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Nishapur or Nishabur is the second largest city of Razavi Khorasan Province, the historic capital of the western half of Greater Khorasan, the capital of the Nishapur County and a historic Silk Road city. Nishapur is close to the second most-populous city of Iran, Mashhad.

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At its peak in the 12th and early 13 centuries, Nishapur was estimated to have a population of nearly 2 million and was one of the largest cities in the world. The city is known as the historic capital of the westerns half of the Greater Khorasan. Nishapur had had a thriving arts, pottery and carpet weaving industry throughout history. Most of this cities archeological discoveries can be found in museums across the world though unfortunately, some have been sold in the international black market. The contemporary modern city is home to some of the 20th century architectural works of Iran like the famous Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam. There are also some historical buildings in the city like the Mausoleum of Attar of Nishapur. The most luxurious and famous hotel of the city is the Amiran Hotel.

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There are train routes from Tehran and Mashad.

  • 1 Nishapur railway station.  

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The road 44, a major expressway of the country, is connected to Nishapur.

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Several buses and minibuses arrive and depart from the Nishapur Bus Terminal every day. There is usually no need to buy a ticket beforehand if you want to go to Mashhad, the second most populous city of Iran.

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In Iran, most small urban cities like Nishapur are designed pedestrian friendly.

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Public bus stations and bus lines are available with a small fee. You can pay with cash or a rechargeable card that you can buy from some bus stations. As of 2022, The fee with the rechargeable card is 1000 Tomans and 1500 Tomans with cash.

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Compared to bigger cities like Tehran and Mashhad, taxi fees are quite cheaper. Online cheaper services similar to Uber like ''Snap!'' and ''Tapsi'' are also available in Nishapur.

Map of Nishapur

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  • 1 Mausoleum of Attar of Nishapur (آرامگاه عطار نیشابوری). The colorful, onion-shaped dome and garden marks the burial site of the influential 12th century Persian poet. Admission is less than a dollar.    
  • 2 Mausoleum of Omar Khayyám (مجتمع آرامگاه، موزه و باغ خیام). Monument, a bust, and a small museum. The museum, however, shows a few arbitrary items not connected to Omar Khayyam. Less than a dollar for admission.    
  • 3 Imamzade Mahruq (امامزاده محمد محروق). Next to Omar Khayyam's tomb, this Imamzade actually contains two tombs, Mahruq's tomb is deeper into the complex. Free admission.
  • 4 Tomb of Kamal-ol-molk (آرامگاه کمال المک). Less than a dollar.    
  • 5 Jameh Mosque of Nishapur (مسجد جامع نیشابور). Founded by Pahlavan Ali Karkhi in 1493 during the rule of Husayn Bayqarah of the Timurid dynasty, and was rebuilt during the rule of Abbad I of the Persia Sultanate. Free admission.    
  • 6 Shadiyakh archeological excavations (منطقه باستانی شادیاخ). Free or less than a dollar.    
  • Mazare Shahmir.
  • Shah Abasi Caravanserai (کاورانسرای شاه عباسی نیشابور), Imam st.. Admission is usually free.  
  • Amin Eslami Park (Amin Eslami Mansion). Public park with a 20th-century Persian mansion in the center.
  • The Wooden Mosque Complex & Resort (Masjid Chobi (مسجد چوبی)), South East of the main city. Less than a dollar for admission.  
  • Rajjaei Student Camp (Baghrud Student Camp), End of the Baghrud Road ( a famous road in the city). Admission is free if open. ( not always open to tourists)
  • Khayyam Planetarium (مجتمع افلاک نمای خیام). The sole and the biggest planetarium in the country.

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Check the museums of the city

Check the Rajjaei (Baghrud) Student Camp (sometimes open to tourists)

Check the suburbs and the villages

Check the historic bazar of the city

Visit Persian traditional restaurants and cafes (some also serve hookah)

Walk in the city parks

Cycle in the Baghrud Road

Hike in the Binalud Mountain Range

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Neyshabur Turquoise has been used for more than 2000 years and for this turquoise it is sometimes called "the turquoise land". Neyshabur turquoise and jewellery made from it are sold as souvenirs in Neyshabur and Mashhad resorts.

Rhubarb (Persian rivaas or rivand), a sour vegetable, grows at the foot of the eponymous Rivand Mountains . Soft drinks made from the stems of the plant, such as "Sharbate rivaas" and "Khoshaabe rivaas" , are sold at some Nishapur resorts as souvenirs.

Persian musical instruments from native workshops.

Eat Edit

  • Common food served in Iranian traditional cuisines & fast food restaurants
  • Halim (native food made rarely due to its expense but it is commonly served in restaurants during Fridays )
  • Ash Komai (native watery food)

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  • Common traditional Iranian drinks and desserts like Faloudeh
  • Sharbat Rivas (a native drink made from rhubarb)

Sleep Edit

  • The Amiran Hotel (the most luxurious hotel of the city)
  • The Mehr Hotel
  • Other hotels
  • Rental houses & suits
  • People are usually fond of foreigners in Iran and might rent you a place for free!
  • & more

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