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The Senggigi region is the main tourist destination on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. The main town is Senggigi, and the whole area is well known for its beautiful west facing beaches.

Understand edit

The Senggigi region is formed by several adjacent yet subtly different areas all lying along the same 2 lane coastal road. The boundaries of each area can seem rather ill-defined. While pockets of development can be found in some areas, long stretches of open undeveloped land lie in between. Nightlife and major restaurants are concentrated in the central township of Senggigi. The first time visitor should be aware of these distinct regional differences. Booking a hotel in Senggigi could mean a relatively remote location where the town centre can only be reached by taxi or public transport.

  • Mangsit — a little to the north of Senggigi township, it has a well established hotel strip running along a long tranquil sweeping beach with traditional outrigger boats resting on the sand. Mangsit is the gateway to the northern area of activities at Gili Islands, Tanjung and Mount Rinjani. It has well established resort hotel choices but few other tourist activities, such as shopping and nightlife. Mangsit can be quickly and conveniently reached from the centre of Senggigi by taxi or public bemo.
  • Kerangdangan — in a large quiet bay to the immediate north of the Senggigi township with some rental villa's in the valley behind the beach.
  • Senggigi (centre) — not a typical tourist resort town, such as may be found in Bali where a day can be spent shopping and socialising at the local bars and restaurants. However there are enough bars, pool tables, TV screens with sports broadcasts, relaxing lounge areas and beach side restaurants to keep people occupied should that be their focus. Many visitors use Senggigi as a home base and take day trips to the waterfalls, the Gili Islands, or go exploring the still authentic villages, temples, and forest habitat found within a couple of hours drive.
  • Batu Bolong — is to the immediate south of Senggigi and has a sparsely spread out collection of hotels, cafes, restaurants, several karaoke establishments and a large barn-like nightclub along the coast road. A smaller restaurant and hotel strip is concentrated at the Senggigi end. It feels in the most part like a southern satellite extension of the Senggigi township. In the valley behind Batu Bolong is a large housing complex catering to Indonesian and expatriate long term residents and visitors. Taxis, or bemo if during daylight hours, give very quick access the centre of Senggigi.

Both Mangsit and Batu Bolong are more focussed on the hotels along their respective beachfronts where at night the centre of Senggigi has a more lively street feel to it with live music playing and people moving about from one venue to another.

Lombok's tourism sector has struggled, and tourism activity in Senggigi went through a very subdued period with many developments halted and businesses closed.

Things had improved, and new shops and tourism ventures opening. Senggigi is again popular with visitors seeking out the stunning scenery and unique culture and flavours of Lombok.

Get in edit

Senggigi is 15-20 min north of the outskirts of the island's capital Mataram, but more than an hour from the airport.

Lombok's international airport Bandara Internasional Lombok (BIL), (LOP IATA) is near the city of Praya on Jalan Raya, Tanak Awu Lombok Tengah in central south Lombok, and about 50 km southeast of the Senggigi tourism precinct of West Lombok.

By taxi edit

Airport Taksi, Bluebird metered taxi, and Express metered taxi serve the international airport. A metered taxi from Bandara Internasional Lombok to Senggigi costs Rp 135,000-155,000. A taxi from the Mandalika Bus Terminal in Sweta on eastern outskirts of Mataram will be around Rp 60,000-65,000. Taxis use a meter and the charge is determined by time and distance. A Rp 17,500 airport taxi surcharge is payable when departing the airport in a taxi. Coupons are available at the Taxi Service counter immediately outside the airport terminal doors.

The main Lombok has for more details on the international airport and connecting services to Senggigi.

By airport bus edit

A public bus service is available from Bandara Internasional Lombok to service passengers wishing to travel to and from either Mataram or Senggigi. The 8 DAMRI buses serving the route are air conditioned and have a capacity of approximately 40 passengers.

The DAMRI bus services depart Senggigi from 03:00 and are listed as departing every 1½ hr until the last departure from Senggigi at 20:00. The bus is meant to take about 1½ hr but the trip time may be closer to 2 hr.

DAMRI services also depart from the Mandalika terminal every hour and proceed to the airport, commencing at 04:00 with the last bus leaving that terminal at 19:00.

The fare to Senggigi is Rp 25,000, and from the Mandalika terminal it is Rp 15,000. Buses arrive and depart from immediately south of the Art Market on Jl. Raya Senggigi and from in front of the terminal building at the airport. Tickets are purchased on the bus.

Bluebird taxis are normally readily available in Senggigi to fulfill any requirements for travel onward to destinations that are further to the north.

By bemo edit

In daylight hours the a public bemo is available inside the parking area of the Ampenan market and on the road way outside, the charge to travel up the coast to Senggigi is around Rp 5,000, plus extra charges for any larger items of luggage carried.

Bemo are also available to travel down the western coast from locations in the north of the island. Bayan, Tanjung and Pemenang have public terminal areas, the facilities at the terminals are quite rudimentary and resemble a parking area rather than a formalised terminal or interchange.

By shuttle car edit

Arriving in the Lombok airport, from Bali by ferry and you haven't booked an end-to-end travel package then getting from Lembar or the airport to Bangsal can sometimes be problematic. You can take a shuttle car service to Bangsal from Lembar, Mataram or Senggigi.

Hotel transfer services edit

Some of the larger hotels offer pick up transfers to and from the airport. You will need to book ahead for this.

Get around edit

Senggigi beach and fishing boats before a storm

By bemo edit

Bemos are small covered pick-up trucks with narrow padded seating benches in the rear. They are the main means of short and medium distance transport in the rural and coastal areas of Lombok and can be hailed down on many streets. They will happily take you even short hops around Senggigi and the fares are inexpensive.

An approximate fare from Senggigi to the produce markets in Ampenan is Rp 4,500-Rp 5,500/person. Prices for set distances can vary at time. Try and watch what local customers are paying for a similar distance to your own and if really in doubt just include Rp 1,000-Rp 2,000 extra. If chartering an empty bemo to a particular destination be careful to clarify the exact amount of payment required prior to getting into the vehicle.

Many bemo drivers are reluctant to venture further up the west coast than the northern end of Mangsit Village as the passenger densities drop dramatically from there on. The driver may want to turn back at this point if he does not have sufficient passengers.

Bemos have normally stopped running by dusk on the west coast of Lombok.

Travel agents can also get you on semi-regular shuttle services, which connect Senggigi, the airport, and the harbours of Lembar (for Bali) and Bangsal (for the Gilis).

By taxi edit

Lombok Taksi (Bluebird group), +62 370 627000. is the most common taxi available in the Senggigi area. Both the Bluebird and white coloured Express Taksi have a radio dispatch system and both companies cars are equipped with meters which should be used by their drivers at all times. Flag fall is approximately Rp 4,250 and the meter ticks up a few hundred rupiah for every hundred meters past 2 km. Taxis can often be hailed down on the street around Senggigi with the exception of the dark blue Airport Taksi the use of which is limited to arriving airport passengers only. Taxis can be booked in advance either by calling them yourself or by booking through your hotel. Late at night they can often be found congregated near the Marina nightclub in Senggigi. Taxis can often be found parked opposite the Holiday Resort in Mangsit and on the hill above the Sheraton resort at the northern end of Senggigi township both day and night.

By car edit

Renting a car is also an option and there are many places to rent from in the Senggigi area. Expect to pay Rp 150,000-Rp 175,000 (low end mid-late 1980s Suzuki mini jeep-Jimmy (2x4) to Rp 450,000 for a late model Toyota Kijang (2x4). Check over the vehicle very carefully before signing the rental agreement.

By motorbike edit

To hire a motorbike, expect to pay around Rp 80,000 for one or two years old automatic scooter models and possibly more in peak season when demand for rentals can be very high. Thoroughly check over the motorbike before signing the rental agreement. In Indonesia a helmet is required at all times, lights should be illuminated whilst on the road.

Drivers licence

A full home state issued motorbike licence and a companion International Drivers Permit (IDP) with a full motorbike endorsement must be carried at all times if riding a motorbike. Visitors are also required to carry their Passport at all times. Many choose to only carry a copy and that is normally acceptable if a rider is asked to present their passport during a traffic stop or following an accident. However if reporting to a police station always take your original passport with you, taking an accompanying photocopy of the photo/name page and current visa page is also advised.

Similar conditions apply to driving a car. Both your home licence and the IDP must match the vehicle class and type that your are intending to drive. If they do not then do not drive on the road.

By ojek edit

Prices are negotiable but a rule of thumb is Rp 5,000 if the destination is nearby.

By horse cart edit

Horse-pulled carts, known as Cidomo, are very common around Senggigi and all across Lombok. They are a good method of transportation for short distances such as from your hotel to a restaurant. Make sure to agree on the price before the journey and before alighting the cidomo. Rp 10,000 is the maximum price to pay for a short journey.

By boat edit

Traditional fishing boats known as perahu ply the waters around Lombok. They are instantly recognisable due to their outriggers, two lengths of extra large bamboo sealed at either end and attached by bars on both sides like a catamaran affording greater stability in heavy swells. They can also be chartered on the Senggigi beaches, either directly from owners (in which case some knowledge of Bahasa Indonesian or Bahasa Sasak will come in handy) or via any travel agent, who will take an often generous commission.

By bicycle edit

Traffic is relatively light throughout the island so travel by bicycle is quite possible and provides a very different cultural experience to other means of transport. Some of the hotels have bicycles available and Senggigi has a bicycle tour operator.

See edit

Brahma's empty throne, Batu Bolong
  • Pura Batu Bolong, 2 km south of Senggigi. Small Hindu temple located in a scenic spot at a small headland overlooking Senggigi beach, named after a rock (batu) with a hole (bolong). At the tip of the this headland is an empty chair representing Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation. Free entry, but you'll have to 'borrow' a sash (Rp 10,000 a throw) from one of the urchins if you don't have one already. Sunsets seen from here can be very impressive.
  • Senggigi Beach, A spit of sand stretching out from central Senggigi. This is Senggigi's raison d'etre but, by Indonesian standards, it's not all that spectacular. The beach is a sometimes a little dirty, the hawkers can be a nuisance and the Senggigi Beach Resort has grabbed most of the land. Some local surfers brave the smallish waves. The pathway around the peninsula can be a pleasant promenade. The sunsets can be very beautiful.
  • Kerangdangan beach, On Sunday afternoons Kerangdangan beach is a popular destination for Lombok residents. They go there to wander about and socialise or sit on the sandy beach or grassy area behind the warungs. People often take a swim in the sea and later eat satay and other snacks made by Kerandangan villagers and sold in the beachfront warungs. There are also two small and more expensive venues with informal outdoor dining in a cluster of small barugas with big cushions and relaxed service. They are set a little back from the beach and are open most days and nights. Full menus are available at these two venues and they offer an interesting alternative to the Senggigi township offerings. Access to the area is not obvious and the number of beachside warungs has been reduced due to a large parcel of land being annexed for a new development. Look for an entrance toward the northern end of the bay.

Senggigi is a popular launch point for other activities on Lombok. Without the hassle of Mataram, you can visit several other locations and come back to the same hotel each night. Tour operators can arrange these trips for you at around Rp 350,000 for a very basic short trip for the day including a private car and driver. Excursions to more distant locations are up around Rp 800,000-1,000,000 and would most likely include a guide for the day. Overnight trips are easily arranged and the necessary accommodation charges for a guide and driver should be quite modest.

Popular excursions that can be done in a day trip include:

  • Village visits, including weaving villages and other handicraft-producers.
  • Waterfall visits. There are some very interesting waterfall and village destinations open for tourism visits in the northern part of the island.
  • Scenic drive the coastal road to the north of Senggigi has been extensively upgraded turning this road into a popular scenic route with stunning vistas of quiet kampungs, traditional rural activities, near deserted beaches and bright green rice fields with mountain backdrops. It has steep climbs over some of the headlands affording panoramic views of the coastline and the Lombok Strait. The drive northwards up the coast from Senggigi is a popular destination for young local couples and families going on Sunday outings. It is a stunning scenic and normally reasonably quiet drive and is serviced by small traditional roadside shops and warungs. Sundays can get a bit hectic on the roads, especially toward sunset.

Do edit

Most activities around Senggigi revolve around diving, snorkelling, and hiking.

Surfing edit

Senggigi has some surf shops in the town, but there are much better areas on Lombok for surfing.

  • Mangsit beach surfing (on the beach at the northern corner of Qunci hotel and next to Warung Bamboo beach restaurant), +62 817 5786386, . Surfing lessons for beginners and children, surfing trips, boat trips to the Gili islands, surfboard, snorkelling hire and a lot of entertainment. At night the some of same people often appear to be working as quite accomplished musicians and as waiters in the restaurant next to their daytime surfing operation.

Scuba diving edit

Several of the major local operators have offices in Senggigi. They also offer snorkeling trips

Snorkelling edit

For extra interest and safety it is best to go with a diving buddy that has local experience with the currents and underwater geography of the coral reefs off Senggigi, Mangsit and Gili Islands.

  • Eko (Mangsit), the beach and sea at Senggigi, Kerandangan, Mangsit, +62 818 0571 1190, . all hours 7 days/week. Interesting personalised service providing a wealth of local knowledge and reasonable prices for skin diving and snorkelling trips, both accompanied and unaccompanied. Does not do spearfishing.

Bicycle rides edit

Some of the hotels rent bicycles for riding around the Senggigi precinct, see the By bicycle section.

Forest trekking edit

  • Pahrasat-Trekking Hutan, Senggigi, +62 813 3970 7130, +62 819 3674 5275. A local tri-lingual Sasak guide is provided who grew up far inside the hills and forests of West Lombok. He accompanies and provides interesting local knowledge on personalised treks into the kampungs and forest areas of West Lombok. Hotel pick-ups and lunch can be provided.

Massage edit

Traditional therapeutic massages are provide by local Sasak women both on the beaches, including Mangsit beach and at many of the hotels. It must be understood these are strictly traditional therapeutic massages provided by local Sasak practitioners.

  • Santai Beach Cottages at the southern end of Mangsit beach or Windy Beach Cottages at the northern end are a good place to enquire. Ask at the reception desk and they will summon one of the local traditional masseurs from the beach or nearby kampung for you. Santai will provide a nice beachside massage and fresh juices and tea can ordered from the hotel. At Windy Beach Cottages at the far north end of Mangsit Beach local village women have an arrangement to use a comfortable screened baruga in the hotel grounds. Enquiries can be made at reception or by yourself on the beach if not perturbed by often over interested beach traders. Bookings can also be made at the cellphone shop opposite the entrance to Windy Beach Cottages.

Buy edit

Lombok-style woodenware, decorated with local creatures and geometrical patterns in shades of black, brown and red, is sold in several shops in town. The tall masks are quite distinctive, though potentially difficult to get on the plane home. Boxes and bowls are also numerous. It's not as intricate and refined as Balinese arts, but it has a distinctive look and charm, and is quite inexpensive.

Make sure you are aware of your home countries import and quarantine restrictions as some require wood to be fumigated and inspected for vermin and pests. Nearby Australia for example has very strict regulations and failing to declare many items including those made of timber, seeds and some shell items may lead to heavy penalties and confiscation. Check your home countries import regulations and do not forget to declare the goods on the way in when you get back home or when passing through 'transit' countries such as Australia if you are clearing customs there.

Persistent hawkers push Komodo freshwater pearls on tourists, and will sometimes follow visitors for the length of the town. The pearls are quite pretty as costume jewellery, and make nice gifts or souvenirs, but the hawkers play on a misunderstanding of their market value. They will often quote a starting price of around Rp 300,000 for a strand, though they can be had for as little as Rp 35,000. Pearls for sale on the street tend to be the left-overs of the industry, with more flaws and variations in shape. They are normally fresh-water pearls and contrary to popular belief some of these come from China. Longer strands cost more. Better quality strands (rounder, more uniform pearls with fewer flaws) ought to cost more, though the hawkers seem not very sensitive regarding quality and will let you pretty much pick the one you want. Genuine (salt water) Lombok pearls are readily available and high quality examples can be found at one of the many speciality pearl dealers in Lombok.

There are also many handicraft items available as well as sometimes very good copies of antique artefacts such as Kris and many small traditional Sasak, Hindu and Buddhist items from Lombok's past as well as from nearby Sumbawa, and Bali

If you lose your watch or sunglasses, never fear. Street vendors are always at hand to provide a replacement.

  • Senggigi Square.
  • Senggigi Plaza.
  • Bank BNI (PT.Bank Negara Indonesia), JL Raya, Senggigi, +62 370 693 308. Senggigi's only bank branch, has forex facilities, an ATM and normal bank teller services.

Senggigi has plenty of ATMs in several locations along the main road passing through the main township.

Eat edit

There are plenty of eating options in Senggigi, with a surprising array of Western-style dishes on the menu. Alas, local chefs are often better with the names than the recipes for Western favorites, and seem to follow a philosophy of "when in doubt, add more butter." Promoters will follow you along the street offering business cards, 10% discounts, and free "cocktails" to draw you in. Beware of discount offers, and before you bite, ask if VAT and service will be added to the bill. A promised 10% discount can quickly become a 10% surcharge after they hit you with tax and service.

Budget edit

Local budget roadside and beach eating edit

  • Warungs and small eating houses, Many roadside warungs sell local food to local people and visitors can join in. Some have very good food at a very reasonable price. Look for the busy ones and make sure you understand what you are buying. Watch and see how popular a warung is with the locals and you will have a strong indication of value and quality. The taxi driver rule is a good one to apply and it works in Lombok as well as anywhere else and they generally know where to eat and where not.
  • The Senggigi beach has a warung on the beach. It mostly serves satay (beef or chicken) and is very popular with the locals. Lucky vegetarians may happen to run into the local gado-gado woman that walks along the beach dishing out delicious and spicy Indonesian salad.
  • The Senggigi strip including Batu Bolong and Mangsit have warungs and small eating houses.
  • At Kerungdangan there are many traditional warungs all along the beach and the area is most popular on Sundays when local villagers and people from the city and elsewhere will go there to visit the beach and eat traditional foods such as Satay. You need to look for the entrance running toward the beach from the main road. A token entrance fee is charged for cars and motorbikes (on the way out) and the normally quiet and pretty beach is worth a visit anytime. Sunday is the big day here.
  • Klui beach is the next bay north from Mangsit beach is also a popular destination on Sundays. It offers an alternative to the tourist haunts of Senggigi. Have a coffee sitting on the beach or in the warung, a token exit fee is charged on weekends if entering by cars or motorbike from the highway.
  • On the hilltop between Klui beach and Lendang Guar-Setangi beach you can find Warung Manah and Adil right on the coastal highway on bend at the top of the headland. Laid back and very basic, tea, coffee, other drinks, light snacks and sometimes light meals. Occasionally tourists will stop there, normally it is just frequented by locals from the nearby village or passing by and city day trippers on the weekends. Great place to break a drive up the coast and enjoy the view to Bali or the sunset over Mount Agung.
  • The roads and kampung lanes of Lombok are often lined with such places to eat. Some are better than others, and then there are the ones that are plain scary and that no sane person would ever eat anything from. They are always a good place to meet the locals and have a snack, light meal, a class of tea or coffee. Best to ask for no sugar (tanpa gula) unless you like it very sweet.

Budget restaurants edit

  • Cak Por-cafe tenda, Jl. Raya Senggigi, (opposite Senggigi Abadi supermarket and the BNI bank and ATM). This cafe tenda (roadside marquee) provides traditional local dining at very reasonable prices and has an interesting menu. The BBQ fish and their nasi goreng seafood is delicious and very good value. The BBQ chicken dishes are a little small but tasty. Local sambal is normally served with meals and a tomato salad can be ordered. Staff are helpful relaxed, and friendly. They have many juice drinks and cold beer. It is dining "tenda" (under a tent) sitting at rough plywood tables set back a little from the road. Closed Sundays, opens at dusk and often until very late, it is very popular with both locals and visitors.
  • Windy Beach Cottages Restaurant, Jl. Raya Mangsit (at the far northern end of the beach). Varied menu with many Indonesian dishes and a full bar. Dining is in the restaurant dining area or at barugas doted about the hotel grounds overlooking the beach. Lovely beach with great sunsets viewed from the gardens
  • Warung Bamboo (right on the beach at the northern end of Qunci hotel, access by the beach or a small walkway from the road right next to Qunci), +62 878 65848265. lunch and dinner until people go home, open 7 days/week. Local style menu at modest local prices. BBQd fresh fish, squid and chicken, traditional local dishes, genuine fruit juices from fresh fruit, local musicians on some nights, very informal and laid back and an entirely local village operation. Cold beer is served.

Mid-range edit

  • Bale Tajuk, Jl. Raya Senggigi. Small but popular eatery offering a range of local and Western dishes, including a fairly decent Lombok style ayam taliwang Rp 20,000.
  • The Office. A tourist and expat oriented restaurant and bar on the water behind the market near the Sheraton. Its barn-style building is attractive, but the food is hit-and-miss and rather expensive. The soto ayam and chicken sandwich are pretty good though. They have a pool table a nice view of the beach and cold beer.
  • Papaya Cafe, Jl. Raya Senggigi, (not far from the Perama Office). Worth a visit for their Chinese or Italian food. Rp 35,000 to Rp 50,000 will get a good main course. The restaurant has a rustic atmosphere with a spacious dining room open to the street. Live music plays every night after 8PM. The sound level can be a bit excessive for dinnertime conversation and in later hours becomes quite loud.
  • Cafe Bumbu, Jl. Raya Senggigi. (in front of Papaya Cafe). Thai style food. Rp 30,000-50,000 will get a good main course. During the night it provides candle lit tables.
  • Taman, Jl. Raya Senggigi, (near the Senggigi Beach Hotel). Serves Indonesian, Western and Indian food for a reasonable price. Expect to pay around Rp 30,000 upward for a main dish. They can disappoint at times, especially their breakfasts. They have an attached bakery selling rather ordinary breads and cakes. A hotel shuttle service is provided in the near Senggigi area but the driving style may give considerable alarm to many passengers.
  • Yessy Cafe, Jl. Raya Senggigi, (near the Sheraton Hotel). Indonesian, Western and Thai food for a reasonable price. Expect Rp 30,000 for a main dish. Friendly staff with complimentary hotel pickup and returns within the Senggigi area. The tax surcharge may surprise as it is not mentioned on the menu but is added to the bill total.
  • Coco Beach, Kerandangan beach. (just north of the Senggigi township and hidden away near the beach at the far end of the Kerandangan beach). Look for a small sign on the beach side of the roadway as you travel along Jl. Raya, Kerandangan. Mixed menu with Indonesian and European style food. Cold beer and other refreshments available. Choose carefully from the menu. May add a surprise tax surcharge to the bill.
  • Sunshine Restaurant, Jl. Raya Senggigi (Almost opposite Marina nightclub). This restaurant has local Chinese Indonesian owners and provides a Chinese focussed menu. Beachside tables are available for dining or drinks and the kitchen serves good value and capably prepared meals. Table service is sincere but at times can be a bit too relaxed if someone is in a hurry, the kitchen however is normally very efficient. It is often overlooked by visitors but offers good quality food in a pleasant atmosphere at very moderate prices.

Splurge edit

  • Asmara, Jl. Raya Senggigi (nearby Senggigi Art market and Sheraton hotel), +62 370 693 619, fax: +62 370 693 790, . Light meals, drinks, lunch and night time meals. Asmara has a European influenced menu and a full professional kitchen. A live seafood tank provides a choice of fish and lobsters however an advance order for lobster is recommended. European style bread is baked every day and available for purchase from reception or the kitchen. The open and airy restaurant is over two levels and includes a beer garden for informal drinks or coffee. A complimentary pick-up and drop-off is available in the Senggigi area. Free WiFi is available to customers.
  • Ye Jeon, Senggigi Plaza 2F. Korean restaurant. Probably the only one in all Lombok. Single dishes are reasonable (try the bibimbap, Rp 35,000) but sets with a full spread of banchan appetizers are pricier at Rp 80,000 and up, with 21% service/tax slapped on top. It may disappoint some people familiar with Korean food. There is an eclectic range of souvenir items available on their ground floor level.
  • De Quake, Jl. Raya Senggigi (on the beach, enter the Art Market from the main road and walk through to the beach), +62 370 693 694, . Light meals, drinks, lunch and night time meals. Modern, minimalistic, lounge style interior on the beach with sunset view. Upstairs serving contemporarily styled Indonesian and Asian food, downstairs reserved for drinks and sunbeds.
  • Square Restaurant and Lounge, Jl. Raya Senggigi Km. 08 (at the front of Senggigi Square), +62 370 664 5999, +62 370 664 4888, fax: +62 370 623 975, . Lunch, evening, open late. The most expensive and most stylish restaurant in town. Serves contemporary fusion style cooking in an airy and stylish upstairs terrace lounge overlooking the main road in the town centre. Dinner sets are good value and offer good mixtures. Vegetarians may have to get creative to find something other than pasta, noodles and tomato sauce, but adaptions to standard dishes are possible. Pay for service WiFi is available. From around Rp 30,000.
  • Cafe Alberto, Jl. Raya, Batu Bolong (on the beach at the far northern end of Batu Bolong and just a few min from the centre of Senggigi township), +62 370 693 039, +62 370 693 313, . Daily 09:00-00:00. Italian and Indonesian cuisine with a romantic beachside atmosphere. Restaurant, cafe with a pizza oven, light meals and drinks. The excellent location and stylish facilities may provide more satisfaction than the food served from the kitchen. Providing breakfast, lunch or dinner. Swimming pool, on-beach and poolside dining available. A complimentary shuttle is available servicing the Senggigi area from 18;00-21:00. Free WiFi for guests.

Drink edit

Senggigi's nightlife still suffers from far more supply than demand, with punters thinly spread and bars desperate for customers. Still places open and close but on Friday & Saturday nights the young crowd from Mataram push in a bit of life.

  • Happy Cafe, Jl Raya, Senggigi, live band with something extra. Local expats seem to come together here every Saturday night. A good place to start your night. 20:00-01:30.
  • Marina Cafe, Jl. Raya, Senggigi. Every month a new live band from Jakarta or Bandung. Professional setup, good sound. Mostly free entrance, sometimes gigs with admission, closes around 00:00-02:00.
  • Club 69, Jl.Raya, Senggigi. Karaoke and nightclub with ladies that entertain and encourage customers to sing with them. Open 20:00-02:00.
  • Garden Café, Jl Raya, Senggigi (in front of the Manna Kebun Villas and Resort). 19:00-00:30. Has a shack vibe to it. Local, Thai and Western specialties. A variety of cocktails, spirits and beers. Live band playing every night doing renditions of classics, old rock and jazz songs; requests are welcomed.

Sleep edit

Try to avoid lodging near the mosque if you are a light sleeper, as the call to morning worship can be quite loud.

Budget edit

  • Hotel Ray. Nice building but situated near to several entertainment venues so a good night's sleep can be hard to come by. Rooms have cold water only and a fan. Rp 100,000 per night including breakfast.
  • 1 la casa home stay, Gg Pura Melasa Batu layar Senggigi, +62370692105, . 4 km south of Senggigi in a Balinese village close the beach. €8.
  • Lina's, Jl. Raya, Senggigi (opposite Marina nightclub and bar). Right on the beach, it has older, clean rooms with clean bath, decent food, and in a nice area. The disco across the street can be a bit loud late at night. From Rp 150,000 standard room without ocean view, Rp 250,000 for deluxe room with ocean view.
  • Pondok Siti Hawa Backpackers, Jl. Raya, Batu Layar (the first place you come to when travelling from Ampenam to Senggigi, exactly 4.1 km before the Senggigi post office on the left hand side of the main road). Look for the red, white and green sign. Travel slowly as it is difficult to see. A variety of bamboo and brick bungalows 50 m from the beach set amongst a lush garden. Hosts Siti Hawa and her son make you feel wonderfully welcome. Siti Hawa is a great cook and you will really enjoy staying here. It is clean, cheap and great value. These owners have a committed social conscience and are trying to make Senggigi a better place for all.
  • Raja's. In the centre of Senggigi. around Rp 75,000 per night.
  • Sonya Home Stay, Jl. Raya, Senggigi 54 (opposite Asmara restaurant), +62 370 693 447, +62 813 39899878. A traditional low cost losmen converted for use by budget travellers rather than a homestay. Small self-contained rooms are offered with a compact common access galley kitchen and guest refrigerator. This is very basic but clean accommodation and the owners are very helpful and friendly. Sonya Homestay offers very reasonable rates to both their own guests and others for daily tours in a brand new vehicle with their own driver. Rooms are extremely cramped. No hot water. You can hear someone cough in the next room. At night, some bathrooms overrun with insects. Despite this, it has an excellent 'backpacker vibe'; many travellers gather together to talk and drink at the tables provided until late into the night. Also, free breakfast provided is slightly above average in taste. Coffee and tea throughout the day.

Mid-range edit

  • Puri Bunga, Jl. Raya Senggigi, +62 370 693 013, fax: +62 370 693 286, . Comfortable walking distance from Senggigi Beach, and has good views from the hillside location. Standard, deluxe and suite cottages with A/C, hot water, mini bar, TV, telephone and coffee making facilities, bar and restaurant, WiFi, swimming pool. Skype: puribungalombok. US$40-75.
  • Puri Saron Senggigi Beach, Jl. Raya Senggigi, Krandangan (over the hill to the north of the Sheraton), +62 370 693424, +62 370 693425, fax: +62 370 693266, . Fairly small Balinese-style resort hotel has direct access to the beach and is a 15 min walk from central Senggigi. Decent pool and a dinner buffet for Rp 55,000, but the musty rooms, while clean, have seen better days. Most rates include airport pickup and breakfast, this may be a good choice if you just need to overnight in Senggigi before striking out the next morning. US$35.
  • Sunset House Hotel, Jl Batu Bolong Km 02, Batu Bolong (just before the hill approaching Senggigi township), +62 370 692 225, fax: +62 370 692 225, . On the beach, 6 rooms catering to small groups, singles and couples. Convenient access to Senggigi over the nearby hill, nearby to local warungs, small bars and restaurants. From Rp 400,000 with packages available.

Splurge edit

Balinese garden, Puri Mas
  • Holiday Resort Lombok (previously known as Holiday Inn Resort Lombok) (just past the middle of Mangsit on the beach), +62 370 693444, fax: +62 370 693 092, +62 370 693 206, . Large beachside resort with spacious rooms, many with sea views, well maintained grounds, good facilities, internet, pleasant well trained staff, lagoon style pool, child minding facilities, and a health clinic. Spacious 2 bedroom apartments also available on the grounds. Some aspects of the hotel are a little style-dated, but it still has a modern and well kept feel to it. It would be difficult to be too disappointed with this establishment. Banquet and function experience and facilities. On site medical clinic with qualified nurse and doctor on call. US$67-102.
  • Jeeva Klui, Jl Raya Klui No 1 (on the beach just over the hill at the end of Mangsit beach. The location is described on many maps as Kelui), +62 370 693035, fax: +62 370 693 036, . Small resort style boutique hotel at Klui in a pretty location fronted by a long quiet beach. Klui is a quiet location and this is the only hotel or tourist venture on this beach. Contemporary styled rooms open onto outdoor terraces and lounge areas with views of the pretty bay and across the water to Bali. 25 m swimming pool and open air hotel restaurant. WiFi, flat screen cableTV, DVD players, in room safes and hairdryers.
  • Kebun Villas, Jl. Raya Senggigi (entrance near Sheraton hotel), . In a small valley at the northern end of the township area, contemporary design and fittings. Plantation/hillside setting a few min away from the Senggigi restaurant and bar strip. Each villa has 1-3 bedrooms, tea and coffee making facilities and its own private pool. Angsana US$250, Balsa US$300, Cendana (hotel villa with self contained facilities) US$750.
  • Puri Mas Beach Resort, Jl. Raya Mangsit, +62 370 693 831, fax: +62 370 593 023, . On the beachfront at Mangsit beach and a short taxi ride to central Senggigi. Basic but well appointed thatched cottages to small self contained modern bungalows with separate facilities. Large pool with sea views across to Bali, WiFi and a beach side restaurant and bar. US$75.
  • Qunci Hotel and Poolside Villas, Jl. Raya Mangsit (middle of Mangsit on the beach and 10 min north of the Senggigi township), +62 370 693 800, fax: +62 370 693 802, . Small, peaceful and stylish resort along over 150 m of beachfront with good views across Lombok Strait towards Bali. Ocean view rooms, hotel villas with their own personal 8x3 m pools and garden view rooms. 3 large swimming pools beachside at the front of the hotel, a large spa with a variety of local treatments, WiFi throughout, 2 stylish restaurants popular with both Qunci guests and visitors staying at other hotels in the area. The chic and sophisticated décor is a mixture of modern architecture combined with local materials from Lombok and Bali and provides guests with a stylish calm in an Indonesian setting. US$80-275.
  • The Santosa Villas & Resort, Jl. Raya Km8 (large formal entrance on the main road), +62 370 693 090, fax: +62 370 693 175, . Beachside resort style hotel in central Senggigi. Rooms have A/C, flat screen TV with 40 international channels, a coffee/tea maker and mini-bar. The hotel is equipped for large functions and adjoins the Senggigi beach with a swimming pool, spa, restaurants, and room service. US$65-500.
  • Senggigi Beach Hotel Pool Villa Club, Jl. Pantai Senggigi (turn left of the main road toward the beach near the centre of town), +62 370 693 210, fax: +62 370 693 200. Large facility with a range of rooms, many with a nice sea view. Good access for a walk on the beach or to the shops and travel bureaus in town. The grounds are enjoyable and there are several good restaurants on the premises. From Rp1,200,000.

Private villas edit

Villas listed here are completely private individual properties with their own pool and self contained support facilities including food preparation areas. One should always remember the label 'Villa' is one of the mostly widely abused words in the Indonesia travel industry.

  • Villa Qusia and Villa Qunan (affiliated with Qunci hotel at nearby Mangsit beach), in the Mangsit foothills (follow small lane that turns off the main road opposite Qunci poolside villas), +62 370 693 800, fax: +62 370 693 802, . Butler and chef provided to the villa
    • Villa Qunan - is a stylish luxury 2-bedroom villa with private pool and luxurious facilities, wonderful gardens and breathtaking sunset views across the Lombok Straits to Bali. US$295
    • Villa Qusia - is a luxurious 3-bedroom villa on the hill above the village of Mangsit, good views of Bali’s Mt. Gunung Agung across the Lombok Strait. US$474
  • Verve Villa, Jl. Raya Mangsit, Senggigi (about half way along Mangsit beach), +62 8124 6400 246, . On Mangsit Beach with views across Lombok Strait towards Bali. Private villa on 800 m². Butler service 07:00-23:00. Villa sleeps maximum 6 people. Airport pick-up provided. Located very close to Mangsit's smaller mosque so if the call to morning prayers may cause upset due to interrupting your sleep then you may want to consider an alternative. Depending on personal sensitivity, calls to prayer or other daily announcements broadcast from the mosque may not be found excessive but it is quite difficult to miss. 3 suite villa, inc private recreational facilities&pool, US$420-640/night. also available per suite-accom for 2 persons inc shared recreational facilities and pool, US$110-150/night, inc breakfast, extra bed US$25 net inc extra B/F.

Cope edit

Hospitals edit

Several hospitals are located in Mataram including the islands main public hospital Rumah Sakit Umun, Risa Hospital in Cakranegara near Mataram mall and RS Harapan Keluarga in Selagalas east of the city.

  • Please see the Lombok main article for a list of medical facilities available in Mataram.

Medical clinics edit

  • Holiday Resort Lombok-Medical clinic, Mangsit beach, Senggigi (halfway through Mangsit beach,the clinic is downstairs, on northeast corner of main building), +62 370 693 444, fax: +62 370 693 092, +62 370 693 206. On site medical clinic with qualified nurse and doctor on call.
  • Klinik Risa (Risa Centra Medika Hospital), Jl. Pejanggik No.115, Cakranegara (just east of Mataram Mall on the right hand side of the road), +62 370 625 560. 24 hr emergency room. Full hospital facilities available on site, specialist consulting rooms and Dentist.
  • Puskesmas Senggigi (Local health Clinic Senggigi township), Jalan Raya Kerandangan (on the main road at the southern end of Kerandangan just past Puri Saron and Pacific Hotel). Very limited hours, normally in the evenings. This is a local municipal health clinic catering to the residents of the surrounding district rather than an emergency medical centre.

Emergency services edit

  • Lombok Regional Police (National) (Polda), Jl Gajah Mada No7, Ampenan, +62 370 693 110. 24 hour emergency number 110
  • Tourism Police Senggigi (Pos Polsek Senggigi), Jl. Raya Senggigi km 1 Senggigi (near the Art Market), +62 370 632 733.
  • Ambulance, +62 370 623 489, 118 (In emergency). The reality is that unless within the confines of the main city of Mataram/Ampenan/Cakranegara an ambulance is normally too far away to provide prompt transport in the case of a true emergency. Most often a taxi, police vehicle or a private car is used to get someone requiring urgent medical attention to a hospital. The ambulances in Lombok are more often used in the role of assisted patient transport rather than for first responder/paramedic supported emergency assistance and transport.

Laundry edit

  • Laundromat (in the last group of shops in Senggigi centre on the left going north along the main Senggigi road, next to the Rambo pet store). Laundry with same-day service (4 hr). About Rp 60,000 for a large 30-item load.

Connect edit

  • Post Office (Kantor Pos), Jl. Raya, Senggigi (opposite Bank BNI), +62 370 693 711. Postal code: 83355
  • Internet cafes, the town of Senggigi has many WiFi hotspots in cafes, restaurants and hotels, plus several internet cafes. #G services are normally available though they may fall back to EDGE and GRRS in some parts of town or at peak load times.

Go next edit

Much of Lombok can be accessed easily from Senggigi.

  • Take a boat or ferry to the Gili Islands for snorkelling or diving
  • Climb up Mount Rinjani, an active volcano (these can be suspended for long periods during the rainy season but normally reopens by the beginning of April)
  • Travel northward up the scenic coast road to Tanjung and further north to Bayan
  • Visit Kuta and Tanjung A'an in Lombok's south

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