User:Nicholasjf21/Letter to Tourism Boards

Dear Sir / Madam

I’m writing to you as an editor/admin of Wikivoyage (and… INSERT LOCAL CONNECTION HERE), a free online travel guide, recently launched by the foundation responsible for Wikipedia. As a website that relies upon user-generated content, we are constantly updating and revitalising our articles and would love to involve you in this process. We are a comparatively new site, although we are certain that with a strong backing from Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation, our growth will be exponential over the coming months. As such, I thought it might be beneficial to contact you with information about Wikivoyage and highlight some of the benefits of working with us.

Already many tourism boards from across the world have engaged with and seen the benefits of working with Wikivoyage:

- Wikivoyage is now linked to from nearly every location article on Wikipedia, the 6th most popular website in the world.

- Wikivoyage has received a large amount of news coverage lately, from both international and (INSERT NATION) outlets.

- In the last month, Wikivoyage rose 50,000 places in the Alexa website popularity rankings.

Further information about working with us can be found at:,_tourism_professionals

I personally am simply a volunteer and wish to increase both the prominence of Wikivoyage and coverage of (BROAD AREA). If you are willing to edit and add to (LOCATION'S) article, or would simply prefer to offer us content that we could use under a Creative Commons licence, we'd be very very grateful. I hope that you will be prepared to help out in this way, but should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. If you are interested in joining and assisting the Wikivoyage community, please respond to this email – I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Kind regards,