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This template provides a link to the page detailing an airport, this may be an airport article, if a huge airport, or will link to a listing in the Get in section of a city or region page. The intention is to provide a clear destination page for detailed information on an airport, allowing authors to link to the details on a page from another city or region page. See Wikivoyage:Airport Expedition#IATA airport codes for more detail. It also provides a list of articles with an airport listing.

To use this template, insert the code {{IATA| <IATA code> }}, replacing <IATA code> with the three letter code for the airport. See w:International Air Transport Association airport code#List for a list of airports by IATA code; or, see the airport's Wikipedia page, the IATA code should be in the infobox. The code is in capital letters.

This template produces the emboldened three-character airport code and, if a redirect of the code exists, a link to details of the airport together with an inline link to the Wikivoyage article on airport codes. The template is in the format {{IATA|airportcode}}, enclosed in double-braces, bar-separated. For example, {{IATA|LAX}} for LAX, Los Angeles International Airport.

For example, {{IATA|LAX}} produces LAX IATA, for Los Angeles International Airport.

ICAO codes are not really used in Wikivoyage, there is a discussion about their use here. USA/Canada IATA codes are usually similar to ICAO codes (which have a preceding K indicating US mainland, C indicating Canada); IATA vs ICAO codes for other countries are not similar. IATA codes are scheduled to be replaced by ICAO codes at some distant and not yet fixed point in the future but most will be more familiar with IATA codes. See Airport codes article for more information on airport codes.

Linking to airports

If there is an airport article then redirect the code to that page
e.g. For FRA IATA, the page FRA contains #REDIRECT[[Frankfurt Airport]]
If there is no airport article the redirect should be to the relevant section of closest city article.
e.g. For STR IATA, the page STR contains #redirect[[Stuttgart#By plane]]

Airports listed in city articles (as well as airport articles) can be found at Category:Airport listing

Article referencing airport codes that do not have a redirect page are listed in Category:Airport code pages missing

Notes to contributors on disambiguation

Three letter acronyms (TLAs) may have more than one meaning and also there can be words (topics or locations) with the same letters. These can be handled in Wikivoyage.

If there is a word with the same three characters, simply create a red link of the word using uppercase as first letter and lower case for the other two. Then click on the link to create the page. Here you can create an article or a redirect to another article. Wikivoyage is case sensitive, if both pages exist, for example BUS is not Bus.

If there are multiple meanings for the TLA in capitals then create a disambiguation page, the name of which should be the TLA plus (disambiguation). For example MGM (disambiguation) which has a redirect to there from MGM. The airport link then works by hard coding into this template.

Notes to template coders

The default for this template is to assume the three letter abbreviation is a redirect page to the article about the airport (airport article or main city Get in section). However some TLAs are for other reasons such as well know abbreviations for countries or short cuts to help pages. For example, USA goes the country article; NOT goes to What is not an article. In these cases the template has hard coded the TLA so USA IATA and NOT IATA go to the airports. All TLAs with details of existing non airport short cuts, redirects and disambiguations can be found at Wikivoyage:Airport Expedition/TLAs.

The IATA inline link points to IATA which is a redirect, rather than directly to Airport codes so that the What Links Here shows where the article is referenced and not every template usage.

The space before the IATA raised suffix is deliberate, this keeps the code and text separate in search results.

Adds airport IATA code and including a link to the applicable city under the "By plane" section or the applicable huge airport article.

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