portion of the Alps mountain range that lies within Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are in Switzerland, stretching over several regions.

The view of the Eiger and Jungfrau from Gimmelwald.
View of the Matterhorn from town during the summer

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Map of Swiss Alps

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Switzerland is very unusual because it has four official languages: German (the most used, in 2/3 the country), French, Italian, and Romansch. Expect those languages spoken mostly near the borders of those countries and Switzerland, except Romansch, an isolated tongue used in Graubünden in eastern Switzerland.

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Trains run to the three biggest cities: Geneva, Berne, and Zurich many times a day from big cities in neighboring countries (Paris, Milan, Venice, Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna).

Highways go in through twisting mountain passes, from those countries as well.

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See also: Driving in Switzerland

Rail is probably the best way to get around. With the awesome scenery, you'd probably rather concentrate on it than drive; driving will work fine too, but prepare for some steep roads and tight curves in some areas.

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  • Traditional fondue

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