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This is an article about all places in Erlangen Höchstadt County (numberplate: ERH) that are not covered in the Herzogenaurach article. (we may or may not need to spin off Höchstadt eventually)


Erlangen-Höchstadt goes back to the 1972 merger of the erstwhile Erlangen and Höchstadt counties (Landkreise). It is a pretty eclectic mix of suburban areas oriented towards Erlangen and more rural areas where agriculture was at least traditionally important. Part of the county is also famous for the Aischgründer Spiegelkarpfen which leads to many a village having more carps than humans.

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By trainEdit

 S1  serves a few minor villages in the county on its way from Erlangen to Forchheim and the Gräfenberg-railway serves a few stops inside the county. Other than that, all railways were shut down in the 20th century, meaning you'll have to rely on buses

Served by  S1 Edit

  • 1 Bubenreuth ( S1 ).
  • 2 Baiersdorf ( S1 ).

Served by GräfenbergbahnEdit

  • 3 Heroldsberg.
  • 4 Heroldsberg Nord.
  • 5 Kalchreuth.
  • 6 Großgeschaidt.
  • 7 Eschenau.

By busEdit

Bus service is the main mode of public transit. It has gotten a bit better in the 2010s but still leaves something to be desired at times. Check fares and schedules on the VGN website

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Map of Rural ERH


  • 1 Zum Goldenen Schwan, Hauptstraße 24 91334 Hemhofen (Bus 205 "Schloßhof"), +49 9195 9250500. Known as "Mary" due to a former owner of that name it serves mostly traditional German food.
  • 2 Sosein, Hauptstraße 19 90562 Heroldsberg. A restaurant with a Michelin star




  • 1 Fortuna Kulturfabrik, Bahnhofstraße 9 91315 Höchstadt an der Aisch.

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