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Rzeszów ([ˈʒɛʃuf]; Ukrainian: Ряшів, Riashiv) is the capital city of Subcarpathian Voivodeship in the south east of Poland and has almost 200,000 inhabitants (2021). It was a private town of the Lubomirski family for centuries. It has a fine old town, two synagogues and some castles.


Understand edit

The oldest written records of Rzeszów date back to 1354, when the place was granted city rights. The Lubomirski family, the owners of the town, were patrons of culture, arts and science. Under their reign Rzeszów developed quickly and its role and position in the region noticeably increased. Since then, the town has been a meeting point of many European nations from the Byzantine East and Mediterranean West and people from the southern and northern parts of Europe. It is a great example of how a young, vibrant and dynamically developing city is adapted to its historical heritage.

Climate edit

Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Source: Wikipedia. See a weather forecast for Rzeszów here.
Imperial conversion
Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation+Snow totals in inches

Snow is common in winter, when night-time temperatures are typically below zero. In summer, temperatures may often reach 30°C (86°F), but averagely stay around 22°C (72°F). Annual rainfall is approximately 500 mm (20 in), among the lowest in Poland. The rainiest month is July, mainly due to short but intense cloudbursts and thunderstorms.

Get in edit

By plane edit

The city's most important sight: the Lubomirski castle

Four airlines, Poland's national carrier LOT Polish Airlines, Germany's Lufthansa[dead link] and low-cost Ryanair fly to Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport. Domestic flights operated by LOT connect Rzeszów directly with Warsaw's Frédéric Chopin Airport and other Polish cities with stop-over in Warsaw Airport (Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Kraków, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin and Wrocław). International flights are operated by LOT (with stop-over in Warsaw), Lufthansa (Munich), Ryanair ("Barcelona"-Girona, Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands, London Luton and London Stansted). Flights operated by Lufthansa may be connected to many cities all over the world with stop-over in Frankfurt.

Transport to and from the airport edit

By bus: The airport is connected with Rzeszów city centre by public transport (bus from 'MPK' company), special line 'L'. Journey to/from the airport takes about 25 min and costs 8 zł (under €2) if you pay in złoty, or €3 if you pay in euros (tickets are sold by the driver, price includes the carrying of luggage). Buses terminate at the railway station and depart from the same stop. Generally, bus timetable is synchronised with flights' arrivals and departures and in the case of delayed flight, a bus is waiting for passengers. However, it is strongly advised to check the bus and flight timetable before travel.

Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport - Rzeszów Railway Station timetable[dead link]

Rzeszów Railway Station - Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport timetable[dead link]

Be aware of the remarks below the timetable! (kursuje means run / nie kursuje means do not run, others are the days of the week, from Monday-Sunday: [poniedziałek, wtorek, środa, czwartek, piątek, sobota, niedziela].

By taxi: Taxi-drivers Association Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (STPL) is the official partner of Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport. Can be caught outside the airport terminal or called +48 697 996 077. Travel takes about 15–20 minutes and costs on average 50 zł. They serve for 24 hr.

By car: Parking at the airport is free of charge and open 24 hr. There are several car hire companies.

More flights can be booked from Kraków which is only three hours by train from Rzeszów. Other airports are in Warsaw and Katowice.

By train edit

The Polish State Railways have train connections from 2 Rzeszów Główny with the majority of Polish cities, but for long distance there is usually one or more changes. Usually, at least one direct train connection exists between Rzeszów and major Polish cities. There are different categories of trains, but the time of the journey is rather similar. There are also direct services to Lviv, Odesa and Kyiv in Ukraine.

The connections and price can be checked on the website, but it is possible to buy on-line only tickets for selected trains (operated by PKP InterCity) InterCity and TLK. Tickets can be bought at the railway station. If you want to pay by credit or debit card, first check is it possible and tell about card's payment to the cashier before you buy a ticket! Alternatively, you should find ATM at the railway station on in the close vicinity.

If you are foreign student you may buy discount ticket for each route (51%) provided you have valid Polish student ID or ISIC student card (€26 and student ID card from your university is not valid and you will be fined).

Check the connections and their price at PKP Timetable.

For detailed information see Poland:By train.

By car edit

Rzeszów is situated on the European route E40. You can easily get there by car from Kraków, Lublin and Sandomierz or from eastern (E40 - Ukraine) and southern (nr 9 or E371 - Slovakia) border. Rzeszów is served by A4 motorway (from Kraków) and S19 speedway (from Lublin and Slovakia border).

You can also take advantage of car pooling, but the language may be significant barrier.

The road distance from Ukrainian and Slovakian border is around 90 km. From major Polish cities: Gdańsk (576 km), Kraków (162 km), Łódź (283 km), Warsaw (275 km), Wrocław (402 km).

By bus edit

Many international and domestic connections (see Poland:By bus). It is essential to check which bus station your bus is arriving/leaving from, since there is the 3 Main bus station and the 4 Bus station Podmiejski.

Hitchhiking edit

It is quite popular to hitch in Poland. General rules for hitchhiking are the same in whole Poland. Prepare the sign with 'Rzeszów' written on it as it is the biggest city in South-Eastern Poland, so everyone will be sure where are you heading to.

Get around edit

The Old Town in the city centre is small and easily manageable on foot. There are regular bus services from the centre to New Town and suburbs. One-way ticket ('bilet normalny') costs 3 zł (May 2017). Night buses (23:00 - 05:00) cost twice as much. It is valid only for one certain route and for one bus on this route (you can not change buses on the same route). One-hour ticket ('bilet 1-godzinny') costs 4 zł and is valid for all buses. You may also buy a day pass ('bilet dobowy') for 12 zł. Big luggage must be paid extra (1.65 zł). Tickets are sold in small stalls near bus stops (kiosks) and can be also bought from the driver but may cost more. Once you get the bus, you need to validate the ticket in validating machine. If you travel by public bus beyond Rzeszów area you have to buy tickets for the 2nd zone, which are more expensive.

Rzeszów also has a well-developed network of cycle paths, though there is a lack of bicycle parking. It is possible to rent a bicycle from commonly accessible bike stands, however, you have to register on the provider's website before you could use the bike.

Bus timetable and information at [1] [formerly dead link] and [2] [formerly dead link]

Maps can be downloaded from [3] [dead link]. An interactive map is available on [4][dead link].

Driving and parking in Rzeszów is a nightmare, like in most cities, but in ul. Krakowski, less than ten minutes' walk from the centre, there is a little complex with three free car parks (a McDonald's, a supermarket, and a residents' area).

If you want to visit other towns near Rzeszów, you need to take either above-mentioned bus (if it serves chosen connection) or coach. Coaches depart from Bus Station ('Dworzec Autobusowy') (several carriers, PKS Rzeszów, Veolia Podkarpacie, others), Suburban Bus Station ('Dworzec Podmiejski') or other stops.

Talk edit

Polish is the only official language in Poland and all signs are in Polish as well. Poles learn other languages in school and now English is the main foreign language, although German, French, Spanish and Russian are also taught. Generally, Poles do not speak fluently foreign languages, but young generation usually can speak and understand English. Older people know rather German or Russian since both were almost only languages taught in schools some years ago. You should not have major difficulties with communication with Polish people, always you will find someone who can speak English and will be able to help you (even if does not know your language).

See edit

Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre (also called the Falcon Building)

Landmarks edit

  • 1 Lubomirski Castle, Plac Śreniawitów 3. On the edge of the edge of the old town, it dates from the 16th century. In 18th century it was expanded and encircled with stone walls and bastions. It now serves as the law courts and so the interior is generally closed to the public. However, it's well worth walking around the impressive walls.    
  • 2 Lubomirski Summer Palace, ul. Jana Dekerta 2. Built in the 17th and 18th century this attractive late-baroque style palace, situated on the corner of Dekerta Street and Lubomirski Alley, is often described as the most beautiful aristocratic residence of the Sub-Carpathian region. Since 2008 the building has housed Rzeszów University's IT Department.  
  • 3 Market Square, Rynek. Central square of the city. 6.50/4.50 zł for the Underground Tourist Route.  
  • 4 Town Hall, Rynek 1. Built in the 16th century on the southwestern corner of the Rynek, and afterwards rebuilt several times. Closed to the public.  
  • 5 Sts. Stanislaw and Adalbert Parish Church, plac Farny 5. The history of this church dates back to 1363, when probably a small wooden church stood on this location. The oldest fragments of the current Gothic church are most likely from the 15th century.
  • 6 Old Convent of Piarist Friars, ul. 3 Maja. From 17th century now consists of St. Cross Church, District Museum, and Lyceum No. 1.
The Town Hall of Rzeszów
  • 7 Old Town Synagogue, ul. Bożnicza 4. Built in the beginning of the 17th century it now houses state archives.
  • 8 New Town Synagogue, ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 17. From the end of 18th century, destroyed by Nazis and restored between 1954-63 is now the Office for Art Exhibitions (BWA).
  • 9 Bernardine Complex Convent, ul. Sokoła 8.
  • 10 Public library, ul. Sokoła 13. Built in 1890.
  • 11 Old Cemetery, ul. Targowa. Cemetery founded in 1792 at the edges of the town at that time. Officially the cemetery was used until 1910, but during the First World War people still were buried here. It is estimated that about 40.000 people are buried here.
  • 12 Jewish cemetery, ul. Dołowa. This kirkut was founded in 1849 and the youngest matzevah was placed there in 1851. The cemetery was largely destroyed and devastated during the Second World War and some matzevahs were used to pave streets in the neighborhood. 754 gravestones are still there, however most of them have fallen down. The site is surrounded by a brick wall and inaccessible as the sole gate is locked.
    Old Town Synagogue
    13 Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre, ul. Sokoła 7-9. Opened in 1944 it was the first professional dramatical theatre in the city.
  • 14 Revolutionary Act Monument, aleja Łukasza Cieplińskiego. From 1974 commemorating the fights for freedom that took place around the area. It's more often called the Huge Pussy though and mainly because of this reason it is known among many people in Poland.
  • 15 Multimedia Fountain, Aleja Lubomirskich (Between the Summer Palace and the Castle). The nicest fountain in the city that reopened after a renovation a few years ago. At night the fountain is decorated with several lights. Free.

Museums and galleries edit

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Cultural centres and theatres edit

Open-air activities edit

  • 4 Lisia Góra nature reserve, Żeglarska (Upstream on the Old Town riverside). Located upstream, south of the town this nature reserve makes an excellent location for a short walk outside the city. There is a small café on the Wisłok river bank where you can rest and enjoy the view. Free.
  • 5 [dead link] Żwirownia city beach (upstream on the other riverside, very close to the river). When it is hot it may be a good idea to go here. This city beach next to the Żwirownia lake is accessible for free and on hot summer days brings relief to many residents of the city. Utilities may be very limited, so come prepared. Free.

Buy edit

The main shopping areas are on the pedestrianized Grunwaldzka and 3'ego Maja streets. There are several small shopping centres in the city centre.

  • 1 Millenium Hall, Aleja Kopsisto 1 (1 km south of the Old Town). A massive shopping centre in the New Town, is one of the largest malls in southern Poland. There is also a large cinema included, called Multikino.
  • 2 Galeria Rzeszów, al. Józefa Piłsudskiego 44, +48 17 777 10 00. 09:00-21:00. Shopping centre in the vicinity of the railway station, northeast of the historical center. Also some eating options inside as well as a hotel (Hotel Rzeszów).
  • 3 CH New World (CH Nowy Świat), Krakowska 20, +48 17 717 90 01. Normal shopping centre a bit outside of the center, but can come in handy if you have to be in the neighborhood.
  • There are many also large hypermarkets in the suburbs, most of which incorporate a small pasaż (shopping arcade).

Eat edit

Budget edit

All these are in the city centre:

  • 1 Zacisze Bar & Cafe, 3 Maja 12.
  • 2 Pierogarnia "Na piętrze", 3 Maja 5/2.
  • 3 Cafe Bar Murzynek, Tadeusza Kościuszki 7.
  • 4 Habanero Rzeszów, Mikołaja Kopernika 3a.
  • 5 NK Strada Jedzenie na Wagę, Grunwaldzka 10.
  • 6 Rzeszowskie Słoiki, Sokoła 11/1.
  • 7 Restauracja Strażacka, Mochnackiego 4.

Mid-range edit

  • 8 Stary Brower Rzeszowski, Rynek 20/23, +48 17 250 00 15, . Su-W 12:00-23:00, Th-Sa 12:00-01:00. On the main Rynek square this is the perfect place if you want to combine beers with a filling snack in a pub atmosphere.
  • 9 Kuk Nuk, Jana Matejki 4, +48 533 219 000, . On the edge of the Rynek square with the Jana Matejki street this place offers burgers, salads, soups, meat-based main dishes. There are also some vegetarian dishes available as well as a children menu.

Splurge edit

  • 10 Bellanuna Osteria, Stanisława Moniuszki 4, +48 515 516 500, . One of the best appreciated Italian restaurants. Though there may be better places in the city if you want to have pizza since this restaurants seems to be focused on other Italian dishes.
  • 11 Oranżeria Restaurant, al. Józefa Piłsudskiego 44, +48 17 777 10 15, . M-F 06:30-22:00, Sa Su 07:00-23:00. Restaurant of Hotel Rzeszów, this is one of the most popular fine-dining restaurants in the city with a Polish-European cuisine. They provide gluten-free options.

Drink edit

  • 1 Irish Pub Galway, 3-go Maja 8, +48 17 853 22 77. Pub with Irish beers and whiskeys.

Sleep edit

Budget edit

Mid-range edit

Splurge edit

  • 4 Bristol Tradition & Luxury (, Rynek 20, entrance from Kopernika 12, +48 17 250 00 50. Chic rooms & suites in a trendy, high-end accommodation offering a restaurant & a sushi spot. Centrally located. Starting at 240 zł.

Stay safe edit

Rzeszów is a rather safe place for travellers. You should be aware of pickpocketing like in any other city. Use your mind and do not start an argument with young, bald men dressed in sweatshirts. Try to not present your liking to football or speedway clubs, since there is an eternal struggle between hooligans sympathising with competing teams. Do not buy 'occasional bargains' from guys wandering around parking places (they sell shoddy stuff, like binoculars). Of course, this is a general remark for whole Poland and nothing makes Rzeszów more dangerous than any other city in the country.

Go next edit

  • Łańcut is practically a suburb and well worth a visit. It is located 17 km from Rzeszów and is easy accessible by coaches or trains.
  • Further afield are Jarosław and the city of Przemyśl (both are also accessible by train and coaches).
  • Rzeszów is in the middle between the two cultural hubs Kraków and Lviv.
  • If you feel like hiking, head to the Bieszczady range south of Rzeszów.
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