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This template places a banner and horizontal Table of Contents at the top of user pages. For more information, please see Wikivoyage:Banner Expedition.

Basic Usage: {{userbanner | image name }}

  • To use the default banner, which inserts the page name and TOC on top of generic image, simply type {{userbanner}}
  • image name: Enter the name of the image to use in the banner (excluding "File:"). Images be at least 1800 pixels wide.

Customizing the Banner: {{userbanner | image name | caption text | page name | TOC box }}

The template has the following additional options:

  • caption text: Enter caption=description to display when mouse over the banner image a description of the picture.
  • alternative user name: Optional. Enter pgname=alternative user name to display in the banner in parentheses after your username. Enter a name if your signature name differs from your user name, or if you would like other users to address you by the alternative name.
  • TOC box: Optional. Enter box=black for the TOC to appear in a translucent black box with white type. Enter box=white for the TOC to appear in a translucent white box with black type. Enter nothing for the default solid grey box with black type.
  • notoc: Optional. Enter notoc=true to stop the TOC being included in the banner and for it to be shown within the article instead.

Experimental user page banner template