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For Philippines-related destinations, and the article for the Philippines itself, American spellings (color, realize, meter) are used, but some vocabulary on Philippine English are not universally used, so definitions can be placed after it for clarification, or a universal term is used, with the local term in parentheses. This page provides a guide regarding English when used on Philippines-related destinations (including Philippines itself), including spelling and vocabulary usage.


In general, Philippine English use American spellings conventions, though some British spellings are acceptable and may find some usage.


This section provides a guide on Philippine English words, including those may be not universally used. While most of Philippine vocabulary are based on those in American English, a few come from British English and several are unique to the Philippines.

British English vocabulary also used in Philippine EnglishEdit

  • dual carriageway - divided road/highway
  • football - soccer
  • give way - yield
  • ground floor - first floor
  • hump - speed bump
  • paracetamol - over-the-counter pain reliever
  • pedestrian crossing - crosswalk
  • railway - railroad
  • soft drink - carbonated beverage
  • tuition fee - tuition

English vocabulary only commonly used in Philippine English/English vocabulary that have different meanings in Philippine EnglishEdit

  • carnap - to steal a car
  • center island - raised median divider (usually with trees and plants)
  • city/town proper - downtown; city/town/municipal center; poblacion area (usually found in road signs)
  • comfort room - restroom, toilet
  • computer shop - internet café
  • diversion road - bypass road (though the two terms are often interchanged)
  • ecobag - cloth bag
  • estafa - swindling (usually a legal term)
  • footbridge - pedestrian overpass (can also mean any pedestrian bridge)
  • gutter - curb
  • hand-carry - carry-on baggage
  • high blood - angry, furious
  • load - prepaid credit
  • maniac - sexually perverted person
  • motel - low cost hotels, known for hourly rates and notorious for being a haven for illicit sex (similar to the Japanese "love hotels")
  • pension house - family-owned guest house
  • post - utility pole (from Spanish poste "pole", also borrowed into Philippine languages)
  • presidentiable - candidate for president
  • rotunda - roundabout (from Spanish rotunda, also borrowed into Philippine languages)
  • rubber shoes - sneakers
  • salvage - summary execution (though the more universal term "extrajudicial killing/EJK" slowly replaces it from 2016, after the start of Rodrigo Duterte's anti-drug campaign)
  • side mirror - side-view mirrors
  • vetsin - generic trademark for monosodium glutamate
  • village - residential subdivision

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