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National Route 83 (inclusive of the South Australian parts now called B83 and D83) goes from Port Augusta, South Australia to Normanton, Queensland.

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National Route 83 is the only national route connecting Queensland and SA. Even though this is proclaimed as a national route, it's still not used by freight, making it a very unused route. In some parts, if you enter the track, the next car will most likely only come after 3 days.

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Only 4WDs can make it across the harsh areas of the Birdsville Tracks. Do not even think about attempting to bring a 2WD. A spare tyre is crucial as many vehicles are known to get stuck in these areas.

However, there's no problem bringing a sedan from Port Augusta to Marree or from Mount Isa to Birdsville.

Map of National Route 83

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Port Augusta to Marree edit

All of this route is paved, with a 110km/h speed limit. The route passes through some small outback ghost towns as well, like Leigh Creek. While at the start, the route may not seem so intriguing, once you get further north east, and stop. You will realize that there's a lot more to the Outback than just dirt and desert.

Marree to Birdsville edit

This is where the paved 110km/h highway becomes an unused, barren outback track. Often, these places only attract one visitor every three days. Road conditions are tough, with only a good SUV/4WD being able to make it. (e.g. A Toyota Kluger would find it really difficult, but a Hilux can do it easily).

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