Pudong New Area (浦东新区 Pǔdōng Xīn Qū) is in Shanghai.

Pudong New Area in red
Rest of Shanghai in white

The term "Pudong" is somewhat ambiguous;

  • Officials and media often use it to refer to the large administrative district Pudong New Area. This is shown in red on the map and described in this article.
  • In common usage, it means the massively developed central section described in the Pudong article.
  • Taken literally, it just means East of the Huang Pu. West of the river is Puxi.

Wikivoyage has two articles covering parts of Pudong New Area:

  • When anyone in Shanghai says "Pudong" they almost always mean the skyscraper-packed area covered in the Pudong article; this is approximately the northern third of the New Area.
  • Nanhui, the more spread out and less developed suburban area to the south, has its own article.

Nanhui is no longer an official administrative district, though the term is still is widespread use. Several districts including Nanhui were amalgamated to create Pudong New Area in the early 1990s. The entire New Area was then designated a Special Economic Zone to encourage development. Since then all of it has developed quickly; the pace has been absolutely phenomenal in the central parts, and merely remarkable in outlying areas.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is in this area; on the map it is about halfway down the east coast.

Not everything on this side of the river is included in Pudong New Area. Minhang District has a section east of the river (on the map, the white rectangle intruding into the New Area about halfway up the west side), though most of the district is to the west. Also, the Huang Pu leads north-south from the Yangtze to Minhang but then bends west, so some areas are actually south of the river — Fengxian and Jinshan districts on the southern coast, and parts of Songjiang and Qingpu to the west.

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