User:TagaSanPedroAko/Improvements for articles created by Exec8

This page explains efforts to improve Philippines-related articles created by User:Exec8


  • Most articles created have no Understand section that better explains the place's background in question.
  • "Get in" sections are often trashy and useless, with a canned "Buses, jeepneys and tricycles bound for [place] are available from [duh duh duh]" one-liner. For others, they have been improved by other users.
  • Some articles are empty, and frustrating for travelers. Often, they are redirected onto the province or region where they belong
  • Most info about sights and activities are on Wikipedia rather than in here.


Still outlineEdit

  • Alaminos - "Get in" improved
  • Cauayan - "Understand" section, "Get in" improved (has airport)
  • Cavite City - "Understand", "Get in", sights, restaurants, bars, and hotel
  • Imus - "Get in" improved (buses and roads), sights, and shopping
  • Isabela (city) - "Get in" rewritten (most info already at at Basilan)
  • Lingayen - "Get in" improved (bus services), some hotels and restaurants
  • Marawi - "Get in" rewritten
  • San Fernando (Pampanga) - "Get in" improved, sights, activities, and listings
  • Santiago City - added listings moved from Wikipedia
  • Tabuk (Kalinga) - removed useless "Get in" until we can get any better, specific info. Still no sights, but there are activities
  • Trece Martires - sights, activities, and shopping


  • Ilagan - "Understand", "Get in", sights, activities, restaurants, bars and hotels.