wirtshaus is about 150 m down the road on the left hand side), +49 89 448 14 00, . M-F 17:00-00:00, Sa Su & holidays 10:00-00:00. A traditional Wirtshaus with long history, already existing in the former suburb Au. One of the good choices if you want to have a decent Bavarian Wirtshaus, also populated by locals. Mid-priced.
  • 19 Österia, Taubenstraße 2, 81541 München (subway: Kolumbusplatz), +49 89 62489924, . M-Sa 14:00-24:00. Austrian restaurant, supposedly very good, be sure to book as it's normally difficult to get a table.




Café Voilà in Haidhausen

In Haidhausen (central part of the area covered by this article)

  • 1 Café Voilà (International), Wörthstraße 5 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof or Rosenheimer Platz, Tram: 15,19,25 Wörthstraße), +49 89 4891654. Daily 08:00-13:00. Long-standing café, bar and restaurant and local favorite for cocktails that serves generous portions in a welcoming atmosphere. Standard fare that is cooked well.
  • 2 Café im Hinterhof (café in the courtyard), Sedanstraße 29 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof or Rosenheimer Platz, Tram: 15,19,25 Wörthstraße or Ostbahnhof), +49 89 448 99 64. M-Sa 08:00-20:00, Su holidays 09:00-20:00. In a house in a courtyard, this lovely place is decorated and features regular piano live music and exhibitions. They offer breakfast/brunch throughout the day and have good cakes.

In Werksviertel (southeast of the München Ost station):

In Au (southern part of the area covered by this article):

  • 4 Café Blá, Lilienstraße 34, . M-F 09:00-18:00, Sa 09:30-18:00, Su and holidays 09:30-17:30. An Icelandic café.
  • 5 Café Crönlein, Am Nockherberg 8, +49 89 21562990, . M-F 16:00-23:00. Café and bar in a former public restroom, which according to the New York Times attracts "a steady stream of visitors with its unusual setting, craft beers, homemade sodas and a weekly outdoor concert series."
  • 6 Café Hüller, Eduard-Schmid-Straße 8 (Tram 17: Eduard-Schmid-Straße, Subway: Fraunhoferstraße (cross the river and then head left into first road)), +49 89 189 387 13. Daily during the day and on early evening. An easy-going café with good cakes, in warm weather it's also very nice to sit outside.


  • 7 Bar of Bel Air, Atelierstraße 4 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5: Ostbahnhof). Bar at the entrance of the Werksviertel quarter with a large outdoor terrace, situated on an elevated site on a pile of shipping containers.
  • 8 Beach38°, Friedenstraße 22C (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 63899510, . Daily 12:00–14:00, 17:00–02:00. Caribbean cocktails, exotic food, dancing and beach volleyball on a warm indoor sand beach with beach bar and deckchairs all the year round.
  • 9 Carlito's MINIbar, Ohlmüllerstraße 11 (Tram 17: Eduard-Schmid-Straße), +49 177 42324330. Daily 18:00-03:00. A very small (20 people max) and cozy bar with a impressive selection of rum, gin, and whiskeys. The proprietor is an artist when it comes to mixing cocktails and always has an open ear for the problems of his guests. Beer (0.5L) €3.40, Cocktails €6.80.
  • 10 Johannis Café, Johannisplatz 15 (U-Bahn U4, U5 & Tram 15, 16 , 19, 25: Max-Weber-Platz), +49 89 4801240. W-M 11:00-open end (mostly around 06:00). When all other locations close and you still haven't enough, the Johannis Café is still open and waiting for you. It's very popular with locals, especially in the very late hours of the night and very early hours of the morning. The mix of customers is strange, as is the interior.
  • 11 Maria Passagne, Steinstraße 42 (U-Bahn U4, U5 & Trams 15, 16, 19, 25: Max-Weber-Platz), +49 89 486167. M-Th 19:00-01:00, F Sa. No sign and just a bell at the door - when you pass by this bar you won't find it if you are not specifically looking for it. After ringing said bell and gaining entrance you find yourself in a small, dim lit bar with a very intimate atmosphere and good cocktails and long drinks - an almost perfect place for a (second or third) date.
  • 12 Molly Malones Irish Pub, Kellerstraße 21 (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz), +49 89 6887510. M-F 17:00-01:00, Sa Su 12:00-01:00. Irish pub with nice atmosphere and many expats among the guests. It's likely to be full in the evening. Every Monday is a pub quiz starting at 21:00. Food is middle-rate, the chips are usually good. Has a big selection of whiskeys and sport events are shown on TV.
  • 13 Schwarzer Hahn, Ohlmüllerstraße 8 (Tram 17: Eduard-Schmid-Straße), +49 173 3619237, . M-Th 20:00-01:00, F Sa 20:00-03:00. Schwarzer Hahn (which translates to Black Cock) is one of Munich's most famous dive bars and very popular with the hip crowd from the neighbouring Gärtnerplatz area. The longdrinks and cocktails menu is comprehensive, but the audience mostly sticks to beer. The relatively cheap prices plus the rather long opening hours make the bar a popular spot for a nightcap - and all previous drinks.
  • 14 Spezlwirtschaft, Pariser Str. 34 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof, Tram: 19), +49 89 44992999, . Daily 17:00-01:00. Restaurant-bar hybrid by the owners of the Crux club where traditional Bavarian dishes meet delicious cocktails, a modern-minimalist design and hip-hop music.
  • 15 Tap-House, Rosenheimer Str. 108 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: S1,S2,S3,S4,S6,S7,S8,U5: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 62231187, . This beer bar at the edge of the Haidhausen district offers 200 craft beers from around the world.
  • 16 [formerly dead link] Vivo!, Lothringer Straße 11 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn U5: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 4485035, . Daily from 18:00. Vivo! is an offbeat, slighthly leftist bar in the French quarter of Haidhausen, which makes it somewhat special in its own right in this rather upscale neighbourhood. Although the focus of the place is definitely on drinks, the choice of warm dishes is rather comprehensive. The bar is a sanctuary for all those, who do not want to go to the rather posh places around.


People in front of the Muffatwerk
  • 17 Charlie, Schyrenstraße 8, 81543 München (U1,U2,U7: Kolumbusplatz), . Smaller techno club but with a high-grade dj line-up.
  • 18 Crown's Club, Rosenheimerstraße 145h (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 160 90339991. Th 23:00-05:00, Sa 23:00-06:00. Opened by the former bouncer of the P1 Club. It has capacity for 500 guests and was meant to be extremely exclusive. But as there are three clubs in Munich trying to be "extremely exclusive" (P1 and 8 Seasons being the others) you may have a chance to get in (if you are well dressed, of course).
  • 19 Gans Woanders, Pilgersheimer Str. 13 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: U1,U2,U7,U8 Kolumbusplatz), . 10:00-24:00. Alternative cultural center and concert venue around a crooked witch's house close to a railroad bridge with a large wooden outdoor area for concerts, readings or improvisational theatre. The venue also offers gastronomy and seating possibilities on various terraces. Many concerts and events at the location are free of charge.
  • 20 Jazzclub Unterfahrt (Jazz club), Einsteinstraße 42 (U-Bahn U4, U5: Max-Weber-Platz), +49 89 4482794. Daily 19:30-01:00; concerts start at 21:00. Jazz club that specializes in great jazz performances. Beer (0.5L) €3.50, wine (0.2L) €4.70.
  • 21 Muffatwerk, Zellstraße 4 (S-Bahn: Isartor or Rosenheimer Platz), +49 89 45875010. This "art factory" and former electricity plant in the heart of Munich has a truly inspired club and a concert hall with café. From the classic "Into Something Friday" or an "Exclusive Line-Up", the Muffatwerk always has something "great" to offer. And if you get tired from dancing you can treat yourself to some well earned rest in the nearby café/bistro. South to the large concert venue which is called Muffathalle and right beneath the widely visible chimney, there is a smaller club called 22 Ampere. which is one of the best venues for indie rock concerts in Munich.

Clubs at Werksviertel & OptimolwerkeEdit

The Werksviertel, a former nightlife hotspot that is now undergoing great changes

This place is a 60,000 m² (72,000 yd²) entertainment mecca. After Europe's then largest disco complex - in the terminal buildings of the former Munich airport - had to close in 1996, the city had to find a replacement for the crowds of partygoers. It was called Kunstpark Ost (KPO) because of its location in a former industrial complex near the eastern railway station. Rumors about closing this area started soon and in 2003 it looked as if the days of the KPO were coming to an end, so some of the clubs moved to an area 200 m (220 yd) in the west, 23 Optimolwerke. As of 2018, only a few clubs in the original area, which is called 24 Werksviertel now, remain open.

Werksviertel and Optimolwerke (and two more discos on the west end of the whole area) are one big complex and most people do not distinguish whether they go to Werksviertel or Optimolwerke. To have more than 30 discos, clubs and bars on a relatively small area is brilliant and efficient as there is something for (nearly) every taste. And if you don't get into one, there is always another club to try. The crowds don't arrive until midnight or later, but if you come earlier, you are more likely to get cheaper/free entry.

Beer gardensEdit

  • 27 Hofbräukeller beer garden, Innere Wiener Straße 19 (U-Bahn U4, U5 & Tram 15, 16, 19, 25: Max-Weber-Platz), +49 89 4599250. Daily 10:00-00:00. This well-known beer garden with 1800 seats serves Höfbräu beer, but don't confuse it with the famous "Hofbräuhaus", the tourist trap in the city center. Beer (1L) €7.20.
  • 28 Nockherberg beer garden, Hochstraße 77 (Tram 15, 17, 25: Ostfriedhof), +49 89 4599130, . Daily 10:00-01:00. Munich's holy mountain Nockherberg is well known for its strong beer festival in March. The beautiful beer garden with 3000 seats is open year round (weather permitting) and serves Paulaner beer. Beer (1L): €7.80.
  • 29 Muffatwerk beer garden, Zellstraße 4 (Tram 16: Deutsches Museum), +49 89 45875073. M-Th from 15:00, F-Su from 12:00. This small beer garden with only 400 seats is next to an industrial land mark (which now houses a bar and clubs). All served dishes are made of organic food. The basic beer brand is Hofbräu, but the beer garden also serves a naturally cloudy organic beer from Lammsbräu. Beer (1L) €7.



  • 1 Hotel Christl, Rosenheimer Str. 103, 81667 München (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz), +49 89 45994430, . Small and cozy hotel in an urban area with breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Single €80, double €100, breakfast €5,.
  • 2 Motel One Munich City-East, Orleansstraße 87 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 59976490. Check-in: 15:00. Modern and sleek interior with simply decorated rooms. Downstairs is the "One Lounge" with a lobby, breakfast café and bar in one. Free wifi access is available (incl. in breakfast price). Single from €69, double from €84.
  • 3 Motel One Munich-Haidhausen, Rosenheimer Straße 110, 81669 Munich (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 90421860, . Check-in: 15:00. Modern hotel at the edge of the Haidhausen district. Downstairs is the living-room style "One Lounge" with lobby, breakfast café and bar in one, and a view onto the street through wall-sized windows. Free wifi access is available throughout the premises. Single from €79.
  • 4 mk hotel münchen, Einsteinstraße 34. A simple and inexpensive two-star hotel with free Wi-Fi.
  • 5 Motel One München - Deutsches Museum, Rablstraße 2 (S-Bhf Rosenheimer Platz). Sister Motel One in Au-Haidhausen at the corner of Hochstraße and Rablstraße, not exactly at the Deutsches Museum, but some 500 metres away. Single from €69.


  • 6 Golden Leaf Hotel Altmünchen, Mariahilfplatz 4 (Tram 17: Mariahilfplatz), +49 89 458440. Central yet quiet location, just a few minutes by bus from the Marienplatz, the heart of the city. Furnished in an Old-Bavarian style. 32 rooms. All rooms have Wi-Fi access and cable TV, and pets are allowed in this hotel. Doubles from €75.
  • 7 Holiday Inn Munich City Centre, Hochstraße 3 (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz), +49 89 48030. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Small indoor pool (no gym), bar, and restaurant. Good breakfast. Very crowned with tourists in summer. Directly connected to the S-Bahn via an underground pedestrian mall. Double from €120.
  • 8 Hotel Prinz, Hochstraße 45 (Tram 15, 25: Regerplatz), +49 89 4414080. All rooms are equipped with cable TV, Wi-Fi access and 24-hr room service. Business travelers can continue to work at the two onsite conference rooms. Double from €128.
  • 9 Novotel Munich City, Hochstraße 11 (S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz), +49 89 661070. Opened in 2004, this 4-star hotel has 307 air-conditioned rooms, a modern restaurant and bar with terrace, free spa area with gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam bath, underground parking and a separate conference centre with terrace and 5 modern meeting rooms. Two restaurants and a garden terrace (summer only). Buffet breakfast €19 per person. Double from €89.
  • 10 Residence Inn Munich City East, Orleansstraße 81-83 (S-Bahn & U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof), +49 89 5589250. The hotel is equipped with a fitness center, steam room, and sauna and each room has a kitchenette. Free Wi-Fi and excellent breakfast are included. Double from €109, single from €109.


  • 11 Hilton Munich City, Rosenheimer Str. 15. The Hilton enjoys a direct underground connection with the Rosenheimer Platz S-Bahn station, where many lines, including the S1 and S8 going to the airport, stop. Otherwise, it is a pretty nondescript and a tad aged business hotel, although situated right next to the most charming part of Haidhausen.
  • 12 Courtyard by Marriott Munich City East. The Courtyard occupies a building between the Residence Inn and the Motel One close to the Ostbahnhof


  • 1 M-WLAN wifi hotspot Ostbahnhof, Orelansplatz. The city of Munich provides free Wi-Fi hotspots at some of the major tourist spots around the city. free.

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