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Northeast Greenland National Park is in Northern Greenland. Northeast Greenland National Park is the largest National Park in the world.

Northeast Greenland National Park is highlighted in red
Musk oxen can be found in Northeast Greenland National Park
The location of Summit Camp, a weather station in Northeast Greenland National Park



The park was created in 1974, although it has since been expanded from its original size.


Greenland is a very mountainous country, where valleys which are often a few thousand feet deep. Glaciers and fjords dominate the glacial valleys. However, further inland, an ice sheet covers Greenland's surface, creating flat terrain at an elevation of several thousand feet.

Flora and faunaEdit

Due to its northern location, plants and animals in Northeast Greenland National Park are limited.

The park is home to an estimated 40% of the world population of musk ox.


All of northern Greenland is cold. However, the coldest regions of Greenland are the inland regions, which are coldest due to their high elevation. For example, in Summit Camp, temperatures regularly get below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. (The location of Summit Camp is shown further down the page)

Get inEdit

By planeEdit

  • 1 Nerlerit Inaat Airport (some 40 km (25 mi) from Ittoqqortoormiit). There is not really much close to the airport so you will have to book a helicopter shuttle to get onwards, still this is the most feasible and comfortable entry point    

Fees and permitsEdit

The requirements to get into Greenland are similar to that of Denmark.

Get aroundEdit

Essentially, one is free to explore the park. However, for those who are not used to being in such remote circumstances, it is probably best to stay closer to tourist guides than polar bears.


On the coast, one can see glaciers and musk oxen; inland is dominated by the continental ice sheet.

The Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord is a destination in Northeast Greenland. It can be reached on a 50 Degrees North Tour.


Explore the park.

Buy, eat, and drinkEdit

There are no shops, restaurants, coffee shops or bars in Northeast Greenland Park.



No one permanently lives in the area, so there will not be any lodging.


Bring your own tent and camping materials.


Everywhere in Northeast Greenland National Park is "backcountry". One can travel for hundreds of miles and not see one sign of habitation.

Stay safeEdit

There are polar bears for a start. Also, the park is extremely remote, so if something goes terribly wrong, there is little hope for rescue.

Go nextEdit

Other parts of Greenland: Greenland is a large country. Other destinations are in the east (to the south of the park - such as Tasiilaq), west (Nuuk and Sisimiut), or south (Narsarsuaq).

Iceland: If one visits Northeast Greenland Park on a 50°N tour, they will then go to Iceland.

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