Editors are encouraged to use commonly known abbreviations in listings. These abbreviations should ideally be uniform and consistent and generally should not include full stops or periods.

Editors may want to choose the appropriate abbreviation from those below which are both widely understood and unambiguous. However, don't knock yourself out "correcting" Rt to Rte – there is more important work to be done in plunging forward and writing the world's most complete and accurate free travel guide!

Addresses, etc. edit

  • 1F is "1st floor", 2F is "2nd floor", etc.
  • East, North, South, and West: E, N, S, W (can also be combined into NE for Northeast, etc.)
    • But don't abbreviate if it's the name of the street! Use "101 E Main St", but "202 East Ave".
    • You can also avoid confusing by not abbreviating when used with streets whose names are letters: "Ave Q East" rather than "Ave Q E", and "East D St" rather than "E D St"
  • Avenue: Ave
  • Building: Bldg
  • Boulevard: Blvd
  • Drive: Dr
  • Expressway: Expy
  • Freeway: Fwy
  • Highway: Hwy
  • Jalan: Jl (Road in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore)
  • Lane: Ln
  • Mount/Mountain: Mt
  • Parkway: Pkwy
  • Place: Pl
  • Road: Rd
  • Route: Rte
  • Square: Sq
  • Street: St

U.S. routes edit

Numbered highways in the U.S. are abbreviated as follows:

  • Interstates: I-80
  • National highways: US-395
  • State highways: CA-49
  • For county routes or other smaller roads, spell it out completely.

Australian/New Zealand routes edit

Numbered highways in some states of Australia are abbreviated as follows:

  • National Highways: NH 87 or Hwy 87
  • National Routes: NR 17 or Hwy 17
  • State Routes: SR 142 or Hwy 142
    • For alternate State Routes, add an "Alt-" before the route number (e.g. Alt-SR 89)
  • Tourist Drives: TD33
  • For alphanumeric routes or other smaller roads, spell it out completely (e.g. C327 or Newell Highway).
  • New Zealand State Highways: SH16

Countries edit

Some country abbreviations include periods while others do not:

  • "United Kingdom" should be abbreviated as UK without full stops, not U.K. (and not G.B. or GB, which is not coterminous with the UK)
  • "United States of America" is an exception to our general rule that abbreviations should not include full stops or periods and should be abbreviated as U.S. (with periods)
  • "United Arab Emirates" should also be abbreviated similar to the UK as UAE.
  • "Papua New Guinea" should be abbreviated without full stops, similar to the UK and the UAE as PNG.

States and provinces edit

Because many of our readers aren't familiar with state and provincial abbreviations, generally it is preferred to spell out their names: for example, use "Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota" instead of "MA, MD, MN"; "Western Australia, Queensland", instead of "WA, Qld"; and "New Brunswick, Alberta", instead of "NB, AB".

Currencies edit

See: Wikivoyage:Currency

Dates and times edit

See: Wikivoyage:Time and date formats

Facilities edit

  • Wi-Fi is used for wireless Internet using access points (hotspots) (not WiFi nor Wifi)

Measurements edit

See: Wikivoyage:Measurements

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