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New Taiwan dollar

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This template renders the abbreviation for the New Taiwan dollar (NT$) followed by a formatted value and a US dollar conversion using the current exchange rate (NT$29.44 per US$ as of January 2018). The output can be manipulated in a few ways. The template can be abbreviated with {{NTD}}.

Parameter Intended inputs Description Example inputs Example outputs
First unnamed parameter
  • A number
  • The lower limit value or sole value.
  • If not used, outputs simple currency article link.
  • {{ntd|123}}
  • {{ntd}}
Second unnamed parameter
  • A number
  • Optional upper limit value that turns output to a range.
  • {{ntd|34|56}}
  • NT$34–56 (US$1.15–1.9)
  • y
  • Link
  • Adds link.
  • {{ntd|890|l=y}}
  • NT$890 (US$30.23)
  • n
  • Convert
  • Removes conversion.
  • {{ntd|123|c=n}}
  • NT$123 (US$4.18)

To update the exchange rate, go to Module:New Taiwan dollar and edit line 20.