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Jing'an[dead link] (静安区 Jìng'ān Qū) is a district in downtown Shanghai. It is named after the historic Jing'an Temple, and its transport hub is the Jing'an Temple metro station. Other than a few temples and Chairman Mao's former house, there are few sights in Jing'an but if you are looking for shopping and eating or want to admire skyscrapers, then this is a prime area.

Position in Shanghai

Nanjing Road West runs right past the temple; the whole area is heavily developed with mainly commercial and office buildings along Nanjing Road, including a large shopping center above the metro station, and several others nearby. The side streets have a higher proportion of residential buildings, but many of those have shops or restaurants on the ground floor. Hotels on Nanjing Road are expensive but the side streets, especially north of the temple, have some in more moderate price ranges.

Walking east from the temple leads through much high-end shopping and into Huangpu District, to People's Square, more shopping on Nanjing Road East, and eventually to the Bund. Total distance is 4.5 km (a bit under 3 miles) and, at least in good weather, this is a pleasant walk with lots to see and plenty of places to stop for food or drink.

In the Shanghai administrative system, Jing'an District now includes Zhabei to the north, but we still treat them separately on Wikivoyage.

Get in

Map of Shanghai/Jing'an

The usual way to get here is to take the line  2  or  7  metro to 1 Jing'an Temple station.

To the east on line  2  is 2 Nanjing Road West station, also in the district on the main shopping road. To the north on line  7  are 3 Changping Road Station and then 4 Changshou Road Station. Going south, line  7  leads into the French Concession

You could reach the area on foot by walking West along Nanjing Road from Huangpu District or North along various roads from the French Concession.

Shanghai Airport City Building (SACB) (Shanghai City Air Terminal) is in one of the malls above Jing'an Temple metro station, 1600 NanJing West. There are buses to and from both

Jing'an Temple
  • 1 Jing'an Temple (静安寺) (Exit 1, Jing'An Temple Metro Station, lines  2  and  7 ). This is a large Buddhist temple; the name translates as Temple of Peace and Tranquility. It is said to have been built in 247 CE, making it over 1750 years old.    
Mao Zedong's former residence
  • 2 Former residence of Chairman Mao Tse Tung (In between the main Kerry Centre and the Shangri-la hotel). Small house in traditional style that housed Mao Tse Tung during his early days in the Chinese Communist Party. Preserved as a (very) small museum. Possibly the most interesting aspect is the fact that his once humble home is now surrounded by one of Shanghai's most expensive shopping malls full of luxury shops and hotels! Free.
  • 3 Jing'an Park. Nice public park with a lake and some walkways. A good place to see older Chinese people practice their dancing. If you play any Chinese board games — Chinese chess (xiangqi) or Go (weiqi) — there are often games going on in the Southeast corner of the park.    
  • 4 Jing'an Sculpture Park (Cross Beijing Lu West / Shimen Lu).    
  • The Jade Buddha Temple, a small temple with some remarkable statues, is often reached via Jing'an, and is sometimes described as being in this district. Actually, though it is just across the border into Putuo; see that article for a listing.
  • 5 Shanghai Natural History Museum (上海自然博物馆), 510 Beijing West Road (北京西路510号) (Close to the metro station of the same name on Line  1 ), +86 21 68622000 (general enquiries), +86 21 62620280 (ticket enquiries and group bookings). 08:50-17:15, closed on Mondays (except during Golden Weeks). Tickets are sold from 08:40 to 16:30. ¥30 (standard adult ticket), ¥25 (visitors aged 60 to 69), ¥12 (children over 1.3 metres in height and full-time university students. Persons aged over 70 and children under 1.3 metres in height are granted free admission.    
  • 1 Shanghai Acrobatics Show, 1376 West Nanjing Lu (inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel building). All the impressive acts of a Chinese circus packed into one 90 minute show. The location is easy to walk by as the theater is hidden inside a hotel. Tickets are best bought in advance, especially for weekend shows. The good acts are up right from the start, so don't be late! An alternative is the Shanghai Circus in Zhabei. about ¥150.
  • 2 Shanghai Exhibition Centre (Sino-Soviet Friendship Building, 中苏友好大厦). Built in the 1950s and then the tallest building in Shanghai at 110 m, this is still a landmark.    

The main street of this area, West Nanjing Road (Nanjing xilu), is one of Shanghai's premier shopping areas. It specializes in high-end name-brand goods, generally at somewhat higher prices than outside China. However, such goods are by no means the only thing on offer; there is a bit of everything available. The side streets and Beijing Road (the next major street North of Nanjing Road and parallel to it) are similar, but with a broader range of goods.

  • 1 Jingan Kerry Center, 1563 West Nanjing Road (Directly on Jing'An Temple station). Very new shopping mall with lots of restaurants, clothes shops and an electronics store. Good cinema. In the basement is an Ole' supermarket (a top range China chain) which sells lots of good Western quality food at very high prices.
  • 2 Reel Shanghai, Shop 2A, 1601 Nanjing Xi Lu (Jing'An Temple station Exit 10). Brand new upmarket mall with busy food court in the basement
  • 3 Jiu Guang Shopping Mall, 1618 Nanjing Xi Lu, 南京西路1618号8楼, 近华山路 (Exit 2 Jian'An Temple). Launched in partnership with the Japanese Sogo chain, this mall has a distinctly Japanese feel to it. Food court in basement as well as 'Fresh Mart' supermarket.
  • 4 Shanghai Centre. Three towers above an 8-story base. The base has quite a bit of high-end shopping, plus a supermarket in the basement with a range of imported foods. There is a pleasant coffee shop at ground level, back left corner as seen from the street. One tower has the Shanghai Ritz Carlton hotel; the others are apartments and offices, including several consulates. The complex also includes a theatre and an exhibition hall.    
  • 5 China Mobile, West Nanjing Road (Opposite Nanjing Road West subway station on Line 2). Get a mobile phone SIM or topup at this busy store on Nanjing Road

Alternate shopping areas with similar goods include Nanjing Road East in Huangpu District and Huahai Road in the French Concession.

The mall above the Jing'an Temple metro station has about twenty small restaurants including a good Japanese-style curry place, and a Korean place. The small street along the North side of the temple has several restaurants, mostly Chinese but including a Burger King.

There is an excellent, if somewhat pricey, Indonesian place about a block North of Nanjing Road on the side street where the westernmost exit from the Temple metro station comes out.


  • Saizeriya, Jing An Temple station. One of a Japanese chain of Italian restaurants where a decently-sized plate of pasta can be had for less than ¥20 and all-you-can-drink soft drinks available for an additional ¥6 from 11AM-2PM. Menus are available in English.
  • CoCo Ichibanya (CoCo壱番屋) (In the B1 level of Jiuguang department store, exit 2 from Jing'An Temple metro station). One of a Japanese chain of curry restaurants, with seafood, meat, and vegetarian curries available and variable levels of spiciness. There will be seasonal items on the menu that change depending on time of year. There is a spice rating from 1 (mild) to 5 (hot!); most people who like spicy food will be happy with 3, or perhaps 4. Others should chose 1 or 2 and consider ordering a larger serving of rice, which is also a menu option. ¥30-50.
  • 1 Reel Food Court, 1601 West Nanjing Road (Basement of Reel Shopping Mall; Jing'an Temple station exit 10). Although not cheap by national standards, this is definitely a budget option in the Jing'an district. A clean and fairly large food court can be found next to Jing'An station in the basement of the Reel Shopping Mall, with fried dumplings to be had (4 for ¥6) to larger rice dishes and hotpots. Can be very busy.
  • 2 Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant (南翔馒头店), 328 North Maoming Road (At the second floor of the Huangpuhui shopping mall; West Nanjing Road station exit 4). A branch of the famous xiaolongbao restaurant found in the Old City, but with significantly shorter lines. ¥20-60.  
  • 3 Yang's Dumpling (小杨生煎), 328 North Maoming Road (At the second floor of the Huangpuhui shopping mall; West Nanjing Road station exit 4), +86 21 6136 1391. Where the Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant is known for its xiaolongbao, this place just around the corner is known for its shengjianbao, the fried version. Although there are several stores throughout Shanghai, this is the original, where it has been since 1994. Dumplings are made fresh to order, and there are other Shanghai specialties available. Can be busy during peak hours. ¥8-20.


  • Bali Laguana, +86 62486970. (巴厘岛), No.3 Jinan Park, 189 Huashan Road (near West Nanjing Road, 静安区华山路189号静安公园3号门 近南京西路). Standard Indonesian food served in a romantic and delightful setting overlooking a small pool that is particularly pretty at night.
  • 4 Lavazza Coffee, 1486 West Nanjing Road (Opposite Kerry Shopping mall). 10:00 - 22:00. Italian coffee shop with outdoor seating area. Good location for foreigners and Chinese to meet up for language exchanges. Free wifi and serves pasta. Around ¥30 for a coffee.
  • Tonkatsu Qitiao, Level B2, Reel Shopping Mall (Jian'An station exit 10.), +86 2132538599. Japanese Ton Katsu restaurant which is somewhat more upmarket than CoCo Ichibanya. ¥60-100.
  • 5 [dead link] Mr Harry Authentic British Restaurant, 5th floor, 819 West Nanjing Road (On the 5th floor of building), +86 21 620 365 11, . 10:00-22:00. If you have been in China a while and want to enjoy a break with an English breakfast or fish and chips for lunch, then Mr Harry's is possibly the place for you. English pub style decorations and English beer available. ¥100 for fish & chips.
  • 6 Dos Locos, Dos Locos - Suite B1-11, South Phase, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Changde Lu (静安嘉里中心, 南京西路1515号南区B1-11, 近常德路). (Go to Jing'an Temple station and walk into the Kerry Centre). A copy of the Mexican-American chain, Chipotle, this restaurant serves large portions of burritos and tacos. ¥60-80.
  • 7 Beef and Liberty, Shanghai Centre, G/F, Shanghai Centre, No.1376 Nanjing Road (Walk to the Shanghai Centre from Jing'an Temple station). A 'premium' beefburger restaurant selling good tasting burgers at a high price. ¥90.
  • 8 Sumerian Coffee, 415 Shaanxi Bei Lu (near Beijing Xi Lu), +86 135 6475 5689. 08:00 - 19:00. Offers coffee roasted on site (including coffee beans sourced from southern China) and nice wrap sandwiches.
  • 9 Wagas (Cross Xinzha Road and Jiaozhou Road). Related to the 'Baker and Spice' chain and serving fairly familiar Western food.
  • 10 Wagas. Another branch of Wagas to the north of the temple
  • 11 Pizza Express (Shanghai Centre, G/F, Shanghai Centre, No.1376 Nanjing Road). The UK Pizza chain can be found in the Shanghai Centre. It is better tasting than the fast food pizza joints around Shanghai, albeit at a higher price.
  • 12 Baker & Spice, Shanghai Centre, G/F, Shanghai Centre, No.1376 Nanjing Road. Another foreigner-friendly option in the Shanghai Centre. Free wifi. Opens at 07:30 which is convenient for early risers.





There is a whole strip of bars, mostly rather sleazy and well-stocked with dubious women, directly across from the Hilton on the North-South street that runs along the West side of the park by Jing'an Temple. The Hilton is a block or so beyond Yang'an elevated road. The bar on the left as you face them has an excellent Indian restaurant upstairs.

Continue South beyond the Hilton to reach the French Concession and a better class of bar. The road the Hilton is on becomes Hengshan Road a kilometer or so further South. You may not need to go that far; there are bars and restaurants scattered all along that road and on side streets off it.

  • Just Grapes, 462 Dagu Road, +86 21 33113205, fax: +86 21 33113209, . 17:00-23:30. Wine bar. It is also a wine store, and has an upstairs restaurant serving salads, pasta, and pizza. This is the perfect place to taste a glass of good wine at the bar or outside on the wooden patio Glass of wine from ¥58.
  • 1 Dr Wine, 177 Fumin Lu. Classic style of European wine bar, offering relaxed atmosphere and Italian anti-pasta Glass of wine from ¥58.
  • 2 Uva Cafe, 1187 Beijing Xi Lu (Near Shanxi Bei Lu), . 08:00 - 21:00. A wine bar aimed at the younger set. ¥25 for a Latte.



The Shanghai Hilton is two blocks South of Jing'an Temple station, on the other side of Yang'an elevated road. There are a number of decent but less expensive hotels along the side streets North of the station.


  • Letour Traveler's Rest Youth Hostel (上海乐途静安国际青年旅舍), Building 30, No 319, Jiaozhou Rd, +86-21-62671912. A YHA bed and breakfast hostel in downtown Shanghai a 10-minute walk from Jing'an Temple. The building was built in 1930s as a towel factory and is deliberately refurbished to maintain its unique details: narrow lane (NongTang), Stone-frame, packing case etc. Price (normal season): Dorm bed ¥80, Private double ¥280, Private Twin or Triple a bit more. The hostel offers a lively vibrant atmosphere, including a cafe and bar, free internet, bike hire, laundry, luggage lockers and more. In the reception there is a Travel Center, where guests can book train tickets, purchase postcards & stamps, and book tours and shows.
  • Shanghai Haigang Hotel (上海海港宾馆), 中国上海市泰兴路89号 (around the corner from carl jr's), +86-021-62553553. Near Pho Sizzling ¥300.


  • Brightel All Suites Shanghai (Golden Tulip Ashar Suites Shanghai Central), 288 Shanxi North Road, +86 21 62988668.
  • [dead link] Howard Johnson All Suites Hotel Shanghai (上海绿地豪生全套房酒店; Shànghǎi lǜdìháo shēngquán tàofáng jiǔdiàn), No 1155, Yan'an W Rd (延安西路1155号; Yán'ān xīlù 1155 hào) (10 min from Shanghai Railway Stn (7 km)), +86 21 52382555, fax: +86 21 62264822, . Rooms with free internet. Also has a bar that can provide coffee and beer. Listed rates for doubles from ¥428.
  • Jing'an Hotel Jin Jiang, 370 Huashan Rd, +86 21-61226688, . A classic Spanish-style hotel. The hotel offers 126 aptly furnished rooms and a wealth of dining and leisure facilities. Business amenities include a fully equipped business center and meeting and conference venues.
  • 1 JunAn Design Hotel, 696 Nanjing W Rd, +86 21-51751188. West side of Nanjing Rd. Opposite the hotel lies the famous Shanghai Television Tower. Rooms are air-conditioned, fitted with cable TV, hair dryer, and broadband Internet access. They also have a private bathroom and safe. Western and Chinese buffet breakfast is available. From ¥431.
  • [dead link] Rendezvous Merry Hotel Shanghai (上海美丽园龙都大酒店; Shànghǎi měilì yuánlóng dōudà jiǔdiàn), No 396, Yan'an Rd W (延安西路396号; yán ān xī lù 396 hào) (near Jingan Temple commercial district), +86 21 6249 5588, fax: +86 21 6249 2287, . Rooms with free internet. The hotel has a Chinese and a Western restaurant and a bar that can provide coffee and beer. The hotel possesses various kinds of auxiliary facilities such as Chamber, Business Center, Currency exchange service, Shopping, Florist, Beauty Salon, Laundry, etc. Listed rates for doubles from ¥552.
  • Shanghai Jin Chang Hotel, 1339 Changde Rd. 3-star hotel. The Bund, Jade Buddha Temple, and Nanjing Rd are few of the places you can visit while staying at this hotel. They offer air-conditioned rooms that has a satellite TV, high-speed Internet, mini-bar, telephone, and smoke alarm.
  • Shanghai Yin Fa Hotel, No 1068 W Beijing Rd, +86 21-62556600. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. Houses 72 air-conditioned rooms equipped with cable TV, telephone, electronic door locks, slippers, and electric kettle. Some of their facilities include conference rooms, health and fitness center, sauna, lobby bar, and game room. Li Yuan Restaurant serves Cantonese cuisine and can accommodate 130 guests. From ¥428.
  • [dead link] Shanxi Business Hotel, 658 Middle Yan'an Rd, +86 21-52624866. It is located 15 km away from Hongqiao Airport. 178 air-conditioned rooms. From ¥486.
  • Shanghai Duxiana Hotel, No. 59 Wan Hang Du Hou Road, +86-2162261133. Rooms are equipped with Dux bed, 32-inch TV, Refrigerator and Air-conditioning. Some of its facilities and services are Business center, Meeting hall, Fitness room/gym and Free Wi-Fi Internet access. Rates start at ¥470.


  • Four Seasons, 500 Weihai Road, +86 21 6256-8888. A favorite with business travelers, the Four Seasons is a luxury hotel with excellent amenities and several in-hotel dining options. The breakfast buffet is lavish, though typical of high-end Shanghai hotels. Given the cost (¥225) consider upgrading to the Executive Club Lounge (not to be confused with the "Executive Suite") where you get free cooked breakfast on the 37th floor. ¥2,400-65,000.
  • Ivy Shanghai, 709 Jiaozhou Road. The 5-star hotel offers very intimate service for each of its 45 rooms and suites. Each floor is assigned a butler, business amenities abound, and the hotel boasts a Teppanyaki restaurant.
  • Park Hotel (国际饭店; Guoji Fandian), 170 Nanjing W Rd (People's Park Stn), +86 21-63275225. An Art Deco masterpiece, it was once the tallest building in the Far East with 22 soaring stories, but in today's Shanghai it looks like a refugee from Gotham City among the surrounding glass and steel skyscrapers. Convenient location, but the rooms with good views facing Nanjing Xilu and the Park also have to deal with the road's traffic noise.
  • Shanghai Hotel Jin Jiang, 505 N Wulumuqi Rd. 4-star hotel.
  • 2 Shangri-la (Jing'an Metro Station, enter exit 6 for Kerry Mall).

Serviced apartments


Shanghai is well provided with serviced apartments which rent by the week or month, mainly to business people whose companies are covering the cost.

  • Skiline - World Union Service Apartment, Suite 1912, 199 North Wulumuqi Rd 200040, +86 21 62484520. Studio, Twin Bed and Suite, all equipped with Air-conditioning, Cable TV and High-speed Internet access. Facilities and services are Business centre, Airport transfer and Travel agency. From ¥350.
  • World Union Service Apartment, Room 1601, 16 F, No 199. Wu Lu Mu Qi Road (North), +86 21 6248 0615. It offers standard and superior suite, all equipped with air-conditioning, TV with cable channels, and living room. Some of its facilities and services are business center, meeting room, and high-speed Internet access. From ¥370.30.
  • Ladoll Service Apartment, Room 201, 2nd Floor, No 268. Yu Yuan Road, +86 21 6248 1125. It offers standard, superior, and deluxe suite, all equipped with cable TV, DVD, telephone, and high-speed Internet connection. Some of its facilities and services are meeting room, business centre, and airport and city transfers. From ¥520.



The Kerry Center shopping mall has free public wifi.

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