Hi. I'm RegentsPark. I'm also Wandering. I was (and, I suppose, still am) an admin on Wikitravel (as [1]) but stopped contributing there a few years ago. I'm an admin on en-Wikipedia [2].

Yes. I travel. A lot! Recent travels include a month in Italy and Spain, 2 weeks in India, and just back from a Christmas/New Year's trip to Belize and Goa in March. I've also recently spent some time in Mexico (Oaxaca State and Mexico City) and Tanzania. Australia in August 2013. Israel in March 2014 and off to Paris (June 2014) and Singapore (August 2014).


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Idea and layout stolen from User:Calton who stole it from User:Guettarda who borrowed it from User:Coolcat (who calls himself User:White Cat these days)

Recent wanderingsEdit

(Trips within the US not included.)