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The Island of Sodor is a fictional island that is designed to be a full extension to the United Kingdom and the British Isles


The Island was Imagine by The Reverend W Awdry and his son Christopher. The stories have since become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and many Thomas fans hope that the Island of Sodor will be built as a real place in the future, using land reclamation techniques.

Get inEdit

By Train, Barrow-in-Furness, or Vickerstown, a real place already built in Sodor's memory. By Boat. From the Isle of Wight By Helicopter. Harold the Helicopter will take you there. By Plane, Sodor Airport.


/Tidmouth - Where most engines sleep at night /Knapford - The main station /Ffarquar - Toby the Tram Engine's main Quarry.




Even though Steam Engines rule the island, there is plenty of modern diesel and electric engines on the island too.

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  • /Misty Island - Where the "logging locos" (Bash, Dash and Ferdinand) live.