The East of Prague is on the east side of the Vltava River beside the Old Town and New Town districts. It consists of the numbered districts of Praha 3, Praha 10, Praha 11 and Praha 12. Most of the sites listed are in the Cadastral district of Žižkov, which roughly corresponds to Praha 3.


Map of Prague/East bank of Vltava

Like many districts of the city, Prague 3 is socioeconomically diverse. The western part of Žižkov is known for its high concentration of brothels, strip clubs and cheap bars. Yet only a short distance away are nice apartments and a new shopping mall with expensive stores. Historically, Žižkov was a rough, working-class neighborhood, filled with factories, brothels and gambling bars. Often compared to the Paris neighborhood of Montmartre, Žižkov today is an economically diverse neighborhood filled with Czech families, expats teaching English and working artists. Žižkov is said to have more bars per capita than any other neighborhood in the world.

Praha 10 is an old district in Prague.

Get inEdit


Prague 3 is served by the metro line A|, which stops at Jiřího z Poděbrad, Flora, and Želivského. However, through the heart of Žižkov (oldest part of the quarter with most hotels and restaurants) go trams 9 (it takes just around 10 minitus from "Vodičkova" station on Wenceslas square), 5 and 26 and other areas of Žižkov also trams 1, 10, 11 and 16.


Stops Náměstí míru  A  ("Peace Square") or Jiřího z Poděbrad  A  and trams 4, 10, 11, 16 and 22.


Stops Florenc  B  C  and Křižíkova  B  and Invalidovna  B . Trams nr. 3 and 8.


Trams 4, 6, 7, 22, 24. No metro connection, but you can go to Náměstí míru  A  and then use tram 4 or 22.


The fastest way to get to Troja is to take subway to station Nádraží Holešovice  C  (you can get there also by several tram or bus lines) and from there continue with bus 112 or the dedicated free ZOO bus (on weekends in the season) to the station Zoo Praha. This station is just between the zoo and castle, to get to the botanical garden, follow the marked way uphill (5-10 minutes). Alternatively, from May to October, you can take a steamboat from the city center (Rašínovo nábřeží). If you happen to be in the peninsula area of Praha 7, especially around the Royal Game Preserve or Výstaviště, it can be a nice walk or a bike ride.


Northern areas of Prague are accessible via Palmovka  B  (Praha 8, southern part of Libeň quarter), or via station Nádraží Holešovice  C  (Praha 7, quarter Holešovice, transit to Pendolino trains), Kobylisy  C  or Ládví  C  (Praha 8, quarter Ďáblice - nearly northernmost part of Prague).


Žižkov Monument


Church on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square and Žižkov Television Tower
  • 1 Žižkov Television Tower, Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3, +42 267 005 778, . 10:00-23:00 every day. Built by the communists to jam foreign radio signals, the most hideous building in Prague offers spectacular views of the city. The cafe at the top is a great place to grab a coffee and enjoy the view. Lookout for the giant metallic alien babies that have been added to the tower. Admission is 230 Kč (December 2017) for adults.
  • 2 National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill (Národní památník na Vítkově). "Žižkov Monument", located at the top of Vítkov Hill. This immense equestrian statue was erected in 1950 to commemorate Czech national hero Jan Žižkov, who fought his most famous battle on this site and later had the hill and the neighbouring city renamed after himself. The scale of the monument is impressive enough, but the views of Žižkov (and entire Prague) from the top of the hill really make the climb worthwhile.
  • 3 Military Museum (Armádní muzeum), U Památníku 2, Praha 3, +420 973 204 924. 10:00-18:00. Closed for reconstruction until 2020. Showcases the uniforms, weapons, artifacts, and maps relating to the Czechoslovak armed forces during World Wars I and II. Interactive exhibitions on the World Wars from the Czechoslovakian perspective. Free entrance. Not recommended for young children due to shocking content (war crimes a.o.). Free.
  • 4 Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord (Kostel Nejsvětějšího Srdce Páně), náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad (metro line A, station "Jiřího z Poděbrad"). Porbably the most unusual and monumental modern church dominates the big Jiřího z Poděbard Square. Built between 1928 and 1932 and designed by the Slovene architect Jože Plečnik. Candidate to get on UNESCO list. For modern architect lovers, this is definitely a must! After the visit, you can buy something on popular farmer's market nearby.


  • Kafka's Grave, Olsany Hrbitovy, Praha 3. Take the metro to Zelivskeho on the green line and follow the signs to the New Jewish Cemetery. Kafka's grave is signposted around 100m along the path to your right from the entrance. Men should cover their heads. The cemetery is closed on Saturdays.
  • 6 Olšany Cemetery, Vinohradska 153, +420 267 310 652, . 08:00-19:00. After day in a busy city, walking in calm and big Olšany Cemetery is a great idea! It is the largest graveyard in Prague, remarkable for many art nouveau monuments. The cemetery has calm and mysterious atmosphere, some parts of it are very old. Famous people such as Jan Palach (in protest against apathy of people in communism self-immolated student), Klement Gottwald (first communist president of Czechoslovakia), 19th-century writer Karel Havlíček Borovský, actors Rudolf Hrušínský and Jan Werich and many others are buried here. free.
  • 7 Old Olšany Jewish Cemetery, Fibichova (Used since late 18th century, when the well-known Old Jewish Cemetery in Old Town stopped to be used. One century later, bigger New Cemetery was built (see above). Located right under the Žižkov TV Tower, more than half of the cemetery was destroyed. At least, the oldest part remained), +420 221 711 511. M W 11:00-15:00, F 09:00-13:00, it's possible to arrange your visit on a different date. 50 Kč.


Troja Palace, Prague

Three of the main attractions of Prague - Troja (the zoo, the botanical garden, and the castle) are close to each other and make a great opportunity for a day trip. To save entrance costs, buy Trojská karta (Troy Card). The price is 250 Kč for adults, 130 Kč for children and 650 Kč for families (two adults and two children). It also offers free entry to some bonus actions by these attractions. You can buy the Troy Card at ticket offices of these attractions or in the ticket office of Pražská paroplavební (Prague steamship company).

  • 8 Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha), U Trojského zámku 3/120. Founded in 1931, it is well known for its significant contribution to saving many species, most notably the Przewalski horse. In 2008 Forbes Traveler Magazine listed Prague Zoo as the 7th best in the world. The zoo occupies 45 hectares (111 acres) and houses over 5000 animals that represent 674 species from all around the world (as of December 31, 2008). There is also a chairlift in the zoo.
  • 9 Prague Botanical Garden (Botanická zahrada Praha). Open air exhibitions including historical vineyard of St. Claire and Japanese garden. Tropical greenhouse Fata morgana. Each year in spring an exhibition of living butterflies.
  • 10 Troja Palace (Trojský zámeček). Baroque chateau with garden and art exhibitions.    


Podolí Waterworks Building with Vyšehrad (see New Town and Vysehrad) behind
  • 11 Most inteligence ("The Bridge of Intelligentsia", officially named Branický most) (If you want to visit the bridge, take a tram from "Karlovo náměstí" to station "Nádraží Braník"; the bridge has sidewalks for pedestrians, they are accessible through stair ramps at pillars.). majestic railway bridge built in the 1950s, longest ferroconcrete railway bridge in Europe. It was build by forced labour of members of intelligentsia, who were transferred to manual professions by rule of communist government. As a monument to the stupidity of the communist rulers, only a single rail was laid on the two-rail bridge, because the second rail didn't fit into the tunnel on one bank. The bridge remains in service to this day and is used mainly for cargo trains.
  • 12 Aviation Museum Kbely (Letecké muzeum Kbely), Mladoboleslavská, Praha 9 – Kbely (10 minutes from Letňany underground station (stop Letecké museum)). May-Oct: Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Part of the Military Museum, opened in the 1960s on the grounds of former military airfield. One of the largest museums of this type in Europe, has 275 aircraft, of which around 100 are displayed. Free.
  • 13 Invalidovna (B line "Invalidovna"). It may seem like big chateau, but "Invalidovna" was baroque dormitory from 1737 for war invalids from by famous architect Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer. Damaged during 2002 floods, just front facade is reconstructed now. In front of the building is very nice and tidy park.    
  • 14 Podolí Waterworks Building (Podolská vodárna), Podolská 15 (trams 3 a 17, station "Podolská vodárna" (just three stops from Metro B station "Karlovo náměstí")), +420 272 172 345, . It looks like this monumental building from late twenties might be a building of parliament or at least a town hall, but it's just waterworks building. Located by the Vltava river, the industrial building was built neoclassicism style by architect Antonín Engel. You can visit a museum of Prague water supply there.
  • 15 St. Wenceslas Church (Kostel sv. Václava). Big functionalist church by famous architect Josef Gočár in Vršovice.
  • 16 [dead link] Havlíčkovy sady (Gröbovka/Grébovka), U Havlíčkových Sadů (By foot from tram station "Krymská" or "Otakarova"). A quiet little park with interesting artificial cave building "Grotta". A good relaxing place nearby city center.    
  • 17 Chodov Fortress (Chodovská tvrz), +420 267 914 831, .
  • 18 Libeň chateau (Libeňský zámek).
  • 19 Libeň Gas Reservoir (Libeňský plynojem), ulice V mezihoří 2228/2a. A large metal ball which used to server as a reservoir for gas. You can not get inside, but it is still interesting to see it from the outside.
  • 20 [dead link] World of Jellyfish (Svět Medúz), Arkády Pankrác shopping center (On the top car parking floor). A jellyfish exposition accompanied with audio-visual effects, with more than 10000 jellyfish specimens and 38 aquariums (including one of the biggest sphere-shaped aquariums of the world).


  • 1 SK Slavia Prague play soccer in the Czech First League, the country's top tier. Their home ground is Sinobo Stadium, capacity 19,370, 3 km east of city centre. Take tram 4, 7, 22 or 24 along Vršovická street to Slavia stop, or bus 135, 136, 150 or 213. The nearest metro station is Praha-Eden just south, named for the previous stadium here.
  • 2 Forum Karlín, Pernerova 53, Praha 8. Multifunctional auditorium for 3,000 people where different cultural events take place.
  • 3 Karlin Musical Theatre, Křižíkova 10, Praha 8.
  • 4 Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 27, Praha 3, +42 296 330 911, . An alternative club that often hosts international rock acts.
  • 5 Podolí Swimming Stadion (Plavecký stadion Podolí) (300 m walking from tram station Kublov (lines 3 and 17)), +420 241 433 952. daily 06:00–21:45. Old, famous and big swimming areal including three big pools (one inside and two outside), fitness, sauna and massages


  • 6 Kino Aero, Biskupcova 31. Small art-house style cinema. Film festivals. Many English language films shown with Czech subtitles.
  • 7 Žižkov freight railway station (Nákladové nádraží Žižkov), Želivského 2. Old freight railway station, in operation between 1932-2002. In 2013 building became a cultural monument. Since 2016 area is managed by the National Film Archive. Summer cinema is working right now and many other activities are planned.


  • 1 Lokál Hamburk, Sokolovská 55, +420 222 310 361. Part of famous Ambi restaurant group.
  • 2 Highland Steak House, Lucemburská 28, +420 222 714 653. 11:00-23:00. Steaks and burgers


  • 3 [formerly dead link] U Houdku, Borivojova 110, Praha 3. Traditional (and inexpensive) Czech Restaurant with beer garden in summer. Lunchtime specials are particularly good value.
  • 4 Strudel, Jeseniova 29, Prague 3. Home-baked apple strudel. Locally run, so there may be a language barrier.
  • 5 [formerly dead link] Olse, Olšanské náměstí. Czech. Well known for its unpasteurized Pilsner beer. Menu in Czech and English.
  • 6 Koliba, Gregorova 8 (2 minutes uphill from Roztyly station), +420 222 564 335, fax: +420 272941344, . 11:00-01:00. Amazing view over Prague. A bit touristy with live music. But good food cooked on an open barbecue.
  • 7 Restaurace Botanic, Olbrachtova 54 (about 5 minutes walking, west on Olbrachtova, from the Budějovická Metro station (C line)), +420 241 440 504. 11:00-23:00.


  • 8 Mailsi, Lipanská 1, +420 222 717 783. 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00. Pakistani. Menu in Czech and English. Friendly family atmosphere with several aquariums.
  • 9 Fosil, Milicová 25. 12:00-24:00. Authentic Mexican.
  • 10 Spice India, Husitska 37 (bus stop U Pamatniku). 12:00-23:00. Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. Take-away available. Lunch menu from 79 Kč.
  • 11 Kon Nichi Wa, Bořivojova 58. 10:00-22:00. Japanese and Thai. Sushi.
  • 12 Café Pavlac, Víta Nejedlého 23.
  • 13 Taverna Olympos, Kubelíkova 9. 11:30–00:00. Greek cuisine
  • 14 Pind, Korunní 67. Indian cuisine, possible to sit outside.
  • 15 U Bohouše, Polská 34. 11:00-23:00. Mostly czech cuisine
  • 16 Pho Vietnam, Slavíkova 1, +420 775 465 678. 10:00-22:00. Authentic Vietnamese bistro, one of the best pho (Vietnamese soup) in Prague and other dishes.
  • 17 Bruxx. Belgian. Seafood and beer (dozens of kinds).
  • 18 Dish - fine burger bistro, Římská 29. 11:00–23:00. Home-made burgers and chips.
  • 19 Pizzeria Aria, Křižíkova 267/9, +420 224 812 958. 11:00-23:00. A pizzeria on walking distance from the bus station, with great value for those who like Italian food. Pasta dishes for 115 Kc, but also the paella is recommendable for 180 Kc. They also serve Italian and local desserts such as tiramisu and medovnik. A very basic establishment for a quick lunch or dinner. Suitable for kids.


  • 1 Bohemian Retro, Chvalova 8. Tu-F 11:00-19:00. Vintage clothing and accessories.
  • 2 Shalamar, Lipanská 3 (Tram Lipanska). 10:00 – 19:00. small Indian and Pakistani food store.
  • 3 Adelaide, Blodkova 2, +420 222 515 279. M-F 10:00-18:00, Sa 10:00-12:00. Shop with hand-made and original clothes and gifts.

Shopping mallsEdit

  • 4 Atrium Flora, Vinohradská 151, Praha 3. Modern shopping mall with IMAX cinema. At Flora station on the green metro line.
  • 5 Letňany Shopping Centre (OC Letňany), Veselská 663, Praha 9 (Metro C: Letňany then free bus). Huge shopping centre north of the city.


  • 1 Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 27, Praha 3, +42 296 330 911, . An alternative club that often hosts international rock acts.
  • 2 Černá Vdova (Black Widow), Štítného 8. 17:00-03:00. Unusual bar specializing in cocktails. Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus and Guinness on tap. Summer beer garden, free grill available. Late-night pizza, possible take-away for 110Kc. Happy hours 5-8pm daily (Pint of Guinness for 60 Kc!) Staff speaks Czech and English. Possible group reservations.
  • 3 Spirit Bar, Dalimilova 2. 11:00 - 02:00.
  • 4 U Sadu, Škroupovo náměstí 5 (Jiřího z Poděbrad Metro (323 m)), +420 222 727 072. Several draught beers including Gambrinus and Svijany, each served at 32 Kč per half liter. Open until 04:00; kitchen also open late, but dependent on customers as to how late.
  • 5 U Vystrelenyho oka (At the Shot-Out Eye), U Bozich Bojovniku 3. Famous Zizkov pub serving Pilsner and Gambrinus on tap. Unusual artwork depicting the Battle of Vitkov Hill. Serves bar food (fried cheese, goulash, sausage). Staff speaks mainly Czech but an English menu is available.
  • 6 Tiki Taky, Cimburkova 22. 18:00 - 05:00. Tiki bar. Specializes in cocktails. Staff speaks Czech and English.
  • 7 Bukowski's Bar, Bořivojova 86 (Tram: Lipanská). Cocktails.
  • 8 Sedm Vlků (Seven Wolves), Vlkova 7 (Tram: 05, 09, 26 (Stop: Husinecká)).
  • 9 Kaaba Café, Mánesova 20. 08:00 - 00:00. small café, friendly atmosphere
  • 10 Vinohradský pivovar ((Vinohrady brewery)), Korunní 106. Brewery with restaurant renewed in 2013. Interior of restaurant is very simple and modern.
  • 11 mamacoffe, náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 12, +420 773 656 958. M-F 08:00-19:00, Sa Su 09:00-19:00. Fair trade café, one of four mamacofee cafés in Prague.
  • 12 U Posledního soudu, Jagellonská 8, Praha 3, +420 603 412 671. Small but great and inexpensive wine bar serving Czech wines and wines from neighboring countries.
  • 13 [formerly dead link] Maleše Microbrewery (Malešický mikropivovar), Malešická 126/50, +420 727 803 872, . A nice new brewery in Malešice district.
  • 14 El Mágico, Chemická 953, +420 702 155 950, . A popular club in university campus (thus popular especially among local students). Due to its distance and target group, beer is 40 Kč and entry fee is no more than 50 Kč. There is a direct night bus 511 from a bus stop near this club to the centre.
  • 15 Shadow Cafe, Křižíkova 134/58, +420 725 800 576, . A nice rooftop bar near Křížikova metro station. Come early (6PM) on Friday or there will not be a place for you.
  • 16 Bar Milá tchýně, Minská 626/11, +420 723 675 950, . A nice bar in Vršovice district, a lot of people on Fridays
  • 17 Café V Lese ((Forest Café)), Krymská 12. 12:00–03:00. Café with a gallery and music club, runned by famous Czech activist Ondřej Kobza.
  • 18 Kolčavka Brewery (Pivovar Kolčavka), ulice Nad Kolčavkou 907/8, +420 736 735 685, . A nice small brewery in Libeň district


Many hotels and hostels in Prague 3 are located just 15 minutes walking distance from the center of Prague.


  • 2 Czech Inn, Francouzska 76, +420 267 267 600. With its chic-modern design, Czech Inn offers a wide variety in accommodation from shared rooms, private double rooms, and apartments. Breakfast buffet served daily, with a trendy bar to try your favorite Czech beers and cocktails. Prices from 275 Kč for a shared room and 1,250 Kč for a private double room.
  • 3 Hostel Elf, +42 222 540 963, . Husitska 11, Žižkov. Smokey common area, free internet and wacky rooms. Breakfast and free tea and coffee all day are included. Dorms, doubles, triples, privates with bathroom or without. There are four (or more) different seasons with different prices. In low season fifth night free.
  • 4 Three Crowns Hotel, Cimburkova 28, +420 222 781 112, .
  • 5 Clown and Bard Hostel, Borivojova 102, Žižkov, +42 222 716 453, . With a lively vibe and a bar in the basement there's always something going on at the hostel too, though it's not the cleanest or newest in town. Free breakfast and internet is available for all guests and rooms in the very large dorm start at 300 Kč. For those who want a little privacy, five-bed dorms, six-bed privates and doubles are available for 380 Kč, 400 Kč and 500 Kč respectively.
  • 6 Guesthouse Chlumova, Chlumova 10. Mid-priced guesthouse located 1 block from the Lipanska (tram 9) tram stop. Private rooms, some with a private bathroom and kitchenette. Staff speaks Czech, English, Spanish and Russian.



  • 11 Hilton Prague, Pobrezni 1, Praha 8, +420 224 841 111, fax: +420 224 842 378. Large modern hotel right on the bank of the Vltava close to the Old Town. Double rooms range from €155 per night for a simple guest room to €215 for an executive suite.
  • 12 Hotel Florenc, Křižíkova 11 (opposite Karlinske Divadlo (Karlin Theatre)), +420 224 816 247, .
  • 13 Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Freyova str., Prague 9 (metro line B at the Vysocanska station, just 10 minutes by metro from the centre). 4-star hotel connected to the Fenix shopping gallery and close to O2 Arena. 559 modernly and appealingly furnished standard and executive rooms. Wireless internet in public areas and wired internet in the rooms. Spa and fitness facilities are available in the building at an additional cost. Rooms from €65/night.


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