Template:Unwanted edits

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The policy for use of this template is at How to handle unwanted edits#Escalating user blocks, which says "The first step in dealing with editors who make a mix of positive and negative contributions is to give them positive feedback on their constructive edits, to educate them about the community's policies and norms, and try to persuade them to edit constructively and cooperatively within those norms. If they continue to make problematic edits, the second step is to point out the specific edits (with links to the edits if they are not obvious), and to describe why they are problematic." This template is used as a third step, if problematic edits continue, as a final warning, after which blocks may be applied.



Copy and paste this blank template to the user's talk page and fill in the parameters:

{{Unwanted edits 
| problem_diff= 
| problem= 
| advice= 
| additional=


  • problem_diff: URL for "diff" of problem edit
    • Diff URL can be obtained by viewing the page history and selecting a "prev" link then copying the URL.
  • problem: What was wrong with the edit
  • advice: The advice previously given, with link(s) to it (unless it is in the same Talk section where this template is being placed). Bullet points or multiple paragraphs can be used.
  • additional: Additional comments, if any. Bullet points or multiple paragraphs can be used.


{{Unwanted edits 
| problem_diff=https://en.wikivoyage.org/w/index.php?title=London&diff=2137107&oldid=2134194 
| problem=was contrary to the [[Wikivoyage:Be fair]] policy 
| advice=
* At [[User_talk:Someone#Policy]] that earlier edits of yours were contrary to the policy. 
* At [[User_talk:Someone#Edit war]] that edit warring is not acceptable.
| additional=Some further comment.