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This template makes a color box for {{Rail-interchange}} entries and has the eventual goal of being incorporated into {{Routebox}}.


A bare routebox has the following order of parameters: {{Routebox entry|text|bg color|text color|border|border color|radius|mouseover}}. In this, the template name may be substituted for the shorter RbE.

Parameter Nutshell Description Default
1 Text The Route ID, the text that gets displayed. None, required input.
2 Background colour Either a RGB HEX code (including #) or colour name understood by HTML/CSS is required. Examples of inputs: #FF00FF, blue       #BBBBBB (light grey)
3 Text colour Either a RGB HEX code (including #) or colour name understood by HTML/CSS is required. Examples of inputs: #FF00FF, blue       #FFFFFF (white)
b Border The colour of the border. Accepts
  • text / t - Same colour as text,
  • bg, none and n, Same colour as background,
  • custom / c - A custom colour which is defined in bcolor. Don't use the parameter if you want to add a border with the same colour as the background or text.
none (same as background)
bcolor Border colour Like parameters 2 and 3, this requires an RGB HEX code including the # consisting of 6 hexadecimal values (0-F). This parameter requires b to be set to custom / c in order to have effect. Defining this parameter without setting the background to custom, you're making the template input longer than necessary without it having any result on the output. Same colour as 2.
r Radius The radius settings of the label. Accepts
  • cube / none / n - no round-over,
  • edge / e - slight round-over on the corners,
  • circle / c - full round-over on the corners.
mo Mouse-over text Text displayed when the mouse pointer is hovering over the label. If not defined, no mouse-over will show. If something different is defined, then that string will be used. No default.


  • Bare minimum; only defining text:
{{RbE|Line}} Line 
  • Bare minimum with colour:
{{Routebox entry|Circle line|yellow|black}} Circle line 
  • Text, colours and radius settings defined:
{{Routebox entry|A|white|#FE372E|r=c|b=t|mo=Réseau Express Régional Line A}} A 
  • Everything defined:
{{Routebox entry|P|white|#F5D05C|r=e|b=t|mo=Transilien, Paris Est}} P 

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