low mountain range in central Europe

The Sudetes or Sudetes Mountains (in Polish and Czech Sudety, which is a plural proper noun) is a mountain range in Poland and the Czech Republic. In Czech, the word "Sudety" or its English equivalent refers to a much broader region Sudetenland, which includes basically all area in Bohemia near the border with Germany and Austria. If referring this region to a Czech person, it is probably better to use term Sudetes Subprovice (Krkonošsko-jesenická subprovincie) or not referring to this region at all and use the names of mountains that is consists of.

Golden Mountains (Sudetes), Poland, viewed from Borówkowa


Map of Sudetes
Divisions of the Sudetes

From west to the east:

  • 1 Izer Mountains   (pl: Góry Izerskie, cz: Jizerské hory)
  • 2 Giant Mountains (pl: Karkonosze, cz: Krkonoše)
  • 3 Stone Mountains   (pl: Góry Kamienne)
  • 4 Owl Mountains   (pl: Góry Sowie)
  • 5 Golden Mountains   (pl: Góry Złote)
  • 6 Table Mountains (pl: Góry Stołowe)
  • 7 Śnieżnik Mountains   (pl: Masyw Śnieżnika)
  • 8 Opawskie Mountains   (pl: Góry Opawskie)


Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój


From west to the east:

Czech Republic:

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