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Eat edit

* Bumpy's Pizza - Super-duperty awesome yummy yet irregularly shaped pizzas. Yippee-doo and blah blah blah. Choose from all kinds of pizza shapes and flavors, including squooshed-triangle supreme, crooked-star spinach, and pepperoni parallelograms.
5000 Dangerous Hwy.
☎99 555 2345
* Carl's Inside-out Sandwich Dive - Carl serves up hot deli-style sandwiches with the toppings cheese-glued to the outside of the bread. Bring your own napkins.
Tu-Sa 4PM-9PM, Su 11AM-5PM.
578 Main. (across from the junk yard)
☎99 555 4567
* Forcanspuni - Exampleville's only fine dining restaurant. Chandelier and red velvet interior is great for a discreet, candlelit date with your secretary or housekeeper. Try the exquisite 25g prime rib at only a fraction of a year's wages.
Mo-Fr 3AM-5:30AM. $213-349
Bank Plaza (look for the neon lips)
☎99 555 5678
* Generic Eating Establishment #23 - Serving nondescript food at typical mealtimes. 23 Blank Lane
☎99 555 3456
* Hog Heaven - Not a pork restaurant as you might suppose, this gem offers all-you-can-eat gravies, haggis, puddings, and poutine served up cold in a communal trough.
Mo-Sa 11AM-3PM, 3:15PM-9:22PM.
98 Bacon Way. (from the corner, follow the grease-spatter trail across the courtyard and around back)
☎99 555 6789
* Lil's Lopsided Lasagna - Delicious but poorly-assembled lasagnas and layer cakes.
Mo-Fr 9AM-3:30PM and 6PM-11PM, Sa 10AM-12:30AM, Su 3:30PM-8:45PM. Entrees $15-22, desserts $6-8, silverware rental $2.50.
23981 Extralongroadname Boulevard. (5km outside of town on Route 299, turn right on Skwidge Road, exit at km marker 19 and turn left after .5 km)
☎99 555 1234
* No Info Diner - Stuff.
* Toejam Café - Slightly crusty café specializing in delicious cheese and jam confections, along with coffee drinks and a wine selection. Be sure to try the cat's milk cheesecake.
Mo-Fr 3AM-5:30AM. $1-7.
4321 Cheesy Ave. (next to the inconvenience store)
☎99 555 1234