city in the region of Uusimaa in Finland

Raseborg (Swedish; Finnish: Raasepori) is a municipality in Uusimaa.


Ekenäs in the summertime
Islands off Ekenäs

Raseborg was created in 2009 by consolidating the municipalities of Ekenäs, Karis and Pohja into a single "town". The majority (66 %) of the population speaks Swedish. A medieval castle of Raseborg located in the former municipality Snappertuna gives name to the new municipality.

  • 1 Bromarv (former parish village 16 km west from Tenala). Former municipality in the western archipelago.
  • 2 Ekenäs (Tammisaari). Ekenäs is a coastal town at the edge of an archipelago, part of which is the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. It has a pretty old town consisting of narrow streets of wooden houses. Ekenäs guest marina at 59° 58' 41" 23° 26' 10" is large for the size of the city and known for its beauty and good location adjacent to city centre.
  • 3 Karis (Karjaa). Karis is a railway junction located on both the HelsinkiTurku and the HankoHyvinkää line. Karis is also your Raseborg trip junction where from you can access Billnäs ironworks by walking a few kilometers north, artisanal and historical Fiskars village by a 20 minute bus ride north and scenic Ekenäs by a 12 minute train connection to the south, towards Hanko.
  • 4 Pojo (Pohja). Pojo is one of the birthplaces of Finnish metal industry. The ironworks of Billnäs was founded there around the same time as Fiskars ironworks.
  • 5 Tenala (Tenhola) (former parish village 13 km north from Ekenäs, 14 km west from Pojo). Former municipality.
  • 6 Fiskars Village. Fiskars is known as an idyllic artisanal village destination, and location of the historic Fiskars ironworks. It is a centre of art and industrial and non-industrial design a 20 minute bus ride north of Karis. Fiskars Corporation, the oldest functioning Finnish company, was founded around the Fiskars ironworks in the 17th Century. It has places to stay and dine around the year if you can afford to splurge. There are things to see, and you can buy design, artworks, modern industrial products of known Finnish brands, art and utility glass products, metal wares, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, leather goods, fair trade world products, furniture, handicrafts, artisan beers and graphic works.
  • 7 Jussarö (Jussaari). The only Finnish ghost town, 18 km south of Ekenäs, off the coast. Guest marina by the HankoHelsinki leg. A waterbus service to Jussarö is available from Baggö Marina, Baggövägen 1275.

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See also: King's Road (Finland)

Karis can be reached by route 51 from Helsinki. It is located about 80 km west from the capital. After another 20 km along route 25 in direction of Hanko you will arrive in Ekenäs. From Turku you can come via highway E18 and route 52, the distance to Ekenäs is about 115 km.

Karis is a railway junction, on the Kustbanan railway between Helsinki and Turku and on the railways from Hanko and Hyvinkää (no passenger trains from Hyvinkää, though).

From time to time some of Helsinki's commuter trains have extended to Karis. There has been a political preasure to restart those services, but as of February 2022 it seems you need to take the bus if coming from Kirkkonummi or Siuntio (or backtrack to Leppävaara, where the long-distance trains stop).

There are some coaches from Helsinki, Lohja and Hanko, some going all the way to Bromarv. See Matkahuolto.

Get aroundEdit

Map of Raseborg

Karis and Ekenäs are connected by rail and bus. From Karis you can take the regular 20 minute bus service to Fiskars around the year. Each place is small enough to be explored on foot comfortably.

The centre of Karis is opposite (north of) the train station. The tunnel from the platforms leads you straight to Köpmansgatan, which is the shopping street (or one block to the right from it, after the changes 2019–2020?). The bridge turns right after crossing the rails, leading to the supermarkets. The "travel centre" consists of a few platforms by the town-side end of the bridge over the railway.

For a walk in a residential area of Karis, with villas and gardens, the Svartån river and Pumpviken park, walk half a kilometre east (to the right) from the centre, e.g. along Centralgatan or Högbergsgatan. The ridge behind the station is Lojoåsen (Lohjanharju), part of the Salpausselkä terminal moraine left by the Ice Age, separating the Finnish Lakeland from the Gulf of Finland and continuing as the Hanko peninsula to south-west.

There is a route planner for bus trips.

Byabus (Village bus) is a dial-a-ride service that operates within Raseborg. By the village bus locals can get from their home to the nearest centre (Karis or Ekenäs). The village bus is said to be "for everyone", but it is unclear whether non-locals are included. It can be ordered via the Byabus web site (login required) or by calling the booking centre +358 19 289-2533 (M–F 12:00–15:00).

By bikeEdit

There is a cycleway between Karis and Ekenäs.

Raseborg has Donkey Republic bike sharing bikes at six stations: in Ekenäs at the railway station, the marina and either Novia(during school terms) or restaurant Knipan (in summer); in Karis at the travel centre (the bus platforms opposite the railway station); and in Billnäs and Fiskars. Using the bike requires an app, which allows using such bikes also in several other towns in Finland and abroad (the company is Danish).

By taxiEdit

See Uusimaa#By_taxi for information about companies and fares

  • Raseborgs taxi och buss, Sparvgränd 5 B, Dragsvik (office), +358 45-128-3949, . Serves the Raseborg area and surroundings (Lohjaa, Ingå, Hanko, Salo, Kimitoön). Also bus and minibus charter.
  • Taxi Service Hafström Roger, Pojo, +358 400-201-992.
  • Smartphone apps: Valopilkku, 02 Taksi


First stage of Raseborg Castle was built in the 14th century to protect Swedish interests against the Hanseatic city of Tallinn
  • 1 Raseborg castle ruins, Raseborgs slottsväg (Fin: Raaseporin linnantie), Snappertuna, +358 19 234015, . May–first half of Jun daily 10:00–17:00; Midsummer's week–first half of Aug 10:00–20:00; rest of Aug and weekends in Sep 10:00–17:00. A pretty medieval castle (from 14th Century). Originally it was located near the sea shore, but due the post-glacial rise of land it eventually lost its access to the sea and therefore also its strategic importance. Café Slottsknektens stuga (The Castle Guard's Lodge) near the ruin was open already in 1893 to serve tourists. Apart from offering refreshments, it sells tickets to the castle and provides local information. A beautiful forest path, Kärleksstigen (Lovers’ Walk), leads from the castle ruins to the folk museum "Snappertuna Forngård". Adult €5, children under 12 free.
  • 2 Ekenäs Nature Centre, Strandallén, +358 20-564-4613, . May 2 to August 31 daily 10:00–15:00, 10:00–18:00 or 10:00–19:00 in peek season (2016). Groups also off season.. Visitor centre for Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. Information on the Baltic Sea and western Uusimaa archipelago. Also activities for children. Free.
  • 3 Fiskars museum, Åkerraden 9, Fiskars, +358 19 237013, . daily 11:00-17:00. The museum shows life at the Fiskars Ironworks from the 17th century to present days. Adult €5, Discount €3, Under 17 years free.
  • 4 [dead link] Fiskars 1649 exhibition, Fiskarsvägen 22, Fiskars (12 Clock Tower Building). 3 May to 30 Sep daily 10:00–18:00, other times daily 11:00–17:00. The themes of the exhibition are the village's industrial history and to Fiskars Corporation today. Free entrance.
Mining building at Jussarö
  • 5 Jussarö island (Jussaari), Jussarö (Waterbus service from Baggö Marina, Baggövägen 1275), +358 400-856-544. Jussarö was a mining city where iron ore was mined once. Between 1967-2005 the island was used by the Finnish Defence Forces. The island's services in season include guest marina services operated from Café Ön, a small shop of some sorts, rent-a-sauna, guided tours and since 2016 also lodging.


National ParkEdit

  • 1 Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. Part of the archipelago off Ekenäs is a national park. The larger wooded islands and the general seascape are reachable by taxi boat. A sailboat or sea kayak is ideal to explore all of the archipelago.    



Skiing and hill carEdit

  • Påminne Ski, Brunkom Strandväg 1, Åminnefors (7 km north-west from Karis, towards Pojo; cannot miss it), +358 19 238-955, . Finland's southernmost ski centre, run by a non-profit association. Rentals, ski and snowboard instruction and very affordable café with small eats and alcoholic beverages.


  • 3 Läppträsket lake. Cultural and environmental path (about 2.3 km) along the Läppträsket lake. Several ancient remains and nature attractions.


Maria Gasolina performing at 2008 Faces in Billnäs ironworks
  • 4 Faces Festival (Fiskars; 20 min busride from Karis bus station or festival bus (€5) from Karis' train station. There are direct connections Helsinki–Fiskars from the Kamppi bus terminal.), +358 46 849 0653, . First weekend of August (?). The Faces Festival features its usual unusual mix of all kinds of music and food from home and abroad. Also for families, which are offered camping with a swimming beach. Indoor and outdoor venues.
  • 5 Raseborgs Festspel (Raseborg Festival) (several locations). Series of events including Raseborg's summer theatre, Midsummer festival, Medieval fair and tournaments in July, etc.
  • Fiskars Antique Days, Peltorivi 7 (Old Knivefactory), . A yearly event in July bringing professional antique sellers with their wares and buyers together in Fiskars Thu 7.7 - Sun 10.7.


Buy in EkenäsEdit

Ekenäs Council Hall Square (Rådhustorget) and Council Hall to left of this picture and to the right Kungsgatan, Finland's first pedestrian only street and still a vibrant shopping street with varied wares.
  • Ekenäs marketplace, Radhustorget, +358 45 6155900. Local farmers' and market Wednesdays and Saturdays with fresh fish at good prices from local fishers
  • Kungsgatan (It goes up from the Radhustorget / Council House Square). Kungsgatan is Finland's first pedestrian only street and still sided by boutiques of various wares.

Buy in FiskarsEdit

View from Fiskars Village, the location of Faces Festival that celebrates its 20 years on the first week-end of August 2017: The XX installment of this celebration of ethnic world music from home and abroad

Shoppes in Fiskars sell design, artworks, modern industrial products of known Finnish brands, art and utility glass products, metal wares, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, leather goods, fair trade world products, furniture, handicrafts, artisan beers, graphics and chocolate. There is also a small convenience store.

Buy in KarisEdit

See Get around above. Supermarkets and a pedestrian shopping street with a basic supply. The small second-hand shop near the travel centre might have some nice souvenirs.


In EkenäsEdit

  • Piazza, Stationsvägen 6, +358 45-141-5984. 11:00–15:00. Lunch served in the loft restaurant in a building designed by Alvar Aalto. ca €10.
  • YLP, Stora Kyrkogatan 23, . Tu–Sa 16:00–21:00. Pizzeria by former Michelin chef. Local ingredients (including game and mushroom) from small scale producers except for salt, olive oil, coffee and wines. Pizzas may sell out before closing time. Groups of more than four should book (by e-mail) Tu–Th. In Corona times take away only. €13–18.

In KarisEdit


  • Pizzeria Catello, Bangatan 65 (200m from the railway station). Mon–Thu 11:00–22:00, Fri–Sat 11:00–24:00 and Sun 11:00-22:00. Excellent pizzeria with a reputation of high quality kebabs and very large and well presented pizzas with reasonable prices.


In FiskarsEdit


In KarisEdit

  • Art Café Serendipity, Köpmansgatan 30, +358 19 236-872. 08:30–24:00. Small eats, drinks, occasional live and recorded music, graphic arts and non-alcoholic possibilities in hearty atmosphere: a second (or first?) living room for many of the youth. Short walk north of Karis centre. The garden is lovely for refreshments in the summer and live fire in the stove keeps the house warm in the winter.
  • Club 18, Alingsåsgatan 37 (Karis railway station building), +358 40 0392363, . 12:00-02:00. Restaurant by day and one centre for social life in Karis day and night. Billiard, dart. Pizzas, burgers, hot wings.


In EkenäsEdit

In KarisEdit

  • Dönsby Bed and Breakfast, +358 50 5379584, . Dönsby Bed and Breakfast is 4km from the Karis city center in a serene country side setting. 4 rooms houses max 10 guests. Classic Finnish close-sourced breakfast during summer-season and off-season guests are welcome to use the guest kitchen.

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In BillnäsEdit

In BromarvEdit

  • 1 Hummeldal, Hummeldalintie 588 (25 km southwest of the centre of Ekenäs), +358 40 546 2945, . Traditional Finnish holiday cottages. You can also rent a motorboat and see domestic farm animals.
  • 2 Kansjerf kulturgård, Kansjärvvägen 170 A (1.85 km from Bromarv church towards Padva along Vättlaxvägen, then 1.7 km along Kansjärvvägen; transport from Bromarv, Ekenäs or Karis by request), +358 44-987-0251 (08:00–20:00), . Café and restaurant 2022: Jun–14 Aug W–Sa 11:00–22:00 Su 11:00–16:00, May Sa–Su only. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Mansion with retreats and cultural events. Four rooms with beds for 3–4 persons in the main building from 1809. Shared toilets and kitchen, breakfast and linen included. Laid-back and tranquil atmosphere. One wing can be combined to a suit with own bathroom and kitchen. Arrangements for artist (with broad interpretation) on longer stays, including discount, possibly full board and perhaps a separate study. Musicians can get access to a professional studio. Restaurant with 3-course lunch and 4-course dinner (table reservations at latest the preceding day). Summer café in the garden, with lunch. Farm animals. Most info is in Finnish, but owners (the same since 1811) and other staff Swedish-speaking, some events in Swedish. Single €90, double €150, family €200; lunch of the day $13, three-course lunch €41, four-course dinner €55; yoga €17 (group) or €55–65 (private).


  • Prepaid data SIM cards are widely available from R-kiosks at reasonable prices. Customer convenience Wi-Fi is not very widespread due to everyone having a data plan in their phone.

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  • Port, marina and sunbathing city of Hanko is reachable by half-an-hour rail link from Karis railway station or by taking Main Road 25 south-west. From Hanko Port there is car and cargo ferry connection to Nynäshamn, Sweden.
  • For history fans, travel east or west along the King's Road
  • Lohja to the north-east on the Main Road 25
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