Wikivoyage:Inter-language links

The MediaWiki software we use for Wikivoyage has features for making links between articles in the different language versions of Wikivoyage. These are called inter-language links.


Wikivoyage now uses Wikidata to make links between articles that cover the same subject in different languages. For more information, see w:en:Wikipedia:Wikidata.

It is possible to create a sidebar link to another Wikivoyage language by using the two-letter language prefix, ie: [[de:Hauptseite]]. This is deprecated, but may be useful for pages which don't have a Wikidata record (such as user: pages) or which don't have a 1:1 correspondence with Wikivoyage articles. Only one such link per language may be placed on a page; the use of the [[wikipedia: prefix to generate a sidebar link from Wikivoyage is no longer supported.


You can link to a page on a different subject using this syntax:

[[:language code:article title]]

Note the colon (":") at the beginning of the link. This makes the link appear in-line in the article text.

Inline links to other Wikivoyage language versions are rarely helpful to travellers, and should be avoided for destination guides and other articles in the main namespace. However, they can be useful for talk pages or other places we discuss how to make the guide. Translation efforts (and associated templates like {{translate}} {{translated}} {{AttributionAlt}}) do need to link to the original-language Wikivoyage edition from which text is to be translated.

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